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Possible Alien Related Events In My Life

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posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 11:55 PM
Alot of very creepy stuff happened to me in my life and to people that I know. Most of it I believe may been caused by aliens or some supernatrual force. I'm going to list these events in order of their effect on me, form least to greatest.

Two months ago - I saw a light in the sky as I looked out my window. It was a yellow-orange sphere. The sky was overcast. It moved slowly and disappeared.

all the time - Objects in my basement turn off and on or go haywire by themselves at night. Strange noises can be heard sometimes by many different people.

Six months ago - I saw a triangular formation of lights. Traveled very slowly and 3 people witnessed it. It turned from a bright yellow to orange then red and it vanished.

One month ago - I couldn't sleep one night, I just looked around my room. I checked my alarm clock and it said 1:30am, I turned around and looked around my room for I swear felt like 15 minutes to half an hour, I looked at the clock again, 5:30am!

6 years ago - People I know were watching a late night thunder storm in the garage. A light appeared below the clouds and hovered in a figure 8 shape for a while, then darted up back into the clouds.

9 years ago - I was watching TV in my basement, pitch black, I look down the hall from my couch. I see a triangular formation of green lights floating in tha air. The stayed there for awhile, I was petrified and froze with terror. The lights dissapeared.

11 years ago - I never was scared of aliens before this event, I use to watch Unsolved Mysteries on FOX late at night. When pictures of Greys appeared on the screen or if I see pictures of them I wasn't frightened before this event. One night I feel asleep, I woke up the next morning with an unusual feeling. On my leg unusual indetations appeared with no explination.

After this event I am petrified of pictures or film that contains aliens, I sleept under my covers for the longest time when I was small. I grew a fear of the dark and being alone. I still get a chill if I see a picture of a ET.

Note: If there are any typos, please ignore them, it's late I tend to make mistakes.

[edit on 8/30/2005 by GoldEagle]

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 12:02 AM
So far, you havene't had any alien-related events. You've had UFO related events, and something that could be put down to a burp in your electrical system.

As for "losing" 4 hours, you said you were "awake" for a period of 15 minutes to half an hour. You probably fell asleep and didn't even know it. I've had my alarm go off, then hit snooze and snuggled under my covered for what felt like a few minutes. I look at the clock and it's been an hour.

Now, finally, for your leg... I'm no doctor, from what appears to be swelling, you might be dealing with a monstrous spider bite. Those guys can be viscious.

[edit on 8-31-2005 by Esoterica]

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