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New Dulce Base Article

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posted on Sep, 22 2005 @ 02:14 AM

Originally posted by Dallas
But there have been a lot of expiditions to Archaelta Mount since /74 and know one to my knowledge has come back to annouce a reality of the Underground base or Bennowitz' claims.

Hold on! This is where it gets interesting. Sure no-one has actually gone there and proved there is a huge underground base.. BUT.. an expedition that went there a while ago, registered alot of underground tremors. The frequency of the vibration was consistant with man made power plants. I'm not sure if these were the trains or the base itself, but SOMETHING is down there, under the ground. Dulce video footage, requires realplayer.

Quote from an interview:

"Q -- What type of security is found at the Dulce Base? What else is used against espionage or unauthorized entry?

A -- I'll mention a few, but it would be nearly impossible to cover it all. The weapon, besides the Flash Gun, mostly used is a form of sonic. Built in with each light fixture is a device that could render a man unconscious in seconds with nothing more than a silent tone. At Dulce there also are still and VCR cameras, eye print, hand print stations, weight monitors, lasers, ELF and EM equipment, heat sensors and motion detectors and quite a few other methods. There is no way you could get very far into the base. If you made it to the second level, you would be spotted within fifteen feet. More than likely, you would become an inmate and never see the light of the surface world again. If you were 'lucky', you would be re-programmed and become one of the countless spies."

posted on Sep, 22 2005 @ 10:56 AM
There actually may be an underground base at Dulce, but wouldnt you expect for a base that size to have all kinds of traffic "above" ground? Dulce is a sleepy little village on the Jicarilla Apache rez with very little traffic except for the tourists going to their casino.

The only underground activity I have noticed is associated with oil and gas exploration and extraction. Maybe this is a cover for the base but I doubt it.

I think all the real strange activity takes place 75mi north of Dulce in the San Luis Valley. If You consider cattle mutilation strange. I do!!

[edit on 22-9-2005 by whaaa]

posted on Sep, 22 2005 @ 11:23 AM
Hardly new, just the same ol' unbacked speculation that really gets no one anywhere. Well, it gets the conspiracy theory and UFOlogy community slightly more stereotyped.

It's even hard to tell if there actually is a base at Dulce (as opposed to somewhere like Area 51 where the big buildings in the middle of the desert are a bit of a give away).

I think whatever it is that's out there, it doesn't involve reptilians eating little children, which is what most extreme theory regarding the base talks about.

Including supossed eye witness accounts from people who claim to be ex-workers at the base. These guys detail everything from the badges (the ones they usually forget to bring to the interview) down to the sarcastic reptilian over lords and stories of nightmare halls, astral bodies being captured and the eating habits of Grey aliens.

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 02:34 AM
Now for the Experiements i found this from Lammer MILAB
Bit lenghy so Coffee is a must!! Site here

IV. Tank/tube experiences
Michelle (pseudonym) had her first concisious memory of typical alien abduction experiences with non human beings at the age of eight. She remembers classic alien abduction experiences with 3-4 feet tall beings with large heads. The following experiences, however, have nothing to do with alien abductions. Michelle had traumatic flashbacks, reality like dreams and some concisiously remembered MILAB events. The memory gaps were investigated by using regressive hypnosis sessions with a professional Ph.D. hypnotherapist who is well known in this field and who is also a MUFON consultant.

Michelle and a boyfriend had a missing time/kidnapping experience during 1970 near a campsite at Ditch Plains in Montauk, New York. She remembers that both were taken by armed military personnel to the now closed Montauk base. They were separated and Michelle was escorted inside an underground facility where she had several frightening experiences.[9,10] She remembers to be in a doctors examining room, with machines and stainless steel equipment and a table covered in white. Michelle was placed on the table and strapped down, including her head. After a few minutes a group of 5-6 people, including one female, came into the room. All of them wore medical cloths white gowns. Surcical masks covering their heads like doctors in a hospital. They turned her head sideways and shaved a small portion of an area behind her right ear. She was completely conscisious but immobilized and she could not talk.[9]

Michelle remembers that someone was writing something on the skin behind her ear. After this she got an intravenous (IV) injection, she feeled a prick in her arm and loses consciousness and awaked with her boyfriend, who was also kidnapped, later on the beach. The next hypnosis session opened further traumatic flashbacks of being in an isolation tank. The following experience was investigated during an emotional hypnosis regression session. Michelle had never had this experience while under hypnosis before. She recalled being in a dark place, she was afraid and floated in something that felt slightly heavier than warm water.[9]

Before this experience she was naked on a table and had wires attached all over her body and her head and she saw a doctor in a white lab coat standing next to her. The next experience was uncovered via a deep trance regression which probed again into the isolation tank experience. Michelle remembered once again that she was in a black enclosed area where she struggled and was afraid of drowning. The experience scared her a lot and she wanted out of the tank. She felt that the liquid was heavier than water, it was warm and she smelled a minty odour? She moved her arms and legs slightly and her head too. She felt the smooth surface of the isolation tank on her right if she streched her arm. She was completely isolated in the dark tank and had a kind of artificially induced ''out-of-body'' experience or began to halluzinate.

I researched the literature of sensory deprivation experiments and came across such isolation tanks which were invented by Dr. John Lilly.[11] Dr. Lilly tried to find out how he could isolate the brain and mind. He considered what thought, according to our present scientific consensus is to stimulate a body. He considered effects of light and its stimulation of the eyes, touch and pressure and their stimulation of the skin and deep-lying organs within the body. He looked at temperature differences, at clothing, effects of gravitation and the effects of heat and cold.

Dr. Lilly visualized a soundproof tank in which the body could be supported in water that would be maintained at the proper temperature to take care of the generation of heat within the body. He found such a tank inside a soundproof chamber in an isolated building near the campus of the National Institute of Health. This tank was constructed during World War II for experiments by the Office of Naval Research on metabolism of underwater swimmers. This was the beginning for research on isolation, including drugs.[11]

It should be noted that Dr. Lilly experimented also with brain implants during the late fifties and early sixties. This was also the period when he was contacted by covert intelligence services and researchers for the Department of Defense (DoD). Dr. Lilly wrote in his book ''The Scientist'' that while he was at the National Institute of Health, the isolation tank-work, like the brain-electrode work, became subject to the politics.[11] As the isolation tank research became known throughout government agencies, various idividuals called him to find out about it. Dr. Lilly claims, that among them were researchers working under the auspices of the Army in regard to brainwashing of captured prisoners of war.

He was asked if the isolation tank could be used to change believe systems of persons under coercion. They wanted use to the isolation tanks and sensory deprivation experiments for brain washing and other mind control experiments. Dr. John Lilly visualized situations in which this method would be used under coercion, by careful control of the stimulation of isolated persons, that their believe systems could be changed in directions desired by the controlling persons. Dr. Lilly was convinced that the military/intelligence community would use his isolation technique for covert experiments.[11] I think, that Michelle's experiences show us that this was true and that there is enough evidence that she is one victim of such a deprivation tank experiment. One should note, however, that this specific experience had nothing to do with aliens, although I don't know how her alien abduction experiences fit in this scenarios.

As I noted in my first MILAB paper, the presence of human military personnel inhabiting the same physical reality as alien beings are unbelievable for sceptics and open minded serious abduction researchers too. Although Michelle's before mentioned experiences were definitely terrestrial, she experienced also a high strangeness close-encounter during the same MILAB. She got traumatic flashbacks under hypnosis of a reptiloid creature, which was also investigated. She described that she was escorted by military personnel into a dark-office like room where she was raped by a reptiloid creature. I don't know what this traumatic experience means. I don't think, however, that the military worked with this reptiloid creature. It could be possible that Andree was drugged with a halluzinogene and projected the reptiloid as a kind of screen memory, although she described the skin and other features of the creature very well. Was this particular experience the product of a mind control procedure? One should consider such procedures first, since her other experiences in the underground facility were completely terrestrial and recent hypnosis sessions performed with Michelle during July 1997 revealed that she may be used in various mind control experiments during her life time.[12]

During a two hour session she remembered to be in a room with 2-3 men who were in charge of men in lab coats. Before this she was in some kind of examination room, where someone mounted something on her head. She described silver colored tongs, pinching at her temples and inducing an intense pain in her head.

This experience remembers me of an artifical stimulation experiment for temporal lobes with magnetic fields. Dr. Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University of Sudbury, Ontario, showed that one can artificially produce mystical experiences, out of body excursions and other psychic experiences by stimulating the temporal lobes by applying magnetic fields across the brain, since he found that such experiences are linked with excessive bursts of electrical activity in the temporal lobes.[13] A research target would get a helm or tong-like device on the head and an artificial generated magnetic field would mimic the firing patterns of neurons in the temporal lobes of the brain.

Dan Wright, head of the MUFON Abduction Transcription Project, reviewed his records concerning tube or tank experiences of alleged alien abductees. He found several cases in his files in which the abductee saw a tube during her/his experience, but did not identify anything or anyone inside it.[14] In 4 cases abductees described large clear tubes and recalled either being placed inside it or seeing someone else inside. Two of these 4 abductees saw an alien creature in the tube. Dan Wright's files reveal 3 cases in which the abductee was in a tank filled with liquid and in two cases the victim was forced to breath the liquid! None of the abductees who placed in a tube or tank reported any unusual mind set like Andree (out of body experience, remote viewing, or the like) during their time in these containers. ''Two'' of seven tank cases reported military involvement, but not on the same night as the tube or tank episode.

MILAB victim Lisa (pseudonym) had similar tank experiences like Dan Wright's alien abductees. She was kidnapped and brought to a military underground facility, where she saw naked humans floating in tubes. Lisa for instance claims that she was forced by humans into some type of pool filled with a golden yellow bubbly fluid, while other humans looked at her. Lisa has traumatic recollections that her kidnappers tried to make her and other victims able to breath in the liquid.[15] In two of the before mentioned cases the abductee was forced to breath the liquid like Lisa. The hypnosis trancripts reveal that the liquid breathing experiences were traumatic for the abductees. Both abductees where totally immersed in the liquid and both reported that they could breath the fluid.[14]

If one reviews the open scientific literature which is available about fluid breathing, one finds that physically taking fluid into the lungs and breathing liquid instead of air would revolutionize diving. The concept of fluid breathing began in the mid 60ies when Dr. J. Kylstra, a physiologist at the State University of New York at Buffalo realized that salt solutions could be saturated with oxygen at high pressures. Dr. Kylstra worked in a US Navy compression camber and performed experiments on mice. He was able to keep animals alive for up to 18 hours. Since carbon dioxide was not removed fast enough from the system, and quickly build up to near toxic levels, this problem was going to be the stumbling block before his procedure could be used on humans.[16]

The next step in fluid breathing came in 1966, with Dr. Leland Clark's liquid-breathing-mouse experiment.[17] Dr. Clark developed a technique where a mouse survived over 20 hours breathing fluid at 18 degrees centigrade. All animals in the early studies suffered pulmonary damage, but that was due to toxic impurities of the fluorocarbon, chemical interaction of the fluorocarbon with the lung, or some unknown effect was undetermined. This pulmonary damage mystery as well as the problem of the elimination of carbon dioxide and the fact that the fluorocarbon tended to be retained by body tissues would have to be solved before the process could be attempted on human subjects.

During the following years, the technique of fluid breathing was refined and improved. Liquid ventilation tests of the early 90ies proved to be successful. Scientists kept dogs alive in a perfluorocarbon medium for about two hours. After removal the dogs were slightly hypoxic, but returned to normal live after a few days.[16] After these tests on animals the procedure was ready for human subjects used by the medical community for fighting the respiratory distress syntrome, the leading cause of death in premature infants. One could suspect that liquid breathing experiments on adults, would be extremely useful for military/Navy/intelligence purposes such as submarine escape and undersea oxygen support facilities.

Alien abductees, such as Betty Andreason report sometimes that they were put inside a tube filled with liquid for the compensation of large gravity forces during high UFO acceleration periods. One abductee of Dan Wright's files describes such an experience inside such a tube:

'''s like water in there, it's like being in a swimming pool, only I can see through the feels like we are moving. Where are we going? Whoo, thats fast. Feels like we are moving fast. Oh! And one's standing outside. He's telling me, ''Thats why we had to put you in here, because we are moving too fast.''...Acceleration. Something about gravity forces too much.''[14]

It is interesting to note that under hypnosis this abductee reported how the abductors put something in her nose before they put her in the tube. This means that this abductee was not forced to breath the liquid. Recent scientific studies of visual and photographic sightings of UFOs carrying out ''impossible'' high speed maneuvers by Dr. Bruce Maccabee would support such gravity force compensation tube experiences if the abductee was indeed in a real UFO.[18] Dr. Bruce Maccabee stated in his article ''Acceleration'', that an UFOnaut or abductee inside a UFO accelerating at 500 g's would be pushed by the walls of the craft with a force that would make him seem weight almost 500 times his weight on Earth. The body of an abductee might be crushed at that acceleration, and the skin might be pulled off the bones, unless the human was suspended in a liquid and the lungs and other body cavities were filled with liquid!

Other alleged alien abductees report that they saw small alien like beings and adult humans in a state of suspended animation inside tube like incubators. Some of these abductees claim that the humans looked altered like hybrids.[14,19] These would fit the hypothesis of genetic research done by the ''greys.'' But there are also cases where abductees report human doctors escorting them through underground laboratories where they have seen humans in clear tanks.[19] MILAB victim Christa Tilton described such an experience as:

''I did see what I thought were humans in clear tanks underground. The tanks were leaning about 25 degrees backward until they touched the wall. The room was a regular a laboratory. This was never viewed on a spacecraft. They seemed to be, like I said, in a state of suspended animation. There was a clear liquid filled totally in the tank casing...I believe these humans were being kept alive by some type of tubes behind their head.[20]''

Christa Tilton is not alone with such an experience. There are other abductees who claim that they were taken to military underground facilities where they have seen people in such glass or plastic tubes.[19] Some of these MILABs report rows of several identical people, each one in its own tube. One could speculate if someone clones human Dollys in secret. Recently japanese scientists reported that a goat fetus has survived in an artificial womb for three weeks before its birth.[21] The scientists who desined the womb say that it could help premature human babies to survive. Dr. Yoshinori Kuwabara of Juntendo University in Tokyo and his colleagues removed a goat fetus from its mother 17 weeks into the pregnancy. They placed the fetus in a tank filled with liquid to simulate amniotic fluid. A maschine pumped nutrients and oxygen into the animal's blood. Dr. Kuwabara also hopes artificial wombs could one day be used to help fetuses in the final stages of multiple pregnancies when the womb becomes too cramped. However, alien and MILAB abductees claim that they saw small tubes or incubators inside UFOs but also inside terrestrial underground research facilities. Mostly the experiencer describes that these infants look very ill. Alleged alien abductees and abductees with MILAB experiences think that these infants may be hybrids.

It would be logical for someone who is interested in cloning that he develops and uses artificial wombs and incubators filled with nutrient fluid for breeding purposes. Scientists who are working on biotechnology projects claim that cloning ''brainless'' humans for transplanting organs would be a reality in the future.[2] At the time ethical considerations are against such Frankenstein like research projects. A more science fiction like purpose would be the creation of a genetically engineered soldier who is immune to biological warfare and possible future genetic warefare attacks. The experiences of some MILAB victims, however, suggest that such projects are indeed going on behind the backs of the official medical research community. Therefore it could be that secret research on artificial wombs and experiments on human fetuses are going on hidden inside black projects.

One can see that alien abductees report similar tank/tube experiences inside alleged UFOs as some abductees in alleged military research facilities. Such similarity was also found in implanting procedures between alleged alien abductees and possible mind control victims.

I present now a case where it seems to me that a secretly operating military task force could be in charge of researchers of such a black genetic project. This is one well investigated case in the MUFON Abduction Transcription Project files where human/military personnel kidnaps a woman from her house and drives her to a secret place.[14] She is carried into the building and placed onto an examining table. Her feet are placed into stirrups, what is used for gynecological examinations. A female doctor conducts a gynecological exam. She searches for an embryo but never finds any. The MILAB victim remembers the officer in charge as an older man with silver hair who threatens and interrogates her. She loses concisiousness sometime during the examination or on the trip back to her home. Interestingly the military always kidnaps her on the same night or the night after an alleged alien abduction experience.

The activity of this military task force, which seems to be interested in particular alien abductees, would be a logical consequence if their leaders think that some alien abductions are real. As I mentioned above it seems that this group works together with black project scientists who are interested in genetic research. It should be noted that the before mentioned abductee reported a tube experience but not on the same night as the military kidnapped her. She observed several tubes with different bodies inside and she was placed in front of a tube with a body of a tall blond human woman inside. She described the tube as a glas or plexiglas cylinder inside a UFO. It should be noted that the above mentioned abductees are not alone and that their cases represent only examples.

posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 12:57 AM
After being subjected to the Dulce article, I have the following information that may help shed some light on a touchy subject. At the end, I get back to the REAL topic at hand (underground bases at Dulce).

I suggest that the author of the "article" spend a little time researching the history of her religion (steeped in Sumerian mythology and Egyptian concepts). If I recall correctly, the 18th century BC code of the Babylonian king Hammurabi was plagiarized, almost word for word, by Moses. "Lucifer," "Satan," the serpent, etc. was considered God's right hand man in the Old Testament. An evil quality to the "Morning Star" was never implied in the Old Testament. I believe there is ONE reference to Lucifer as being demonic in the New Testament (no doubt penned by the misogynist Paul).

The Angel Lucifer's purpose was to "tempt" mankind, acting upon God's command that he/she do so. The word "Satan" comes from a word meaning "adversary" -- MAN'S adversary. This was his JOB. The introduction of tempation was the ultimate gift of free will -- given by GOD, and denied to us by religious leaders.

Christian leaders developed the concept of the "evil" Satan in response to what they considered widespread lawlessness, paganism, and witchcraft in the Dark Ages. The Christians murdered thousands, if not millions of innocent people in order to retain their reins on the populace. The new philosophy of Evil and Hell (never mentioned in Bible as written originally) was a convenient concept used as a means to control the local population. Enter the Nicene Counsel in 325 A.D., which singlehandedly pronounced certain books (and words) "okay" and others as not fitting in with their plan to control the populace. For example, the name of "Lilith" was banned, and in all but one proofreading error, was changed to the word "nightjar" (Lilith being the first wife of Adam, but who refused to obey him as the priests thought she should; hence, Lilith became the mother of all evil.) All names of "angels" were deleted (with yet another error creeping up in the book of Daniel. The history goes on and on to anyone who CARES to understand where their beliefs originate. (I am NOT a Satanist; I am an equal child of the universal consciousness -- God -- and take responsibility for my own actions. My only goal on earth is to "do no harm," to "NOT judge others" (as the Bible exhorts), and to use the MIND that God gave me.

Not content with controlling themselves (as they should have), the priests sought control over everyone else. The Persian Zoroaster first hypothesied that, since an all-good God could not create evil, then there must be an evil god as well -- hence Satan. The serpent spoke the truth when he told Adam and Eve that they would not "surely die" if they ate of the fruit of knowledge. Someone ELSE wanted them to believe that. Lucifer did not. Apparently, Lucifer was right. Interesting that in almost every religion, the "serpent" brought knowledge and wisdom to us wee earthlings.

The major religions it would seem to ME (using my brain), controlled by the few, would take away our god-given right to free will in order to impose their own paranoia and morality on the rest of us.

Having said that, I am meeting with the TRUE owners of Dulce, which is the Jicarilla Apache Nation (NOT "us" or the author of the article) next month (I've worked with them for 15 years now). I'll ask them if there is a secret Satanic cult buried under the res. Being 21st century people, they may be willing to speculate as to the possibility of underground UFO chambers in their vicinity, but I'm pretty sure that the good people of Dulce, NM would know it if Lucifer is flying out every night to grab up children and housewives in his spare time.

The mind is truly more powerful than the matter it controls. Some minds may do well to scan themselves and determine if they are truly being spoken to by God -- or by their own subconscious desires to control others.

posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 01:19 AM

Originally posted by SteveR

Originally posted by whaaa

300;000 missing kids? Whoa!! Takes real skill to cover up that many missing children .

I guess. The facts may be exaggerated.

May be!!!

The actual quote from the "article" was:

"The Center For Missing and Exploited Children (run by the government for spin control) estimates that 300,000 children are missing each year. This number could be much, much higher and probably is. Over ten years that's 30 million children."

30 million!!!! Not even close, that would take 100 years assuming her number of 300,000/yr. was right in the first place.

Then she goes on to say:

"Over 30 years, that's 90 million!"

Well at least she can multiply by 3

"Articles" like this do far more harm than good for any serious investigations and it lacks any credibility.

[edit on 10/20/05 by redmage]

posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 01:21 AM
Very well said, for which I am a free willed man, but do come back and let us know of your findings, this place has always interest me ever since I've heard of it on this web site. Which is the only time I have ever heard of it? Anything is possible, well almost anything. Definitely not an alien Satan though.

posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 01:26 AM
nmperson, Good read, I do disagree with you on a few things, but so what
Only thing I want to say contrary to your post is true Christans do not kill people and I will leave it at that.

Anyway, I am interested in hearing your feedback from the Jicarilla Apache Nation

[edit on 20-10-2005 by GameSetMatch]

posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by SteveR

Incase any CIA guys are reading, I honestly don't intend to "break in" or even go to Dulce, NM.

[edit on 30/8/05 by SteveR]

Even if you were intending to "break in", it would probably only take 1 or 2 of their highly trained soldiers (which I'm sure they would/do have for such a place, if it exists) to take you out. How would you even know where to start?

Interesting read though, thank you for the link.

posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 03:52 PM
Do you people actually think the same government that botched the Katrina rescues could keep something this big for so long?

posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 04:32 PM
If the whole Dulce thing is real then the people responsible for keeping it secret will resort to measures to ensure that continues hidden whatever the cost.

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 11:13 AM
sherry shrinner's website is hardly a credible sourse. She is a little on the extreme nutty side.

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 08:27 PM

Originally posted by SteveR
Check out the article.. Dulce Base Prisoners

Wow! That is absolutely incredible. It must take an awful lot of energy to run these underground facilities and whatnot. Even if it's free energy it must create some waste and heat.

Do they only eat humans or do they need other things like toilet paper, toothpaste, clothing, styling gel, etc. Wouldn't there be a huge supply chain involved in these activities that would have to originate above ground?

How is a soul kept in a box or a storage container? Do we typically believe people who claim to have exclusive access to God?

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 07:07 PM
Well, in every story, is a grain of truth. Something has sparked all these rumors about a base.. unless you would assume some bored hoaxer picked Dulce randomly, and invented a huge story... lol. As for the article in question, well, perhaps it was wrong of me to post it.


posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 10:47 AM
i'm telling you if it took so long for the government to admit that area 51 was real who's to say that Dulce isn't and that they connected via underground tunnel system based of the maglev style of train, but far more advanced.

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 08:49 PM
My Thoughts Here

Religion is one of the largest secrets kept from everyone. Think about a world without religion? Majoirty of people if they found out they have put faith in something that is false Kaos would go on.

Now if this base exist's before we can understand why its so secret and why aliens or whatever is done under the ground, we must look to sources that may explain why something like this has to exisit on our earth (if it does)?

In my opyion the egyptions have left the responses to all of the questions asked for centuries about earth and its visitors. We look at the pyrimids and say "Ow yeah thats cool" we assume that people created these things with massive labour forces at such massive heights however the air is to light for even plants to grow properly

I guess what im trying to say is when we unlock the secrets behind the earths distant past we wont need to try and break into thses bases or listen to peoples tehories about why or what exists.

Something like this is kept secret because the world is not ready to find out what our true distant past was.

My 2 Cents

[edit on 14-12-2005 by soxs]

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by whaaaI think all the real strange activity takes place 75mi north of Dulce in the San Luis Valley. If You consider cattle mutilation strange. I do!!

Don't forget about the cattle mutitlations in Dulce back in the mid 80's. Do a search on Gabe Valdez. The state trooper who headed the investigations and lived in Dulce at the time. (I went to HS with his sons)

I have a number of pics of and around Dulce if anyone wishes to see. I haven't done any investigating but I have many friends who have looked for ANYTHING and came up with nothing.

my 2cents? Go north towards the colorado border. There's a dirt road from lumberton to pagosa springs that'll lead to many offroad tours into archuleta mesa. Or head south towards Los Alamos and watch out for "ghost ranch" where there have been many sightings and stories. Well, from a lot of people who live on the rez anyway. Good luck!

posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 09:38 PM
Is there anything we can do about this? We can't even get the goverment to admit they know anything about aliens.

Do these aliens have any kind of heart? Don't they feel emotions? How can our politicians just sitty smiling while this happens? How could this go on?

posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 09:13 PM
If you are looking for more info about Dulce Base there is a book written by a guy called Branton. I've read all the posts and I think reading this book it will help you to understand better and be more informed.

Dulce Wars

posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 10:34 PM
man this really is sad. i mean the lives of thoes people. i wonder if russia and possibly the whole world has a relation to this, if not im goin to russia and starting a revolution...

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