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dreams as child have strange correlation to aliens

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posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 07:08 AM
Through boredom and curiosity I decided to go on one of those alien sites, you know the ones, look like hey been put together by some high school kid.

Rather than having a laugh at the content i was shocked to find that the two scariest and weird dreams i remember as a child that i still remember to this day, v. closely correlate to some apparent alien species.

As a child i just classified them has nightmares but they stood out more. There were two weird and traumatising dreams I had:

1) Being in a room with what looked like an apparent grey\reptilian hybrid, it had brown leathery thick skin with very large head and huge deep black metallic eyes with three huge fingers on each hand, it was immobilised in my dream, hooked up to some sort of machine like a wheel chair, but very scary and deeply telepathic.

2) Being in like a distant future future there are some sort of terrible problems. There is this very strong and very attractive woman who completely maims some people with powerful blows. She has very red hair and fits the complete description of an orange alien species. She then says she is going to kill me after she breeds with me, as it was in future i was an adult in the dream but a young child at time, which deeply disturbed me for some time.

Anyone know anything to do with this sort of experience, am i alone on this one?


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