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Journey of a Concerned Citizen Wanting To Help

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 03:42 AM

It was I-day of hurrican Katrina's aftermath. It was the day the true enormity of what took place across Lousiana and Mississippi struck me. It was almost like 9-11, but worse. On 9-11, the impact hit me hours after the first plane struck the tower. In the wake of Katrina, it took me days. It wasn't until September first that I actually stopped looking at it analytically and broke down having just a semblance of a shadow of a clue as to what those people were going through, and how many there were. It stabbed me in the heart, and that icy dagger is still buried deep.

Upon realization of what had happened, guilt set in. Why didn't I realize this earlier? Why was I so concerned about the political spin many were putting on it, yet not with the people? Why? Why? Why? How could I be so uncaring?

I had to act. I made some phonecalls, we were going down there. We were going to help. We were going to load a boat with bottled water and get as much to as many as possible. The danger was very real, and I knew it, but there was a need. Something had to be done, and it didn't appear the government was going to do it. At least, not as fast as I'd like them to.

I planned. The person with the boat fell through, but then Advisor stepped in after I posted the thread that got me the warn to the left of this post. Advisor had a trailor, and I had a rowboat. We live fairly close, we were going to hook up, and we were going to go down there. Both of us had friends who would be coming, too. Finally, action! Something was getting done!

The outpouring of support from this wonderful community of crazy conspiracy theorists was amazing. I never would have expected such support, and it really touched me. Here we are, total strangers to one another except for the fights we get into over various ideologies, yet we're coming together because we see a need. Differences are put aside. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other no longer mattered. What mattered was the tragedy taking place in the American south east. I don't know how to thank you enough. It was incredible.

Prayer was very involved in my life at this point. I was praying for the people there, praying for His guidance through this trek that would take us to the heart of the beast. I was praying for God's will.

The guilt was gone. Now I was going above and beyond what most Americans were doing. I was going to go out and perform an incredible action, sacrificing myself for my fellow human beings. I was doing something!

Then I'm watching the news. It is being reported that the city is completely locked down. The National Guard isn't even allowing the Red Cross in! I couldn't understand. I had to do something, yet the reports said I couldn't. What on earth was happening?! I started praying again, asking for an answer, when those words by Rebecca St. James came to my mind that are now my signature. A single word floated to the surface amidst the song lyrics. "Ask". Just...Ask.

It finally made sense. I was going to do it my way. I was going to do it better. I have now realized what I must do.

I am giving my life over to the Red Cross tomorrow (later today). I am giving them my unbridled services to be used wherever there is a need. I wanted to be on the front lines, I wanted the action, I wanted to save people, I wanted to bring them water, I, I, I, I. This is not about me, though. The Red Cross and other charities know far better what the situation down there is like, what's needed and what's not needed. If they need people down in the city, willing to go into the face of danger, I will be their guy. If they need someone loading supplies onto semis here in the Chicago area to ship down there, I will be their guy. If they need someone to answer phones and take donations, I will be their guy. If they say they don't need anything, I will go to the Salvation Army. If they respond the same way, I'll keep going down the line of charities out there helping until someone will accept my services. This is not about me, this is not about what I want. This is about filling a need, helping this situation as best as possible.

I can't tell you how much I want to be there, to reach my hand out and take an individual from hopelessness and give them a chance. To take them and cradle them in my arms, protecting them from all the suffering taking place around them. Yet, if my services elsewhere could be saving hundreds of people that I'll never actually see get helped, then who would I be doing it for? Would it be for myself or for all those people in need?

I encourage all of you to do this as well. Give not just your money, but your time to these organizations that so need it. Give it without clause -- fill the need they're aware of, even if it's not glorified. Even if you're just sitting there on the telephone all day taking donations, do it. I'll keep y'all up to date on this thread as I find out more. Please, fill a need. Give your most precious commodity to this relief effort -- time.

I hope tomorrow I'll be posting to say that I'm going to be gone for a while, because they needed me in Mississippi or New Orleans. I want to go so badly. However, I may also be writing back telling of the phone calls, or loading trucks. I will go where they need me. I will not demand they need me where I go.


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