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Severe Geomagnetic Storm Research Project:

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posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 01:46 PM
I am very happy to start this research project and want to thank everyone, in advance, for their collaboration and support.


Not long ago, humans have noticed that solar flares, magnetic storms, CMEs, etc. could affect people, animals and the earth where we are living in.


This research project will check the solar activity and compare it will all major events on earth (for instance, hurricanes, quakes, floodings, etc.) in order to prove their relation and to determine if there is a way to predict the danger, to at least, be prepared before - something - happens.

Severe Geomagnetic Storm Research Project


* To issue warnings on harmful solar activity.

* To follow events on earth, such as quakes, hurricanes, floodings and all - unusual events -

* To prove or disprove the relation between solar activity and important negative events taking place on earth by comparing both.

* To determine if there is a possibility to predict such events on earth based on solar storms.

This Research Project is serious and carried out on a neutral basis. It is based on accurated information from different sources. Goals will be researched open minded in order to inform about the real results.

Anyone wanting to participate in this research project should U2U ADVISOR to receive a status as - scholar - .
Once you have the status, please U2U me (the Team Leader) and we will talk about your collaboration with the project.

Please, DO NOT ADD POSTS on to this research project withouth U2U´ing me first.

Ptolomeo - Team Leader

Thank you for reading us.
Should you have any Suggestion or information of interest, please, feel free to U2U me.

Team Guide Lines.
I have started a kind of - Calendar - writing dates, solar activity, quakes, weather phenomena, volcanoes and other relevant events. My idea is to compare events taking place on earth with the solar activity, in order to prove the relation and, therefore, if positive, to find a way to predict negative events. I know, this is not going to be easy, but we will work in group and I am sure we will be able to do it. I really appreciate your help and collaboration and count on you.

Following the above mentioned and after looking carefully into the Goals of the project, I have designed a working schedule for each of us. Please, if you do not agree, feel free to tell me and we will study your suggestion.

- Check weather phenomena on earth.
- Check recent quakes and Volcanoes with activity.
- Post information on weather phenomena in collaboration with Mayet and Regenmacher
- Post information on quakes and Volcanoes in collaboration with Ptolomeo.

- Check solar activity
- Check weather phenomena on earth
- Post warnings on harmful solar activity (explaining the meaning of types, for instance, if there is a Kp 4, you will explain what this can cause, etc.).
- Post information on weather phenomena in collaboration with Worldwatcher and Mayet.

- Check ozone layer information and weather coming from the Antartic, as well as unusual events in the Poles.
- Issue information on unusual weather phenomena in collaboration with Worldwatcher and Regenmacher

- Check recent quakes and Volcanoes
- Issue information on recent quakes and volcanoes in collaboration with Worldwatcher
- Fill in the Research Calendar, comparing the information included
(This way we will reach the amount of information needed to determine the relation between solar events and negative major events on earth)

General Rules.
* U2U me all the relevant data to add them on what we will call the - Research Calendar - .
* Please, if you find information related to facts researched by other members of this project, U2U the member and myself and do not post it.
* When you find information of interest for the other member you collaborate with, please U2U the member to determine how you will post it.
* All the information published will be added to the - Research Calendar - for our Final Project. If you need to check back or confirm something on it, please U2U me to ask.
* Try, when possible, to include some links, images, etc. to your posts.* ALL IMPORTANT negative events on earth are important. If you read, watch or confirm something new, please U2U me & the member in charge of that subject. If it is different to weather, quakes or volcanoes, please, U2U me.

Suggestions are welcome.

In the near future, once we have more information on the Research Calendar, we will talk about the Final Project.


It has been realized and appreciated only in the last few decades that solar flares, CMEs, and magnetic storms affect people and their activities. The list of consequences grows in proportion to our dependence on technological systems. The subtleties of the interactions between Sun and Earth, and between solar particles and delicate instruments, have become factors that affect our well being.

During the last 12 hours, the Earth has been hit by many protons and RX from the sun. Before Katrina, 3 solar flares type C took place with, as consequence, many CME right to earth.

Kp index has been above its maximum level of 9. There was no way to measure it. (Kp index measures the intensity of solar explossions affecting our magnetic field)

All this activity can cause hurricanes, quakes, as well, as affect our magnetic field, animals, humans, etc.

This solar activity will surely cause - something - The question is: what will happen?.

Presto Alert of September 2nd:

Further information:
NOAA Space Information Center

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posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 02:00 PM
This storm (mentioned above) took place on the 31st of August and on the 1st and 2nd of September...

GPS will be affected, as well as weather, geomagnetic conditions, etc.

I´ve been told that planes were obliged to fly lower because of this...

Are we really being informed of everthing that´s taking place?

I think we are not.

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 02:51 PM

The geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet to active on September 2 due to a high speed stream from CH184. The halo CME observed at noon on August 31 could reach Earth early on September 3 and cause unsettled to minor storm conditions. Quiet to active is likely on September 4 becoming quiet to unsettled on September 5-6.

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 03:06 PM
now this is the kind of stuff I was thinking along the lines when we look at the intensity and frequency of storms and earthquake activity. good find ptolomeo

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 03:30 PM
Thank you, Worldwatcher.

I never thought about all this before until I found information on the Net.

I think it is something we should take into account in the future and compare global earth events with solar storms. I bet we would be surprised of the matches.
What do you think?

I´ll keep on investigating...

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 03:32 PM
I'll help you except I'll have to do some research first, like how to read those sun images and charts..... maybe we can use this thread to gather links and info and then start documenting significant solar storms and events on earth. I think anyone willing or with more knowledge should join us and see what we come up with.

[edit on 9-2-2005 by worldwatcher]

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 03:35 PM
Great idea.

Here is a link for: NOAA Space Weather Scale for Geomagnetic Storms
(Scroll down till you get to it)

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 03:52 PM
As we can see, (I hope the image can be seen) the warning is still effective until September, the 3rd.

According to the Red warning alert:
Space Weather Message Code: ALTK05
Serial Number: 505
Issue Time: 2005 Sep 02 1638 UTC

ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 5
Threshold Reached: 2005 Sep 02 1638 UTC
Synoptic Period: 1500-1800 UTC
Station: Boulder
Active Warning: Yes
NOAA Scale: G1 - Minor

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 03:52 PM
Ok. I´ll put a link to it:

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 05:59 PM
I have been studying solar phenomena and it's effects for several years. As we are currently under the influence of a minor proton storm (subsiding), this can increase human irratibility and storm lightning intensity in the coming 3-5 days as the energetic particles settle into the atmosphere.

Here's a few links:

Sun Earth Connection - Nasa's Goddard Flight Space Center

SOHO- Solar & Heliospheric Observatory

International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP)

Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory

Transition Region and Coronal Explorer

SolarMonitor at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

N3KL-solar monitor

Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation

Ion Ratio Forecast for Stock Markets, Sports, and Health

I haven't seen much connection on geomagnetic storms and earthquakes, and that area seems rather sparse for data in trying to find causation. I'm sure solar wind induced geomagnetic storms have some bearing on tetonic activity, although of what I have read it is minor and data is sparse....butterfly effect perhaps? Needs more looking into also, cause it's been awhile since I have.

Influence on humans: New Orleans will be a good test bed on the effects of positive ions on people. If theories hold true, there's going to be an increase in violent behavoir beginning next week.

Influence on weather: Direct correlation on charged particles and ions effecting lightning intensity (more electrical storms). Also trade winds can be altered when the magnetosphere is buffeted by high solar winds. This field of study is rather sparse on data also since it is just coming into it's own light in the last few years.

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posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 06:15 PM
First of ally, thank you both for your collaboration:
Worldwatcher and Regenmacher. I hope that with this research we will get more knowledge and become able to understand some - strange - events we have and will have.

Regenmacher, we were thinking on studying if the events taken place on earth have any relation with solar storms... Worldwatcher can explain our purpose too.

We should be checking all the events on earth, for instance (just as an example): Hurricane Katrina, when it started, got power and hit, if there were any solar flares, etc. (If we were under solar alert).
This is just an example of what we will try to do in the future.

But, of course, we are open to any suggestion to carry this investigation out. (As well as to other members´help).

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 06:47 PM
[color=#CC0000]Hurricane Katrina:

Became a Tropical Depression on 08/23/05 at2100Z
Solar flux measured at 23h UTC on 2.8 GHz was 106.9 (the reading at 20h UTC was too high because of an M class long duration event). The planetary A index was 9 (STAR Ap - based on the mean of three hour interval ap indices: 9.0). At least a partial halo CME was observed after the M2 LDE in region S583 during the afternoon.

Proton storm from a CME started on the 22nd:
Flares: M2.6/1N long duration proton event peaking at 01:50 (associated with strong type II and IV radio sweeps and a full halo CME) and a major long duration M5.6/1N proton event peaking at 17:27 UTC. The latter event was associated with a strong type IV radio sweep and a large CME.

Strong westward turn (nearly 90 degrees) on 08/24/05 which commenced with a geomagnetic storm event. Katrina was upgraded to hurricane status on the 25th.

Hurricane Katrina goes to catagory 5 as a minor geomagnetic storm starts and proton flux increases slightly:

Western half of Katrina blows out and looks like dry air intrusion. A large full halo CME was observed from a source behind the southwest limb. A minor increase in the above 10 MeV proton flux was probably caused by this event as well.
sat image: /coc46

Track file and SST's:

Weather Wars: Was Katrina artificially created?

[edit on 3-9-2005 by Regenmacher]

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 09:33 PM
During this current period of geomagnetic activity, August 31st - September 2nd,we also need to look at these following events which have occured within the above timeframe:

Seismic activity in the Brawley Seismic Zone – 31 August through 2 September 2005

We also have an unusual storm in South America, Hurricanes don't happen in South America:
Extratropical Cyclone Leaves One Dead, Five Injured in Southern Brazil

Two major storm systems in the Pacific
Typhoon Talim kills at least 10 in China
Supertyphoon Nabi Heads for Southern Japan, Korean Peninsula

We also have volcanic activity:
Volcano Activity Puts El Salvador on Alert

posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 12:04 AM
Wow, that's two for Brazil now! First one was dubbed hurricane Catarina, hmm sounds strangely like Katrina. Just in time to decimate the bumper coffee crop?

Brazilian Soybean Crop May Miss Forecast, U.S. Says
Bloomberg - 13 hours ago

Coffee Drops in Tokyo on Brazil Weather: World's Biggest Mover
Bloomberg - Aug 26, 2005

March 2004-First Hurricane Ever Recorded in South Atlantic Batters Southern Brazil Coast.

Professor James McCanney M.S. - he's a nutty professor, so take it for what it's worth
September 03, 2005 update

we now are looking down the barrel of 3 solar flares that emerged from the sun in the past 24 hours ... all will pump up the local solar capacitor in our vicinity of the solar system within the next 2 days ... additionally the solar magnetic fluctuations in the vicinity of earth have been wild and erratic and the kP index of solar magnetic disturbances has been off scale / our plasma geomagnetic field has been off scale in both the positive and minus directions and is oscillating wildly as i write this update we have long scale electrical alignments with both planets neptune and now uranus ... this creates a volatile situation for earth weather as super thunderstorm cells roll off the west coast of africa and are entering the south atlantic ocean and are heading west towards the caribbean ... with these solar conditions there is a severe possibility that a follow on storm could occur and if there is a group of insane doctor strange love's lurking out there ... would they dare try to finish what they have started in new orleans ?? ... or are they eyeing up new targets ?? this past week while everyone was concentrating on the aftermath of hurricane katrina, mainland china dealt with back to back typhoons ... both landing directly off the coast of taiwan ... were these manipulated ??? ... if you want to weaken a country ... send in back to back typhoons ... also a group of himmicanes continues to move across canada as they have for the past month ... is someone playing with these storms also ?

and last but not least ... the photo op of bush in New Orleans today rivaled his thanksgiving day phony scripted serving of a rubber turkey to troops in irag ... amazing that at the same time a token group of army trucks made their way into the city water filled streets to coincide with the news promotion ... this guy really stinks and god will have a special room in hell for this bastard ... jim mccanney

The Sun-Earth Connection- Solar Winds & Planetary Bombardment
Bizarre Weather & Earth Changes

GeoSeismic Labs: Probing Inner Earth and the Magnetosphere!

ELF monitoring center

Another solar site, this time downunder:

New Moon: Saturday September 3, 2005 at 14:45:
tidal forces will be peaking, which may increase earthquakes and weather events.

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 01:43 AM
Here is the last few days of the storm, 30th - 3rd this morning I think.

Video of geostorm

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 03:12 AM
I posted a news article to atsnn about the seasonal hole in the ozone layer above the antarctic dramatically widened at present to peak in two weeks time.

At the same time I have been watching closely at the unusual twirly whirly weather patterns coming out of the antarctic . One of which was Katrina, two formed and went up above south east Asia and turned into typhoons (asian hurricanes) Nabi and Talim. The ones in South America make sense when I see the patterns coming out of the antarctic. The arctic is not mirroring its southern counterpart either. the weather coming out of the arctic seems normal.

The twirly whirly weather pattern is unusual, we usually get one or two sometimes but it's unusual to see so many.

If the hole over the antarctic is wider than usualy then it would allow more in from the sun and wouldn't screen it and stop it from getting through like it usually does. If the magnetics are stronger than usual it could also turn the patterns into the twirly whirlys like they are at the moment.

Also huge storm and seas off southern Australia

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 03:44 AM
The arrival of the halo CME related to the C2 flare on Aug 31 was
observed yesterday evening by the ACE spacecraft at L1. The local
K-index in Dourbes reached 6 yesterday evening, the NOAA estimated Kp
index is currently at 6. A complex sequence of weaker CMEs was observed
in the past days by the LASCO coronagraph and these might still have a
limited influence on the geomagnetic conditions in the coming 48 hours.
We expect therefore continued disturbed geomagnetic conditions at the
K=3-4 level.

posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 04:59 AM
Just take a list to this amazing long list of volcanoes with activity on our planet:

According to the report issued from the 24-30 August 2005, with new activity and seismic activity too: Chiginagak Volcano (USA) & Santa Ana Volcano (Salvador)

posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 03:48 PM
Here are just some of the MIL sites that mention ionosphere manipulation and "studies". There are so many sites, with many different but related ideas of what HAARP may be or does. Thought it would be nice to for people to actually see some decently credible sites.




A non mil site that covers some interesting concepts.

Some EDU emails
Old emails

January 26, 2004
Scott Gilbert / Centre for Research on Globalisation

Operation HAARP, the Pentagon's ionospheric heater, is now operational. Designed to allow the US to "own the weather," the system could trigger storms, droughts and other calamities around the world. In the process of learning to control this "geophysical weapon," the Pentagon may have caused the Great Electrical Blackout of August 2003.

Another site that mentions more sinister uses.


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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 11:48 PM
Data background info in regards to geomagnetic field and ionosphere

NOAA Space Weather Scales
Defines geomagnetic storm, solar radiation, and radio blackout levels

A good background primer on the sun and its effects

"Within 1 to 4 days after a flare or eruptive prominence, a cloud of matter and magnetic field can reach the Earth, buffeting the magnetosphere and causing a geomagnetic storm. These storms, which last for several days, are characterized by a worldwide disturbance in the Earth's magnetic field, causing it to vary rapidly in direction and intensity. Through processes which are not well understood, storms disrupt the equatorial regions of the ionosphere, causing intensification of normally occurring spatial irregularities in electron density (scintillations). Geomagnetic storms and increased ultraviolet emission from flares can also heat the Earth's upper atmosphere, causing it to expand upward."

Speaking at the recent meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Anthony Fraser Smith of Stanford (415-723- 3687) reviewed his data from four years ago which showed that local measurements of Earth's magnetic field fluctuated much more vigorously than usual in the days and hours before the 7.1-magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake.

Kp Index chart:

Geomagnetic and Solar Indices

Geomagnetic K-indices

Geomagnetic A-indices

Costello Geomagnetic Activity Index

Ionospheric Scintillation Predictions
New study and model on Ionspheric effetcs and GPS systems


Notice the spike on this indice about the time Katrina became a tropical storm:

Odd readings too, went off the charts:
2005 08 23| 2200| 53605| 79200| 9| -9999.9| -9999.9| -1.00e+05

Dr. Fred Bell wrote (read it with a skeptical eyeball):

On August 27 and August 28, 2005, a Coronal Hole opened on the sun labeled by Astronomers, "CH184", with a high fluctuation velocity, creating a solar wind with a velocity of 340 to 389 Km/sec which penetrated the protecting Tropapause, and because of the lowered electrical resistance, set a spiraling force of energy loose within the prevailing jet stream of nuclear proportions that created a wind spiral that resulted in a Hurricane, which was named Katrina.

Recent Observations

Geomagnetic field is currently at a G2 level - 24 hour average.

G2 effects:
Power systems: high-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms, long-duration storms may cause transformer damage.

Spacecraft operations: corrective actions to orientation may be required by ground control; possible changes in drag affect orbit predictions.

Other systems: HF radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes, and aurora has been seen as low as New York and Idaho (typically 55� geomagnetic lat.).

The geomagnetic field was unsettled to minor storm on September 2. Solar wind speed ranged between 431 and 968 (all day average 539) km/sec. A solar wind shock related to the arrival of the halo CME observed on August 31 was observed at 13:42 UTC. Later in the day solar wind speed peaked just below 1000 km/sec.

September 1-3: Another large CME from a backsided source was observed just before midnight on September 1 in LASCO images. At the same time there appears to have been a second CME, probably related to a long duration B4 event in region 10803. This CME could reach Earth on September 4 and cause unsettled to minor storm conditions. At 03:42 UTC on September 3 another large, full halo CME was observed in LASCO images. The source is about 3-4 days behind the southeast limb. This backsided region has produced several large CMEs over the last week.

Intense thunderstorms appeared in the southwest USA today after a week of inactivity. New Invest goes up and NRL for the Atlantic basin as Super typhoon Nabi increases in strength 105kts@938mb.

More Tropical data here:


The geomagnetic field is expected to be unsettled to major storm on September 3 because of CME effects and quiet to minor storm on September 4. Quiet to active is likely on September 5-6.

A poorly defined recurrent coronal hole (CH186) in the northern hemisphere will likely be in an Earth facing position on September 4-5.

1) Effects from a coronal hole could reach Earth within the next 5 days.
2) Material from a CME is likely to impact Earth within 96 hours.
3) There is a possibility of either M or X class flares within the next 48 hours.

CME is a Coronal Mass Ejection aka solar flare.

More solar forecast info here:

S.517 March 3, 2005 Title: A bill to establish a Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes.

It is the purpose of this Act to develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated national weather modification policy and a national cooperative Federal and State program of weather modification research and development. type in bill number S517

Anyone that can find some real time data on VLF and ELF monitoring, it would be appreciated.

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