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I just have seen something…I can’t explain.

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posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 04:58 PM
Roughly at 09:50pm [on September the first] I started to hear a noise - it sounded odd, like a power generator a constant sort of “Voom” or “Whom” noise however, I didn’t think of this as out of the ordinary until I switched off my television and realised I could still hear it. Being overly paranoid, I switched everything off in my house - making sure nothing was wrong and yet, I could still hear the noise and I went outside into my back garden and looked about - seeing nothing.

Now, before I continue I just have to point out I am sceptic and although I do believe in Aliens, etc, I do not believe they visit us.

Now just after I went outside [about 10:45] I returned inside, still worrying what the noise was I went out the front and scanned the skyline. In the North-East, direction from Oxfordshire [Where I live] I noticed something up in the sky. It was triangular by shape [although not perfect] and then I looked over to the left a little [Due-North] as I heard something. Then by the time I realised the what the second noise was I looked back and the lights and shapes had gone.

The other noise, was two jets which flew low enough to rattle the cars and set one alarm off. [Tomorrow, I’ll speak to my neighbours about it, it’s a very spaced out area not heavily lived in but I hope one of them was in and awake when it happened.]

If anyone else lives in the area of Bicester/Banbury/Oxford and heard this or has seen anything, please let me know. Especailly if you got a better look than I did.

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 10:14 AM
I live in Surrey and I hear this short of thing loads..........

Except i'm normally scared out of my witts to go and investigate it

Once in the middle of the night I heard a humming noise getting louder and louder. It was alot like a huge power generator but sounded like a spinning warping sound. My mum was woken up by it too. I couldn't see anything out my window because there was pretty low clouds.

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