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Always look on the bright side...

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posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 10:07 PM
...and stay ignorant, or have a revolution, already!

Another rant that also put the remark of ‘crappy world’ of the general state of the planet, or, the hood, I live in/on…

What is there to complaint about now?
Well, I guess everything. It is really not necessary, but I feel like it.

Okay, we got wars, we have allways had wars. We love to spend money on making wars, we earn bloodmoney on wars. Bloodmoney for oil, bloodmoney for slavery (cheap outsourced labour). Basically bloodmoney for the power of few persons.

These few powerful persons, they are so nasty, coldblooded, slowminded draconianish, that it is almost unbelievable to understand how narrowminded their perspectives of life is. It is most unfortunate to say that these people has got life-experience. They don’t. They basically do not have the mental capacity to realize how great destruction they produce by their actions. This really disturbs me from having a peaceful state of mind…
They cannot, and I will not ever believe that they have heard, or contemplated about the expression whereas any action has consequences. And the greater the action, the greater the consequence(s).

Of course, we all believe in great acts and deeds an so forth. What kind of acts? My guess would be helping someone for some reason. Why am I still being surprised when politicians state that they will for instance ‘free’ a country or something xeno-policial, for a cause, so huge, that it would be just as easy, and costly, to start off an utopian, idealistic, non-monetary, self-sustained settler colony on Mars. What brings a small-minded politician to stake out a goal so large, so far away, so uncontrolled? A kind heart? o.O
Another person with such views, are very often by the same man considered as a danger, unstable, far off from reality-sense and anarchistic, revolutionary, havoc-maker, that he is weighted down with prohibitions and laws against any forms of freedom of speech, movement or thought.
Hitler did it. Stalin did it. Mao did it. Papa Doc did it. Idi Amin did it. Pieter Botha did it. Fransisco franco did it. Mobutu Sese Seko did it. Pinochet did it.
And a whole bunch of others did it, and does it.
Why, oh, whyyyyyy, can’t the brave patriots of the US realise that they play the game of their own dictatorship? Why is it so hard to tell the difference from an old roman empire government, to todays identical system in the US? Hell, The system still operates with the same names for their intitutions! >_< Ooo

‘Hopefully’ this terrible, terrible natural catastrophy in the southern states, would instigate a revolution that wrecks the totally corrupt nogood system of todays United States of America. Let the power back to the people, and out of the hands of the corrupt greedy system of modern capitalism/commercialism.

Hell, I sound like a Marxist. Trust me, I am not. I hate all systems when they get out of balance.

Thankfully, the senate only used 4 days on giving support for a 10.5billion $ bill to help out in the southstates. Let’s hope this will open up for some re-planning of the further warfare outside the USA. The have to cut their budgetleak somewhere, right?


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