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America has neither Freedom or Security

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 04:54 AM

Above is something Pshychology students will no doubt be familiar with. It is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which outlines at bottom the most basic human needs, and at towards the top, those needed to reach 'self-actualisation'.

It is now clear that America does not really care for its own citizens. Or is it simply that it dosen't care for those citizens who don't elect the current administration? Or ones that don't pay enough tax? Don't 'Pull their weight'?

Why has it taken so long for any help to arrive to the devestated areas? While bush twiddles his thumbs, Americas most vulnerable citizens are left to die, rape each other, shoot each other and god knows what else to survive? You can't blame them, you push people and they will push back. (raping aside, there is no excuse for that)

There have been many debates on ATS regarding 'What will you choose - Freedom or Security?'. I now put this to you, American's have neither Freedom or Security.

What is freedom if it can be taken away AT ANY TIME?

What is Security if those ment to protect and help you (and 'Save america from evil') are on the other side of the world, spreading the word of Democracy. Perhaps I wouldn't be so cinacle if America knew the first thing about Democracy..

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 04:59 AM
What I've noticed the last few days in the media, reading the papers, on ATS is that people, left, right and non politically affiliated are all wondering the same things:

Do we live in a safe country? Will this ever happen to us? What happens if someone decides to blow us up or attack us? How long will aid to get to us? Aren't we the richest country in the world? If so... where did all these poor people we see on televisions, but never really like to think about, get to the state they are in? How many more in the US like them without cars, savings, insurance, medical care Where are our inflated tax dollars going? Is oil really that fragile a commodity that it can upset our entire economic infrastructure? Are we really that divided that we can watch as thousands perish and make excuses such as 'they deserved it' 'shoot the looters in the head' 'their fault for living in a bowl'.

We have asked ourselves these questions and I doubt that there are many answers. I won't even include the political ones that we are debating on other threads such as the president, fema, the gov and mayor etc... These are just the few questions ordinary people are wrestling with...

And my simple answer is this - if we don't answer some of them after this is cleaned up, they will come up again and again and again until they are dealt with and if they are not then there will be trouble.

The apathy binders (in a way) have been swept up along with the city and now the problems are in plain sight for everone to see. There are internal home issues to be dealt with, contingency plans to make other areas safer, a crisis needs a tough and compassionate leader to make the people feel they are together and right now the people both in the US and outside are thinking the US is fractured and not able to take care of its own.

I don't have to explain how devasting this is for the US internally and for it's enemies.

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