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Houston Center Helps Parents Find Children

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 09:40 AM
Another story of good in this debacle. The animals that did the looting, murdering, and raping were meerly but a few. Many people rose to the occasion and did what they could under adverse circumstances.

HOUSTON - In the midst of trying to find her husband and three youngest children, hurricane Katrina survivor Lisa Stewart temporarily lost her three oldest children in the cavernous Astrodome.

She found them Friday at a very human version of a "lost and found" department — a makeshift center where volunteers work to reunite children with their parents.

That's the center where children arriving bewildered and parentless get a big hug and a smile from volunteers. They also have a chance to play games to take their minds off all they've been through since the hurricane flooded New Orleans and forced masses to rush for safety in buses. Some children became separated from their parents during the exodus.

"When they come in, I grab them and I hug them and I ask them if they are thirsty," volunteer JoAnna Clark said. "The stories are unbelievable."
Lost Children

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