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Am I an indigo Child I need answers help.

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by Conspiracy Theorist06
I meet all or most of the requirements of that of an indigo child. but i'm not sure what it means to be one. The school part of indigo is all right. I fit into everyone of those categories. Is this going against my religion, should I tell my parents?

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My russian wife is an indigo child (she proves on a daily basis that she has very strong esp). If you aren't sure what it means to be one then what makes you think you are one.
Why do you ask if it is going against "your" religion. If it is YOUR religion then how could you be going against yourself. If you really mean is it going against the organised religion of which you are part of, then in reality you should understand it isn't YOUR religion, it is someone elses religion of which you support.
Why wouldn't you tell your parents?

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 09:24 PM
It's not going against your religion, or anyone else's, just to be who you are meant to be, contrary to what any extremists may tell you. You are who you are, and you believe what you believe. It's fine to question your beliefs, and yeah, that should be done from time to time. But they are your beliefs, and you are entitled to them. But you are also entitled to be yourself. Don't let anyone else push you into believing something that doesn't seem right to you.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 02:29 PM
Hi, I am a 14 year old Indigo child. I have known for about a year and a half now what it means, I hav e a website based on all true subjects, not anything that comes from researchers, books, or religious leaders, purely from my own experience. check it out...

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 02:00 AM

Originally posted by Conspiracy Theorist06
I meet all or most of the requirements of that of an indigo child. but i'm not sure what it means to be one. The school part of indigo is all right. I fit into everyone of those categories. Is this going against my religion, should I tell my parents?

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WHOA ! Relax !
This whole Indigo thing is not a bad thing. IF, and I stress IF, you ARE an Indigo, welcome. You are not in need of psychiatric care, although parents and other elders might think so.

Is this going against your religion ? So what if it is ! Obviously, you are gifted. Worry not.

Should you tell your folks ? Perhaps if you want to confuse them. Break it to them slowly, this is a big topic with lots of twists and turns.

Having come along in 1965, I am cuspal between the Baby Boomer generation and the Starseed generation (commonly referred to as Generation X). But, I feel I have been given the role of Indigo Scout, that is, one who works with those who are of the current generation, to help them understand (as best I can) their roles in the upcoming paradigm shift.

Indigo's are indeed kinda temperamental and pushy, because one of their roles is to help trample old systems that are no longer working for us as a whole. Another role (possibly) is to point out to even their elders, some of the negative ways of their lives, and to suggest changes. We'll be entering a New Age all right, one of enlightenment and better interpersonal relationships. The internet is but one example of our "connecting" with one another in ways never before thought possible. There's more !

We're ALL part of a greater whole, we've just got to learn to see it. We've been in a "comfort zone" for far too long, and we've lost our connection with our humanity.

Watch the movie "Indigo" and maybe you'll better understand the whole thing. The young girl star is really good...and quite pushy too. If you have Netflix, it is usually available.

One quote from "Indigo" that especially hit home with me was "...there are a million pathways to God, religion is only one of them".

Indigo's can sometimes look right at a person, even a stranger, and just KNOW a certain something about them. I've done that a few times, out of the blue, and when I told the other person, they acknowledged that I was quite correct. That was the deciding bit for me...I knew I was part of a greater something I still don't fully understand, but I'm liking it.


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posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 06:48 PM
please may i state something to all who cannot beleive there to be indigo children.

you all make me cry...i am an indigo child yes i may be angry but im angry at myself not anyone else.

yes i dont fit in, just because i dont fit in doesnt make me anti social, no i dont beleive in a god or that some devily ghouly will come in 2012, but atleast we have our humanity, anyone who says that we just labeled are selves to make are selves feel better are wrong.

take religion for example, have they ever seen there god or have they ever had extreme acts of kindness no most of them are ridiculed and prone to be abused by racsist and disrespectful people.

i dont care if im indigo, black, white, yellow, i am human sometimes you forget that people have feelings you just let your mouths run!!!!

when has an indigo ever came up to you and said oh your god doesnt exist or your nothing but a sham because you beleive in a god, we dont we never have did anything to you have we!

your just trying to make fun of people to make yourselves better and what im about to say is something that only an indigo would say after getting beat or being smack talked, i forgive you...even though you make me cry and make me mad i forgive you all.

please think before you might hurt someones feelings

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 01:09 AM
Hi all,

I have pretty much read this thread from beginning to end and I have felt a variety of emotions, anger, sadness and pretty much a sickness in my gut.
The only relief I have is that the original op woke up to the fact that it is all a load of spew.

First off indigos are only supposed to be born in the 90’s but now they have adult indigo children too, please…..
Second a webpage was asking for suggestions on characteristics for indigo adults, err… how about this….. Deluded.
(see link )

Come on people I beg you to leave this belief in the garbage where it belongs, it is only doing harm to your mind.

Of course children are more switched on today, look at the difference in the exposure of technology/information alone i.e. access to video games, internet, television and even books to some degree etc

I met a 12 year old girl that is over here from America and it staggered me for she was more like a 30 year old woman with the way she spoke and how she carried herself, she must have been an indigo child I hear you cry……. No.

Consider modern pop music and how sex and god knows what else is put in their faces, children are being forced by society to mature faster mentally, physically, sexually, this cannot be denied, are they special???? No.

Education is a big part of the problem for it simply does not address these changes in society so young people get all this information with out any way for them to correctly channel it.
Most adults treat children as they see them, young and immature with little understanding of the world around them
This could not be more wrong (I wont even mention the lies and crap they teach in schools).
It does not surprise me they end up asking questions like, what is the point, why is society full of nutters??? Perhaps if younglings were taught something useful like psychology, sociology they would understand society and its people a lot more.

For example my little brother at the age of eight understood lucid dreaming (my eight year old brother LMO, a lot of adults would struggle with the concept) but not only that; he was actually lucid dreaming.
To say I was shocked would be an understatement, the fact he understood perfectly what I was explaining to him then he turns around tells me that’s exactly what he does when he dreams (he is a beautiful boy, noble in heart and spirit, soft as a lamb and never ever swears, he is twelve now and so so so smart its unreal). Again indigo child I hear you cry, No NO NO!!!!!
He is simply the product or creation of a modern society.
I remember sending him a link on msn about UFOs and literally within seconds he was firing links back to me, TO ME! He worked faster than I thought possible, it was awesome considering he had never looked at this stuff before.

Take computers for instance, a lot of people over 40/50 are computer illiterate where as most younglings can jump straight on and off they go, why? Because they are indigo I hear you say…….
Wrong again; it’s because they have grown up with technology and computers, it is the norm to them where as my Nan would blow a fuse just trying to switch one on lol.

And as for this 2012 business of humans proceeding to a higher state of conscious; this is simply wrong.
2012 is the end of mans self rule on earth, not the end of the world or any other such nonsense.
Yes there is a big spiritual element to the human being but I am warning you now that this is being twisted against you/us/me (spiritual murder), man does not have a soul; it is the spirit that drives us, the ghost in the machine.

(continued on second post)

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 01:11 AM
And as for special abilities!!!!! Healing and what not… forget it now. Have you not read any history books???? People have been claiming to be able to do these things for hundreds of years (it is nothing new), moreover if some one does appear to have these gifts I would regard them more as a curse for the spirit that is giving them the power is not to be trusted.

The last thing I have to add is simply that in the next four or five months the truth is going to be poured onto the world scene and it is to those people calling themselves indigo that I would ask/beg to listen and believe this truth for it seems that you people are obviously switched on to the deeper spiritual currents of the human being (it is by no means your fault that you don’t know the truth).

I know this will be hard for some of you and I don’t expect you to listen to me, specially those few who have already swallowed this blue pill believing it to be red so I will finish here and see what comments I get back.

Good Luck my brothers.

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 06:28 AM
I have met all the requirements to be an Indigo Child since I got into 7th grade. I hate stupid people. I can't stand long lines. I rebel against every authoratative figure (even now In my office). I feel I am better than most of these MTV watching idiots of America. Am I an indigo child? By someones standards, yes. To me? I'm just a knowledge hungry. To MOST other people, I am just a cocky ***hole who can't keep his mouth shut.

Indigo Child is just another term to go along with ADD or ADHD. It's just another reason for the fallacies that plague your angry children.

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 06:44 AM
This site was the first time i'd heard of indigo children, so i looked them up, and iv'e been laughing since, honestly its anything these days just to feel that lickle bit special, as for some of the requirements like they dont like standing in line hahahah who does. i await this major change that indigo children are going to make happen with baited breath because im fairly certain that any one who calls themself an indigo child will never influence much change for the better they are far to gullible, with this strange inferior complex that somehow deludes them to think they have a superior complex. grow up

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 06:49 AM

Originally posted by R-evolve
I await this major change that indigo children are going to make happen with baited breath because im fairly certain that any one who calls themself an indigo child will never influence much change for the better they are far to gullible, with this strange inferior complex that somehow deludes them to think they have a superior complex. grow up

We might as well look to the children for answers. God knows previous generations have done nothing to help us. Maybe the upcoming generation will be the one that finally 'grows up'.

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by JimmyBlonde

your right but we have to look to the next generation as a whole, not one who is segregating itself already proclaiming its holier tha thou attitude, yet another religion is all we need, this indigo thing does nothing but promote an us and them attitude, I actually despair at some peoples blatant need to have something ludicrous to believe in

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 07:15 AM
Well, that may be the way evolution manifests itself in the human species. When the leap is made, as evolutionary science suggests it eventually will be, some will be left behind.

I think if you look into the Indigo thing further you will note that it is about qualities that potentially exist in ALL people and not exclusive. If people are in some way being forced to go Indigo then I would have concerns.

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 07:31 AM
where does science suggest an evolutionary leap, how is it possible, we are products of our environment and unless our environment changes drastically we wont evolve, for one it would take thousands upon thousands of years and besides evolution is not a grand plan, we or any other creature are not heading towards some ultimate goal, evolution is about survival, if you survive, you work and you wont evolve much more, its why creatures such as sharks and crocodiles are so old as a species, they are perfect for their environment

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by R-evolve

There are plenty of cases that exhibit a leap in an animals evolution. As you said it is usually wehn the environment changes. Well, take a look around. Is the environment the same today as it was say 15,000 years ago? Hardly.

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 07:56 AM
well unless indigo children are born with gills or have some other physical difference how are they an evolutionary leap, what makes them stand out as far as i can see the only evolutionary leaps humanity has made are technical ones and the only divisions that would cause changes in species over millenia are the rich v poor ones. the rich will have acces to more technologies, gene therapy the works, when and if the ++++ hits the fan who do you think has the better chance

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 04:20 PM
Indigos aren't the next step in evolution. They are just people. Everyone has their talents and abilities, and so do the indigos.

I know for sure that I, for one, am not the next step in human evolution, nor am I better than anyone else.

If someone's going around saying "I'm the next step in evolution. I'm all that, worship me. I am an indigo," and their nose is stuck way up in the air, then believe me, they are not truly an indigo.

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posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 05:50 PM
So, what are the advantages of being one? Do you get discounts in places or something?

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 05:58 PM
'When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.'

Before I started going out with my girlfriend and found 'religion' - I was a nervous wreck all of time, and quite mentally unstable, since then - I am much more 'normal' and don't feel as anxious, etc as before.

Of course, that's just one of the Indigo Child 'criteria'.
I fit all but one of the 'requirements'.

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 07:56 PM
"the requirements" someone has just made all this stuff up, all them requirements are from somebodies imagination and the gullibles are eating it up, if you are not the next step in evolution, if all you have to offer is that deep down inside you think you are better than everyone, then what the hell is the point in an indigo child, is it just a nice way to say im an obnoxious person, well in that case im a sparkle child and here are my requirements

+ rule number 1. you dont talk about sparkle children
+ rule number 2. you do not talk about sparkle children
+ rule number 3. if this is the fist time you have heard about sparkle children it's because i just made it up
+ rule 4. sparkle children are good looking and intelligent they dont tell people this, people know this, sparkle children are patient and will wait in a line because sparkle children also have impeccable manners, sparkle children are the next step in evolution above indigo children, who got lost up their own anus on the path towards enlightenment.
+ rule 5. if you want to be a sparkle child, then you cannot be a sparkle child

im also thinking of selling moonbeams and daydreams 20 quid a jar, bye bye and dont forget to sparkle

posted on Oct, 16 2007 @ 03:10 AM
It's just trying to put a positive spin on being a mal-adjusted, withdrawn # up to give people some hope I guess.

Labelling, the human obsession continues. I think human evolution should logically improve in terms of spiritual awareness. To close that gap between the haves and have nots and hopefull make a better world for us all.

Chances of that ever happening, lower than me the chance of me attaining the ability to shoot rainbows out of my arse.

Whatever needs to happen it better happen soon or we will all be in the #.

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