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Bush Goes To Superdome

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posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 10:27 PM
Forget, Frankie Goes To Hollywood...Bush Goes To Superdome makes better sense.

While Bush was hovering over New Orleans in his gas guzzling Air Force One, he should have been let down into the filth diseased waters along with Laura Bush, both walking hand in hand through the dirty waters on the way to the Superdome. But I know, probably, Bush and Laura did not want to interrupt their shrimp cocktail while looking down over New Orleans under water.

Let's get this right...the levees were unable to handle Category 4 or 5 hurricanes. Katrina was set at Category 4 (5) throughout the days leading up to the disaster, and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), National Guard, Army Corp of Engineers, along with US Congress, Louisiana legislative, Louisiana Governor, and President Bush waited until September 2, 2005 to decide the level of emergency aid is unacceptable?

Believe me-you, they knew way before the levees broke, that there would be such a crisis as this. They knew it. But who cares about the "negroes" living in the south. If it were a bunch of upper class white collar conservatives with rosy cheeks, the entire area would have been evacuated before Sunday's storm rolled in.

Next, there will be Walmarts, single homes the size of football fields, and/or upper class white collar conservatives with rosy cheeks living in New Orleans in the coming years.

This disaster just did not drop out of blue, it was was like when the group Move in Philadelphia, in the 1980's, killed a police officer...well the firemen and police allowed an entire neighborhood burn to the ground.

I am not making excuses for the looters, though of course, there is much resentment built over the years, desparate individuals just looking for an outlet to voice their anger, and/or the opportunity to own a tv set that cannot be plugged into a wall to watch the crisis growing before their eyes. But, how would you feel if, when one knows in your heart of hearts, that if Bush did not trim monies that were to go to Louisiana in last year's budget to help out in case of such disasters as this, something of this magnitude would not have occurred?

No one can tell me, that, man has the ability to build NORAD into a (Cheyenne) mountain or the huge electro dams throughout this country, yet the Army Corps of Engineers hasn't figured out how to build a levee(s) in case of a Category 4 or 5 hurricane? Anyhone who thinks otherwise, should walk through the streets of New Orleans, maybe the displeasure will wake you up.

We have the money or taxes to send over to Iraq, to begin the process of restoring an entire infrastructure, yet we can't get aid into place for a city the size of New Orleans? Are we kidding ourselves again with denial and ignorance?

To put this thread quite simple: the powers that be allowed this to happen. They wanted this to happen. Just another way for the federal government to attempt to reorganize a people, to control the destiny of a select people (this time, New Orleaners), and/or a way to move the federal government farther into the lives of Americans.

And I already hear the outcry of, is this guy for real? Is this guy just another one of those nut jobs who just rather hear himself think? You know what Lenny Bruce once said, you need people like me to point out what is wrong with society.

I point it out: New Orleans is under water because it was meant to happen. And the there really no place like home? Not anymore in New Orleans. Welcome to the new concept of refugee...American refugee.

What a joke!

Hey Bush, don't forget to order the oyster on a half shell peppered with cajun. I hear your United Nations representative Wynton Marsalis (too bad I like him, he is a great hornman) is gonna show up so make sure you get a ring side seat...on dry land.

I know I know...this thread, is it crazy? Yeah, it's's as crazy as knowing that New Orleans levee(s) could not withstand a category 4 or 5 hurricane. Yeah it's crazy...yeah.

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 10:58 PM
I just can't wrap my mind around what you are saying, yet.

But me thinks if Katrina had of decimated Miami; the Guard and FEMA would have been there in hours not days.


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