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Things Im Really Pissed About Today

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posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 06:18 PM

Confidential Informants- I hate them. They use there police protection to operate drug and prostitution rings in my neighborhood. They drugged me, stalked me, and generally made my life a living hell. Arrg.

DeBeers- I hate them but not as much as I hate confidential informants. They foster civil war in places likeSierra Leone to keep the price of diamonds artificially high.

Confidential Informants- I saw a lawyer about suing the Gov for what they had done to me but they arent official gov employees so the gov cant be held responsible. GRrr

Sweatshops- Or rather people opposed to sweat shops. The people in the countries that get them are happy that there kids can work and make money without selling themselves and exposing themselves to aids.

And one thing Im really thankful about today, McDonalds- My first job in 1979 was at a McDonalds near my house a double cheeseburger cost $1.89 then and only a dollar today for the exact same sandwich. Now that is progress.


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