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Majic: The Global Warming Scare (Comment Thread)

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posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 07:20 PM
I'm loving the new ATS member PODcast feature, but one area where PODcasts fall short is that they are a broadcast medium, which means that there is no facility for talking back. Not yet, anyway.

Because I am used to being at least able to call a radio station and offer dissenting opinions, it seems only reasonable to match up each World of Majic opinion piece with a thread in the corresponding forum.

That way we can talk about where I'm right and where I'm wrong.

I was inspired to do this piece based on the discussions here, in addition to some lively anecdotes from other arenas in which I have been branded a heretic by the Global Warming Faithful.

Here's your chance to sound off, however you like.

I have included the entire production script from my PODcast here for your reference. Meanwhile, the PODcast itself can be downloaded via iTunes or from ATS:

The Global Warming Scare

Remember, I know I can be wrong about pretty much anything, and just because I can push my opinions over a one-way medium with cute sound bites doesn't mean I think any differently about that.

I welcome your candid feedback.

Majic: The Global Warming Scare (Script)

('40s-style ATS jingle)
Aliens and chupas
Conspiracies and troopahs Member PODcast...

Announcer: We interrupt this podcast for an important news bulletin. The world is heating up. Temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting, people are dying. There's no time left, and time is running out. It's already too late, so we must act now. The blame falls squarely on greedy corporations, who are now the only ones who can save us by installing expensive new equipment in every factory in the world. What's that? Folks, the temperature is rising here in the studio. I need to loosen my tie. No, wait, I need to get out. Too... hot... must... turn on... air... conditioner.. No... NO! Oh the humanity!

(Soap opera organ strikes)

(JEJ: It's Majic time)

(The World Of Majic® theme intro)

Welcome to The World Of Majic®. I'm your host, Majic. That's M-A-J-I-C, coming to you via the Member PODcast network.

Global Warming. Depending on who you ask, it's either the greatest crisis facing mankind or a scam based on junk science.

Which is it? Perhaps neither, perhaps both. Personally, I haven't seen enough evidence to be convinced that Global Warming is actually taking place. Climatic patterns are incredibly complex, and if people could accurately predict the weather, then there would be no controversy at all.

But I'm not here to talk about whether Global Warming is real or not. As a conspiracy theorist, my interest is focused on a related but different topic: the Global Warming Scare.

I may not know much about weather patterns, but I know a propaganda-driven scare when I see one, and in the case of Global Warming, the fear factor is through the roof. And the raft of obvious junk science that has come out as so-called “proof” of Global Warming or “proof” that it isn't occurring makes me naturally skeptical.

When I see people trying to scare other people, I get suspicious. People who are afraid don't think rationally. When the adrenaline is pumping, that's not the time to make important decisions other than whether to fight or run away.

Those who seek to manipulate other people know this, which is why fear is the Number One tool despots use to control their subjects.

So are those who promote the Global Warming Scare doing so for the good of mankind, or for other, less noble reasons? I think it is a combination of both.

There are people who are genuinely afraid of what Global Warming means, and want to share that fear to motivate others to do something about it. They are true believers, and once the leap of faith that Global Warming is real has been made, it is almost impossible for them to turn back.

And then there are those who don't know or care, but want people to fear Global Warming for different reasons. They are those who stand to profit from Global Warming, and make no mistake, Global Warming is big business.

The cost of proposals already bandied about is already well into the billions, and over time would easily move into the trillions. Changing the way energy is used by the entire world is not a minor task.

The important thing to remember about cost is this: the cost represents what will need to be paid to somebody to make these changes. And the people who will be receiving that money will be those who control the market for industrial technologies.

In other words, the dreaded “multinational corporations”.

Many Global Warming advocates wave off the monstrous costs of the programs they insist on making legally mandatory, as if trillions of dollars in costs are meaningless. After all, how can we put a price on the future of the earth?

The answer is that the people who will be paid to make these changes ARE putting a price on the future of the earth -- and with no guarantees whatsoever that any of these conversions will actually do anything to positively affect global climate patterns at all.

Make no mistake, whether Global Warming is real or not, there are trillions of dollars to be made, and money is what brings out the hucksters like flies to sugar.

Some Global Warming advocates point to the fact that many multinationals, like oil companies, are sponsoring anti-Global Warming studies, which appears to be true. What seems to be forgotten is that other multinationals are sponsoring pro-Global Warming studies.

But the real misdirection comes in asserting that corporations will pay for any of this. They will not, but their customers will. Corporations pass their costs on to their customers. Otherwise they would go out of business.

If Global Warming proponents have their way, we won't have a choice. We will be forced to pay for all this through taxation and higher prices for the products those multinational corporations produce.

In the current climate surrounding the Global Warming debate, truth is scarce and lies are common. My recommendation is to avoid being caught up in the hype pro or con, and keep an open mind.

If Global Warming is real, it didn't happen overnight, and even if everyone in the world agreed that something needs to be done about it, actually doing it will take decades, and if the wrong measures are taken, not only won't the problem be solved, but it could even be made worse.

Meanwhile, if Global Warming is not real, then the world stands to spend trillions of dollars needlessly, and again, may make things worse, or even make new problems where none existed before.

What is needed are facts, not propaganda or innuendo, and reliable facts are in very short supply. It is no coincidence that as climatology has come into its own, Global Warming Theory emerged along with it.

When examining the claims of an emerging science, it is important to remember that science can be wrong. More poignantly, junk science masquerading as science is almost always wrong.

The current environment is loaded with conflicting and irrational claims. If polar ice melts, it's proof of Global Warming. If it thickens, that could also be proof of Global Warming. No matter what happens, it's proof of Global Warming.

I can't be the only person who sees the fallacy in this.

Meanwhile, local weather changes are being hailed as proof of global patterns. Or as I call it: Think locally, act globally. This mentality is rampant in the Global Warming debate.

The worst drought in fifty years is only that: the worst drought in fifty years. That means fifty years ago, the drought was just as bad. Worst flood in a century? Guess what happened a century ago?

These things are not proof of Global Warming, but are presented as proof anyway. Or “evidence” of it, despite the fact that the evidence proves only that weather is cyclic. As the drumbeat grows louder, the song becomes more hysterical.

Obvious facts are being overlooked as emotion triumphs over reason, and this sort of nonsense is becoming more common as media outlets hop on the bandwagon and assert Global Warming Theory as if it had already been proven.

Global Warming causes earthquakes. Global Warming is turning Europe into either a desert or an arctic wasteland -- take your pick. Global Warming is killing whales. Global Warming is causing an increase in teen pregnancy.

No connection is too absurd to supposedly prove Global Warming is real -- or at least frighten people to the point where proof becomes unnecessary.

Is Global Warming real? I honestly don't know. But the full-court press to scare the public is very real, and I have learned that when someone is trying to scare me, it is rarely for my own good.

Fear will not save the world. The truth just might.

But first we need to find it, and that, my friends, is a pursuit that has no end.

For more information on Global Warming, be sure to visit the Fragile Earth forum on

This has been another edition of The World Of Majic® brought to you by the Member PODcast network.

Until next time, remember this:

To know the truth, you must be able to recognize it when you see it.

Be well, friends.

(The World Of Majic® theme outro)

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 07:57 PM
Seriously good post Majic. Global warming as portrayed by scientists who are paid to prove that global warming is real and anyone else who profits from it including the media... is nonsense. It is convenient to blame man. I mean how can we prove one way or another. Our knowledge of the climate is brief and weak. The climate is far too reactive and our ability to understand the reactions simply don't exist. Is there "A" global warming? Certainly. It started some 10,000 years ago during the height of the last glaciation. Its been warming ever since. Guess what happened prior to global warming? Global cooling. And priot to that? Global warming. The pattern repeats itself over and over. Are we experiencing anything new? No. New to us maybe but not new to the climate. This is old news. We just weren't here when the story first broke.

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 08:47 PM
Religious Tolerance

As you know, I'm highly skeptical of the Global Warming Scare.

I've seen this game played before, and while people can disagree with me about the whole Ozone Layer Scare and the billions made off that (converting old refrigerant systems to the new ones), the fact remains that 1) big money was made and 2) we don't hear much about the ozone layer anymore, do we?

Crisis averted.

I come down pretty hard on the obvious scare tactics and brazen lies being used to push Global Warming. However, there are many people whose opinions I respect who are convinced that Global Warming is the real deal, and I do not label them brainwashed zombies for being convinced.

Many intelligent, rational and honest, non-bribed people are concerned about this, and I absolutely respect that.

Just because some shameless corporate con artists are trying to push Global Warming to sell billions of dollars worth of government-mandated CO2 emission control solutions doesn't mean Global Warming isn't occurring.

I honestly don't know, and I'm very glad that more people are studying the issue, precisely because I don't know and want to see more reasonably unbiased opinions on the matter.

The propaganda I see oozing into seemingly every environmental press story, however, isn't helping. That sort of snake oil salesmanship is only going to cloud the waters, prompting ill-informed and possibly dangerous action at best, and delaying necessary action to avert genuine environmental catastrophes at worst.

The main thing I want to clarify for anyone who may misunderstand my position is that if you are convinced that Global Warming is real and man-made, and that we must take action soon to correct it, I do not consider you a stooge.

I really do respect the honest opinions of everyone who has an opinion about this, and I could be wrong, and you could be right.

Hey, I live on this planet, too, and I have kids and grandkids. I want what's best for them. Neither a world ravaged by man-made climate change nor trillions of dollars in additional, unnecessary public debt (i.e., slavery to the corporations who will be receivers of that debt) are fitting legacies for me to leave to them, and yes, I really do care.


posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 08:52 PM

Originally posted by Majic
I've seen this game played before, and while people can disagree with me about the whole Ozone Layer Scare and the billions made off that (converting old refrigerant systems to the new ones), the fact remains that 1) big money was made and 2) we don't hear much about the ozone layer anymore, do we?

Crisis averted.

Yeah they really fixed that problem didn't they? What has it been now since the changes started taking place? 15 years? Despite all that work the ozone hole was recently (last year or two) reported to be record size.

Reason? No connection between the refrigerants and the hole.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 08:08 AM
I'll agree with you guys. Global warming has happened before in the past and it is happening again. However, if you think that man isn't at least speeding up the process, then you are deluded my freinds.

[edit on 31-8-2005 by PeteTPP]

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 08:26 AM
Its no secret that I believe the theory of global warming has taken a turn from theory to political agenda to religion in the last decade or so. Why, well because religion tend to instill a kind of faith that allows one to block out or flat out deny anything that might undermine its infrastructure.

Looking at the Earth's climate over the last few thousand years at the unstable patterns that once again brought advancing Ice across many continents, we can surely see the reason why things are happening they way they are today and that the changes we are seeing are a minute part of larger changes which take thousands more years.

Looking at the climate over the last few decades is what gives some a limted view and might induce the fear that the Earth is warming and glaciers are melting. Truth is there are thousands of glaciers on Earth and for everyone receding, there are more advancing or stationary.

The basic truth is that we live under a dynamic climate which has several impactors far more pronounced than C02 without which, life would be unsustainable. Dynamic means ever changing. The fact that the human race has live through one of the calmest periods in Earth's lifetime does not in any way guarantee that will continue.

I don't doubt the climate is fact I insist it is just as it always has however the use of it as a politcal tool, I find quite comical. I think one day we're going to find that climate change is more related to the Sun's effect as well as the effects of the activity in the aethenosphere more so than the burning of Carbon fuels. Thats been happening for ever and will likely continue whether we're here or not.

I think people who care about the planet mean well and I respect them. However, I think the amount of untrue propaganda being fed to these poor souls sometimes leads the to do more harm than good unintentionally. Forestry managment and logging is one industry in which I think we have made grave mistakes because we have allowed emotion to over-rule reality. The prevention of harvesting mature timber is leading the way for forest fires which release C02 in large amounts. I don't think many of these groups understand the issue fully and just think cutting any tree down is wrong.

Case and point: A few years ago in KY, we had a huge ice storm which downed several dedacious trees in the Danial Boone forest. The forestry dept moved to allow logging these downed trees and any other mature tress in vicinity. It would have removed them for free and allowed the younger trees under canopy to mature..all at no cost to the tax-payer. Infact, it would have helped the economy too. Long story short, this was blocked, the trees became nesting grounds for the pine beetle which hatched and destroyed nearly half the entire forest.

Just an example of allowing emotion to overide a true educated managment plan. Our forestry people don't want to harm the forest. That makes no sense however, they were privy to experience and education their challengers were not. Thats the case more often than not.

The scare mongering isn't being done by scientist or climatologists, its being done by the people who edit their findings to add fuel to the fire and most of those people are lawyers. Nuff Said.

[edit on 31-8-2005 by astrocreep]

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