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AB+ (Chapter 01)

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 06:51 PM

By Rick P.

Edited by: Matt H.

Inspired by an idea from an anonymous friend

"Summoning PART I"

People go about their business, eating, drinking, laughing, and some wondering what to do in the day to come. The streets are full of cars stuck in traffic, and people yelling on the sidewalks. Many people, though, cannot foresee the
strange events that are about to take place and will become the end of them. It is the summer of July, 5, in a not so distant future. The time is 5:57 PM, and the sun is setting, darkening the sky. Dusk falls as some people return to their homes, some staying out. An old black clock marks the time on the steeple of the white church in Woburn center. It has bronze hands and numbers.

The clock marks 5:58 PM.

Citizens of this small town located in Woburn, Massachusetts finish their daily activities as the sun begins to go down. Somewhere in the woods of Woburn, near the summit of the locally named mountain just west of Horn Pond, Dane Lorrence, a 15 year old boy, and two of his friends have decided to make a sudden stop on the way back to town. Eric, a short and skinny 14 year old boy, sits down next to Marlon, a freckled 13 year old boy with glasses, who is wondering if Dane knows the way back at all.

Dane wears blue jeans and a red violet shirt covered by a gray sweater that seems to be dirty because of the long walk in the woods. He has white smooth skin and short brown spiky hair. As they walk, the boys fight amongst themselves.

“Dane, you’ve said that for the past two hours”

“I know.”

“Where are we then?”

“Chill, I’m looking at my surroundings.”

Both Marlon and Eric shake their heads, “We’re lost, aren’t we?”

“No, I just need a little more time; I can hear the highway.”

Leaves fly around by a sudden gust of wind from the south. Reality slowly descends to the boys. Indeed, they were lost.

The clock marks 5:59 PM.

The sky begins to darken as gray clouds surround most of the town as if a storm were near. It is also very windy, and wind chimes from some houses begin to be heard. It is only a minute away from the selection, and the beginning of everything.

The clock marks...

6:00 PM

All TV channels flicker and then turn to static. Radio stations do the same. All communication with the outside world is lost in this small town in Massachusetts. It has begun.

Wind blows again from the south to the boys in the woods. Dane has realized the way back to town from his position, and so the boys begin to move again towards the highway to go back to Woburn. Dane looks up at the sky as he leads the boys home, “Looks like it’s gonna rain.”

They manage to get out of the lonely woods and walk south towards Woburn Center, and their homes; it won’t be long now until they reach the town. The people are now in a state of panic and many get out of their houses to talk with neighbors regarding the sudden loss of communication with the other states in the nation.

The clock marks 8:47 PM.

Assuming communications will be back online by the next day, everyone settles down to sleep. However, sleep will be hard to come by in a few hours.

The clock marks 2:14 AM.

In every single house in Woburn, the telephones ring in unison. The sound is quite annoying and everyone goes back into their homes to answer it. Even though many answer the phone at different times, they all hear the same thing:

"Hello, this is Mark Ploure, the head director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Over the past few years, this agency has been involved in secret research. Now that the research is finished, we feel it is time to release the information to the general public. All citizens are required to report to their local town center for a meeting. All entrances will have check-in points from the last census; anyone not accounted for will be found and arrested. Thank you."

As a dial tone is heard and people hang up, they look at themselves in shock. Neighboring towns, and every town in the country, are experiencing the same thing.

Copyright of Navimaster @

[edit on 3-9-2005 by Zeta_101]

[edit on 3-9-2005 by Zeta_101]


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