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The Real Looters Wear Pinstripes

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 10:40 AM
So the US lost 10 percent of its oil production, a single digit portion of the worlds demand. So we see gas sharply increase here in Canada, it’s 1.10 to 1.50 a liter now.
In the US 2.50 to 3.00 and even reports of up to 6.00 dollars a gallon in the States.

A jump of 20 to 25 percent why? We already have gas shortages now so why did the price go up, shouldn’t we go through this dry spell with the prices the same.

The real profiteers / looters of the Katrina hurricane are the Oil companies.

Profiteering on Disaster: The Real Looters Wear Pinstripes

All you need to do is look at the stock pages. Haliburton, the oil services company, is up from 28.69 to 62 over the year. Exxon/Mobil is up from 45.09 to 64.37 over the year. Sunoco is up from 30.26 a year ago to 73.22. The list goes on and on.
Back in World War II, there was an agency--led by a man named Harry Truman--which aggressively prosecuted companies that tried to profiteer on the war.

Now profiteering on war, and on national tragedy it seems, is simply seen in Washington as good business, to be rewarded by investors.
Nobody's talking about the middlemen, and especially about the giant corporations that are really raking it in.

When you think about it though, you have to say that the cold, calculating effort by some corporate executives to take advantage of a national tragedy is far more vile and reprehensible than the actions of desperate or even criminally opportunistic individuals in a city that was essentially abandoned for days by federal authorities.

The inaction of the Bush Administration and of the Republican Congress to challenge, or at least investigate, this outrage is equally disgusting.

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