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Federation Research

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posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 02:57 PM
Hey I'm currently conducting the begining of what could be some very interesting and important research. In the past I've been reading about a federation of galaxies and planets on this thread. Certain forum members have described their affiliation with this federation, as ambassadors of the human race and also our species role in this federation (whether the human race is a species of light or free will...)

Anyways, my question goes out to the members who considers themselves ambassadors to this federation, and anyone with any type of knowledge concerning it.

What is this federation? Please give a description of it, the member races, and how you came to know, research, or even encounter it.

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 04:10 PM

Dear Earthsister,

I find this federation rather interesting, and as a result, I've started a new thread on it ("Federation Research" under aliens and UFO's).

I'd like to learn more about this federation and it's organizational structure. Who founded it? How long has it existed? How many member races does it comprise of? What is the human role in this federation? How did you first find out about it? What are other abduction cases involving this federation, that you know of?


I do not know who founded the (our) federation, if you mean "federation" the way most people mean it. My guess is that was founded by the most advanced races in this union area. The oldest race in our union area is 16 billion years old, and this race is not set up permanently at Earth, but may visit if necessary. The union area is five galaxies, four surrounding one, ours being one of the surrounding. There are over 5200 advanced races (worlds) of people participating in the union and spread throughout. There are a relative few more races in our union area who are not advanced and not counted as participating members of the union yet, like us. There are 103 other primitive races in our galaxy. (I don't know how many primitive races in the five galaxies.)

There are countless other galactic unions, all networked with each other. Networking is imperative to maintain organization and share information across distance because space is too vast to easily travel back and forth, even for the most advanced races. Generally, further advanced races travel further and easier than less advanced races, but networking makes such travel virtually unnecessary for any organization of visiting life.

All of the races that are set up permanently at our world are our closets neighbors within our area of our galaxy, most from close by in our own arm Orion, and just a few from close by in the neighboring two arms. Our area of the galaxy is called T4-24, pronounced Tee-Quad-twenty-four. All of our visiting races are much further evolved and advanced than we are, and in all different directions. The oldest race visiting Earth is over 6 billion years, and the lead representative working here of this race is the head of the organization for our world. The organization is run by the lead representatives of ten of our visiting races who form its council (one recently added), who consult many other beings (specialists) of other visiting races as well. Every organization at every world of intelligent life in our area is overseen by those who head and run our union.

There are 218 races visiting Earth, all of which are organized to work together here. They call their organization "the project at Earth." There is one project for Earth and it is already thousands of years old. Other projects are for other worlds, and every world of intelligent life has an organization of its visiting races. Ours has just recently become completely organized (all visiting races participating and no outside races allowed to visit unescorted) because of the point of maturity humanity is approaching in our evolution.

I personally know of many true cases of alien contact with humans, some famous, and I also know of many popularly believed fabrications. Many humans have been taken advantage of, but relatively few cases of contact are truly "abductions" that were committed by a few particular visiting races, compared with the vast amount of appropriate, consensual visitation and human involvement with all of our visiting races. The organization of our visiting races has ended the notorious hybrid programs as of 2000, and permanently dismissed the few abducting and otherwise offending races from visiting Earth.

This is my basic and certain understanding of what you asked, all based on what I am learning firsthand from the organization of races. What I know about the alien races, the structure of the organizations and wider unions, I have learned from the lead representatives of our organization and its council, who are my lifelong contacts.

I am sure others have different things to say and I won't argue here about that. Everyone should feel welcome to add their point of view as you have indicated for your research.

[edit on 8/28/2005 by EarthSister]


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