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Why does this have to turn into a race issue?

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 11:59 PM

Originally posted by deltaboy

Originally posted by Seeking Nirvana
"...they are so black..."

they are as black as they can get. if Katrina hit somewhere that is dominantly white and u see people screaming for help recorded by aerial helos reporters be saying they are so white. why did so many whites have to die here.

The point I was trying to make was that the reporter didn't need to mention that they were black, but he did. Really, the "race issue" is crazy.

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 08:19 AM
There's always going to be some1 to throw in the old race card. Work out the maths - i read 80% of the population is black - that's a massive chip on a lot of shoulders! Hard cheese, man. Then a lot of people will say well there were loads of black looters, probably because black people are the majority in that area. This just seems a waste of time to me, another pointless arguement instead of people working together and trying to resolve the problem

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 07:21 PM
I believe that it's turned into a racial issue because black leaders have turned it into one.

Make no mistake about it, Katrina is a national disaster on an extremely large scale. Many citizens probably thought that Katrina would be like any other hurricane and NO would be able to ride it out.

That didn't happen and now it's everybody elses fault but the citizens of NO.

The levees didn't hold up and now the entire city is ruined. Since the city is destroyed and needs to be rebuilt, why not build it back on higher ground. For goodness sake, in the very first year it was founded it flooded out.

I don't believe it's a racial issue for one minute. If the city was predominantly white, the response would have been the same. In the aftermath of such tragedies, it takes a little time to put together the necessary means for search-and-rescue and the delivery of aid. The logistics are enormous and these operations are on very short notice and no-one anticipated the destruction to be as huge is.

Better late than never on any help. The entire nation is doing the best they can to help the people of the region and lets not forget the international help niether.

Please don't turn this into a pitiful racial issue because it's not.

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 08:38 PM
I agree that it should have never turned into a black issue. I also agree with intel that it was the balck leaders that turned into a black issue. The moment Jesse Jackson showed up it was pretty much a given that it would have been turned into a race issue.

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 09:51 PM

Originally posted by CatHerder
Please... this isn't denial, it's the Mississippi. There is no fantasy on my end, there is just plain old boring common sense. I'm far from defensive regarding this.
Beg as much as you would like, I would not care if it was Ottawa; Washington D.C or Jerusalem. Common sense is only boring to those who cannot understand same.

However you wish to spin your fantasy does not negate the fact that the Super 8 Motel crowd do not frequent the Ritz Carlton, nor does it negate the fact that the aid was provided first and foremost to not those roaming through the feces; gas and oil infested waters looking for food, shelter and clothing, but to those who were well surrounded by glitz, glamour and the smell of gold leaf and granite.

Now, now, we are supposed to be civil in here, try and keep your enmity at bay.

These people were rescured on what, day five? Day six? How many tens of thousands were rescued before them?
You tell me, since you pose the question I presume you have an answer. Now how many days can a human being go on living on a roof top or in an area covered by feces and corpse infected waters up to their necks? How many days exactly does it take for the mighty US military to traverse the land with its myriad of helicopters; assault vessels and life-saving food drops, Catherder?

So, the two worst effected areas consists of 264,283 whites and 342,025 blacks -- 77,742 is not as much of a disparity as you assumed I bet?
Whatever these statistics are supposed to prove, let us reflect, no! let you reflect on what you saw in both the Superdome and Community Centres. How many of those 43,5% whites did you see sleeping in those cots as the camera panned the premises, hmm? How many whites did you see dead; mutilated or raped, hmm? My life was built around mathematics, Catherder, and given that I had already in our first confrontation, crushed your mathematical and angular contortions on the 757 hitting the pentagon thread, I have no compunction whatsoever in proving to you that a 12.8% disparity is but one of your poor write-offs, should you pursue this and raise my ire.

Lets enlarge the area to include both Louisiana and Mississippi: population of LA, 4,338,020 (total white:2,799,224 - total black:1,422,273), total population of MS 2,824,637 (total white:1,746,099 - total black:1,033,809). That's 4.53 million whites and 2.45 million blacks. (Or, more accurately, 6.98 million Americans.)

Holy smokes, it looks like there are 2 million more whites than blacks in these two states.
Now tell me why so many dead black men and women; so many black men and women are seen in these shelters; so many black men and women could not leave the areas versus white men and women. Are they all so much more defiant and sure than the whites that their premises would withstand Katrina that they stayed, Catherder? You are not paying attention my dear. Why would these black well off people choose to play with their lives, Catherder? Why is it necessary for FEMA to issue $2,000 debit cards to the well to do, Catherder? Why would the US government be intrinsically concerned with knowing which of these survivors are so as to deliver their social security, Catherder? Why would Wall Mart; K-mart; Wendy's and the like be offering continued salary to the well to do black people, Catherder? I want answers, not your manipulated statistics.

I guess now the racial card is making even less sense. Could it be a poverty issue and not a racial issue?
Re-read my posts, for how many times must I be expected to repeat myself before it sinks in? It is first and foremost a class issue, and that class issue happens to place black US citizens in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama at the bottom of the rung.

Stop trying to find statistics which have nothing to do with these three states to bolster your argument. They are nothing but a smokescreen as in...

Well, lets look at that as well. Percentage of population living below poverty line:

Air rescue is hindered by many power lines and many other near invisible obsticles.
I do not care how many ways you can excuse the lack of rescue, the row boat is no longer the staple of the US military.

The more you argue on behalf of the US direction under its current administration, Catherder, the more I understand just how helpless you think you are. And I have grown tired of reading from you just how inept they are, so forgive me for deleting the rest of your testimony before reading same.

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