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in the NWO shoes

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 04:24 AM
I think a certain exercise of putting ourselves in the NWO shoes would be useful for people that think that the NOW is impossible and people who believe in it are crazies, those that think it is possible, and those who definitely believe it exists. This is an attempt to bridge the gaps of understanding.

There are 7 billion people in the world. That is the real statistic, the rest are estimates that are not based even loosely on real hard-core academic statistics. 1 in 1000 strive to succeed quite a lot (high income). 1 in 10 of those get pretty high up because of that driven nature. 1 in 100 of those people strive to do so and have absolutely no morals outside self-interest (the self interest is what gets people up there and in the "striving" category). 1 in 10 of those are lone goal is for power, they don't really care about much more, they are obsessed with success to great degree because they don't care much for things except their fantasies of power, control and importance. So, you have 1 in 10 million that wants to get as high up and get their hands wherever they can. I assure you there is more than 1 in 10 million people that are crazy so these power hungry crazy folks just is a small subset of them (actually, I hear 1 in 4 Americans have a psychiatric disorder).

These people are already extremely smart as they are pulled from the 1 in 10,000 that are driven and inherently smart (gifted) enough to go to high up places. Lets say one in ten get extremely high up. So, you have 70 people born and bred in this generation in the world like this and pretty high up. They are in the categories of on 1 or many corporate boards, CEOs, CFOs, media outlet owners, (not little companies..they are high top 500),senators, Chief justices, Prime ministers, cabinet members, Chancellors, Presidents). You get half of those people working on the same page and you have a NWO producing organization with global influence. This is unlikely to develop, maybe 20 percent change of getting on the same page without someone becoming a traitor to their cause (only 20 because they aren't dealing with nice guys or guys with no power...don't screw with them). Once this develops, it could last for the member's lifetime (maybe 40 years after initial coordination). So, they start to plot, plan, take action. They have 40 years before time runs out and the organization is dead without bringing in any new talent/power (risky...disregarding mind control indoctrination from birth or through tech). This is not to say that they can't get people to do small portions (like criminal organizations, other politicians), but they never can get clued into the bigger broader picture.

Is it possible for them to do it? 35 guys? After initial starting up, they probably will move up with power as power can breed power if the powerful wants you to have it. 35 presidents of the top doubt. All it takes is for them to say the word world war 3 starts with 35 countries against the rest of the world. They form an alliance, take out the rest of the world easily. The NWO is done. 35 of the richest people in the world? The top 35 richest people in the world? The top 20 richest people have 443,8 billion which is 100th world GDP in PPP. It would be tough but it could be done.

It think it will require a good combination of positions, and many lower ups or even higher ups that are clueless yet loyal and/or available for manipulation. They think the NOW group is out to get money (like they are), and of course they don’t ever see their face or know who the guy on the phone is. They also know what will happen if they do anything. So, they could have even as a small group built up control over 1000s in high-up positions all around the world. That is how they can be confident in their abilities to carry it out.

Really, there is no doubt there was an NWO, but is there one now? It is really not extremely unlikely (definitely not impossible), as it happened 60 years ago, but people can’t think back that far or can‘t see parallels of repetition through history. Hitler invaded a lot of Europe. If its NWO partners in Japan didn’t betray them by attacking the Americans, or the atom bomb first by them/wasn’t made by Americans or if Hitler didn’t invade the Soviet Union as quickly and more greatly consolidated and used his new resources (he probably didn’t care because of syphilis…he wanted to see the NWO and if it would work and continue). WWII shows you can do a lot of damage with 3 world leaders in the right place. If you went back farther, you will see many empires and even continent sized ones (Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Spain, England, Napoleon). If some specific sets of those countries weren’t infighting they could have done even more. Those weren’t NOW in the now contemporary sense of large secret organizations as those were only initiated by one man each. What would have an organization done

The 21 first century is unique in its versions (possible, and historical WWI/WWII ) of the NWO and there are a couple of reasons why. One is technology as people can envision the whole world, move there, project power there, communicate with their allies, meet with them ect. Another is philosophy, there is a global mindset because of that technology and people are thinking more in those terms. The technology make the global dominion more sustainable as well. Perhaps indefinitely. These are unique features unlike the other empires lead by power hungry rulers brought up as King.

To sum up, the NWO of large Earth sized government structures was undoubtedly broken after WWI and WWII. There has been 60 years of greater peace and democracy since then. So, a version of the NWO has been absent for at least some of that time. They are either completely absent now, almost powerless (in a relative sense…not able to take over world in foreseeable future), learning from WWII and waiting for the opportune moment but still able to make huge decisions and effect many things. All are possible, don’t you think. Or am I missing something? Even if you have signs of a NOW, it could have been silently destroying be infighting since then (small possibility but still there).

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