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JAHILIYYA-Disease spreading from the west:

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posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 06:06 PM
Was watching BBC 2, "Power of nightmares Part 1"/ The rise of the poli-tics of fear.
It starts in Greely, Colorado 1949, with Sayed Kotb/Qutub from Egypt. As a school inspector he came over to the USA to study our educational system (remember this info, as it fits in later). Please do your own search, if the link provided isn't up to par. Not that I didn't look into it any ways.


This "Say ed", was of the perspective that the west of plagued by a disease, he called it Jahiliyya.

Sayyed Qutub called the revolt again st God's authority in the world as jahiliyya. He explained that after examination of the roots of contemporaneous living styles it became obvious that the entire world was drained in jahiliyya, and all the fantastic material opulence and sophisticated gadgets do not reduce this ignorance.

A few of you may be wondering, what does this have to do with anything, well stay with me. Kamal Habib, a co-founding member of Islamic Jihad with Ayman Zawahiri, spear headed Jihadi state of mind. Rather than than the earlier more moderate mind set. He blatantly claims that they psycho logically, thought they were "superior to reality". Zawahiri was a mentor of bin Laden, passing on the taught Vangaurd, Sayed was teaching.

This is how the circle of terror leaders came together, and separated by the same break down they originally set out to vanquish, philisophical grounds weakened by the infection of Jahiliyya. This is, what they believe collectively. Adopted and combined with what they already have preconceived, notions and inclinations every one has seen set in motion.
So determined these people are that they planned 9/11 for two yrs it is reported.

Has any one else seen this, or heard of it? Perhaps follow ups of how it has changed, or if it is still relevant, perpetually evolving.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 07:41 AM
Yep, I heard of it. Actually, in simple terms, if you boil it down, means pure ignorance and stupidity. Some might say it is being the concept of being moronic and insist on being moronic. I wonder why this thread hasn't got much of a support.

If you think of it, jahilliya is the main reason for the arabs' hatred to the west. The kids are born with the mindset that the westeners or any other non-Islamic people are infidels and must be banished from the face of the earth.

From then on they so-called "heard" rather than be "taught" that Islam somehow condones such acts. However, if these people were to be "taught", they'll find out otherwise. So that's why I think education is very important. Furthermore, Islam emphasize on the importance of education.

In my view, we need more skillful teachers in the Middle East not soldiers. They need education not occupation. They need more schools and not more military occupational HQ.


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