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Energy amplifier.

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posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 05:49 AM
I found this concept of nuclear device on wikipedia that can solve many energz problems and help the nuclear industry.
What's the biggest problem of nuclear industry? It was supposed to work perfect and the energy gained should be cheaper than by conventional ways. The main problem is the security and nuclear waste which means the neulear power plants give much $$$ to deal with them. That means the energy produced is more expensive and people don't like nuclear energetics. The "energy amplifier" solves this problems.

"In nuclear physics, an energy amplifier is a novel type of nuclear power reactor, a subcritical reactor, in which an energetic particle beam is used to stimulate a reaction, which in turn releases enough energy to power the particle accelerator and leave an energy profit for power generation."

"The energy amplifier uses a synchrotron accelerator to produce a beam of protons. These hit a heavy metal target such as lead, thorium or uranium and produce neutrons through the spallation. Thorium nuclei absorb neutrons, thus breeding fissile uranium-233, an isotope of uranium which is not found in nature. Moderated neutrons produce U-233 fission, releasing energy."


- Subcritical design means that the reaction could not run away — if anything went wrong, the reaction would stop and the reactor would cool down. Such reactor would be extremely safe when compared to other types.

- Thorium is an abundant element — much more so than uranium, and there is no need for isotope separation. There is enough thorium to generate energy for at least several thousand years at current consumption rates.

- Less long-lived radioactive waste is produced — most of the waste would decay after 500 years to the level of coal ash. The amplifier could actually be used to transform long-lived waste (like plutonium) from conventional reactors into safer substances.

- No new science is required; the technologies to build the energy amplifier have all been demonstrated in the laboratory. Building an energy amplifier requires only some engineering effort, not fundamental research (unlike nuclear fusion proposals).

- Inherent safety and safe fuel transport could make the technology more suitable for developing countries as well as in densely populated areas.

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 06:21 AM
Posted something like this before, seems noone is interested.


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