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Halliburton hired for Katrina storm cleanup.

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 12:06 AM
Halliburton and Co. are scrambling for every clean-up contract in the area they can.

Why is it corporations like this are scrambling for every penny they can get their hands on while at the same time asking us to donate?

Why arent we as a whole infuriated with them taking advantage of every situation they can or at the least disgusted?

Corporations like these are the ones the most capable of doing good, but never will because the almighty dollar is much more important then human life or suffering. At least to them.

While I'm sure some local workers will be hired by Halliburton the ones that most need it will not for they will not be deemed experienced enough.

ALL of these contracts should be going to local companies who will hire local workers. This is once again nothing more then the poor padding the pockets of the rich under the guise of doing good.

Greed is THE American weakness and eventually it will be our downfall.

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