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America's Secret War - The True Reason for war in Iraq...

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posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 09:43 PM
Wow, thankyou for explaining your self.
Im so glad we live in a world, where you find it NESSCARY to carry a GUN to church.

That must make you feel so tough?
... no secure?...

... patriotic?

defeat this bunch? Wow, u must of been the school yard bully too huh ?
This BUNCH?.... just happens to be innocent.. no wmds, no threat.
But those details dont really concern you hey?
doesnt matter they had a military that of the stone age compared to the US..
... hell with it.. if you feel superior because u can bomb a little country to the stone age.. you must be a small small man..
pretty pathetic actually.

someone comes on this site talking about innocent families getting murdered.
abotu a lying government occupying land.
and all you can care about.. is your gun.
and the fact no one can stop you.

No one can stop you from murdering those families in Iraq, so who really cares about the truth. No on can stop you?... let them try... its just another soul heading to heaven... its just another black spot in your heart.
But you dont care... you get to carry a gun.. and that makes it ALL ok!

Let ask Saddam huh ?.... Saddam, why did you feel it was nessecary to try and secure your land against a hostile invader?....
how about we ask the Germans?...
" do you feel its WRONG of the French Insurgents to attack your nazi party while you walk around the streets?... whast that.. u dont care? u get to caryr your gun and no one can stop you? "

Id gladly ask Osama why he felt the need to attack the WTC.. if indeed he DID do it?.. pretty hard to tell, considering your LEADER has YET to present the whole truth behidn the matter?... thats kinda odd tho..
but as long as u sheep follow the carrot your president feeds you its allok isnt, because u still get to carry your gun to church, and no one can stop you.

How about we ask why the US knows where Osama is, but dont want to pick him up?...
nah we wouldnt wann do that.
Your having to much fun, dreaming of your fellow country men carrynig there BIGGER more POWERFUL guns, killing kids, mums and dads in Iraq..

thats why you carry yours to church isnt it..
your begging for the day some kid coughs in your direction. Cant have those bad bad WMD germs coming close..
you'd better splatter his brains all over the bible before he does tho..
gotta remove that threat huh ?

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 09:58 PM
I actually carry my gun to church because it irritates
people who live in oppressive countries that do not
allow this. You seem to be one of those people.
This really makes my day. Yahoo! Ride em Cowboy.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:00 PM
Back to the gun thing...

This is America, he can carry is gun wherever he pleases with the proper license of course. If I wanted to, I could get a license and place a 50 cal. on my car, have a problem with it?

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:11 PM
Not at all.
If you feel the need to carry a weapon of DEATH with you to church go for it.

It represents who you are.

Im simply stating in my threads, that the people WHO BACK THIS WAR, whom BACK THE MURDER OF INNOCENTS, whom believe there lying curropt government should wake up.

I for one thankgod I dont live in America.
Your so obssessed with your damn guns, Death and Money it curropts humanity.

I dont have a problem with it.
I have a problem with you wackos stating.. and I QUOTE
"Tough, nobody appointed
you God, so you just have to deal with this as the rest of us
humans, and watch us kick some butt."

Just because no one can stop you, doesnt give you maniacs the right to go into iraq, slaughter the childeren, and laugh at the people who dont agree with it.

You sick twisted fux
you may be allowed to wear a gun to church.. reasonable people cant understand why you'd want to but, hey as u said.. ur american you allwoed to.

But being American isnt a good thing in this world any more.
simply because u believe u should be able to kill, invade and do what you want.
and it ALL STEMS from u having your ability to carry a gun to church.
IF that makes you feel American, so be it.
ITs because you feel your Americanism is defined by yoru ability to carry a fire arm, is precisley the reason, the wrold hates you, and the finatics wnat to kill you.

..... oh and it doesnt help you murdered all those iraqi's.. thats just made them fuel the fire.
Even though your president tells you the worlds safer..
you HONESTLY dont believe it is do you?
Why else would you carry a gun to church after all!

[edit on 31-8-2005 by Agit8dChop]

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:27 PM
I thank God you don't live in America either.

Its too bad you feel compelled to talk to us uncouth
baby killing maniacs. Why don't you get so mad,
you even refuse to talk to us animals? Better yet,
go to Iraq and help your friends over there to
defeat us. They need all the help they can get.
You don't even need to wear a gun, just strap a few
sticks of dynamite into your vest. Go for it baby,
Back up that talk with some action.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:28 PM
"..Believe it or not some people can still think for themselves, That in itself is amazing.." (Quote: EvilSockPuppet)

Judging by the way that yet another thread has devolved from an intelligent discussion into a left/right pro/anti s**t-slinging battle..I think that it's a f'ing miracle

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:33 PM
why is it murder, death and explosions are your only way or countering a discussion?

Why would I go there... its idiotic...

I dont agree in this war.

Your country lied, and you gullable morons back your curropt government.

This has nothing to do with me. so why should I go in?

thats something u never understand is it.

You'll go in guns blaring.. who cares no one can stop you huh ?

your right, i find it hard to talk to you animals.
your insane.
just because u can carry a gun, doesnt mean you have to?.

and to church?
Come on..

but hey its your right
if u feel strong and patriotic go for it
but that doesnt justify your country murdering foreigners does it ?

or does it in your mind.
After all who's going to stop you? no one.. so why not frolicaround in the remains of your enemy.

and brag about your ability

while the whole world watches you, and learns the true meaning of being an American.

... lemme ask ya soemthing..

I think we both agree this was a nessecary evil to ensure the survival of millions?

maybe america will suffer an exterme ATTACK
because until this NESSCARY Evil happens, you yanks are still gunna feel the need to invade, murder and carry your weapons.

maybe then, when your streets are covered in blood, will you throw down your weapons, and open your arms in the hope of world peace, like the Japanes did after the bomb.

[edit on 31-8-2005 by Agit8dChop]

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:38 PM
Because we are going to kick their butts before they
kill bunches of us, even if means knocking out their
ability to manufacture nuclear weapon. We have
the will and we have the weapons. We will use them.
No apologies.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:40 PM

Originally posted by MajorCee
I actually carry my gun to church because it irritates
people who live in oppressive countries that do not
allow this. You seem to be one of those people.
This really makes my day. Yahoo! Ride em Cowboy.

Originally posted by WestPoint23
This is America, he can carry is gun wherever he pleases with the proper license of course. If I wanted to, I could get a license and place a 50 cal. on my car, have a problem with it?

...and just how is this relevant to 'The True Reason for the war in Iraq' ??

If your going to shoot your mouth, make sure your head isn't loaded with blanks

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:43 PM
seems to me youre actually setting it up to happen.

while 1 enemy nation has admitted to HAVING them, and another is secretly MAKING them, you go and invade the one that had NTOHING, the one thats DONE nothing.. and the one that means NOTHING.

yeah, nice thinking.
Stupid bloody american.

all youve done is create teh FOOT Soilders that are going to hit you.
You havent solved any problem
you created more for yourself.

Your army is shot to SH1T now.
the SUPPOSID leader of the group that hit u sept 11, is still roaming free.

yeah, your really removing the threat arent you.

but hey, as long as u can carry your gun to church.. you dont care.
I bet you cant wait to see some brains splattered across the floor.

It doesnt matter that body lying limp has a mother, who's no grieving, or a father thats now plotting revenge.
You dont care abotu the son/daughter that will never know there father
you care that you had the ABILITY to murder him, and your happy your allowed to carry your gun.

The one threat you Americans will never remove from this world is yourselves.
No one can blame anything that has HAPPEND or WILL Happen to you since sept10..
because your bringing it on yuorself..

andu really summed it up when u said
"Tough, nobody appointed
you God, so you just have to deal with this as the rest of us
humans, and watch us kick some butt."

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 11:30 PM
Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. Maybe if you
had another shot of scotch you could get rid of your inhibitions
and let it all out.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 11:35 PM
IF thats all you can come back at me with mate.. try again.
For 1.. im at work, I dont need scotch to speak my mind.. unlike ur obviously alcoholic self.

If you dont like what im saying..
too bad..
Your not god.
Im allowed to speak my mind, so cry all you want.

Your stance is your allowed to kill as many iraqi's as your country feels it has to, in order to keep yourself secure.

But your so tied up in the ability to carry a gun to church, you dont stop to think of the families who have lost loved ones.
Or the families who's sons and daughters are going to come back mentally unstable from this war.

You obviosuly dont mind the idea of killing innocent people,
but im sure there are some decent respectable Americans who didnt have a choice.

I come here to tell people why i thnk the US government has flown off the deep end, by going into iraq, destorying it and its people.
and all you can manage to spit out,is the same boring lingo about your rights to take a gun to church.

You were the student UNDER bush on the class top 100 wernt you?
I mean why the hell do you feel the need to brag about taknig a gun to church?....Even in a house where peace and love are preached, all you care about is stroking your firearm!!!

[edit on 31-8-2005 by Agit8dChop]

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 11:53 PM
Did I hit a nerve here when I mentioned that gun in church?
Back to the subject though. War is the normal course of
things in the world. If you go back in history you find that
we are either in war or preparing for it 60% of the time.
That being the case, its the normal world state. People
like you just can't accept that. You keep imagining that
things will be fine tomorrow, and when they aren't you
go beserk. The fact is we were attacked. We fought back
and we are going to win. We attacked Iraq because
they were hiding a nuclear weapons program from UN
inspectors, in violation of UN sanctions. Our leadership
did not accept the danger presented by Iraq developing
nukes. The top Iraqi scientist in Iraq's program confirmed
all this. He knows a lot more about Iraq's nuclear program
than you do, and this is very apparent from your comments
on it.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 12:51 AM
damn man u crack me up
i wouldnt say ya hit a nerve.
just presented a NEW low you americans will go to

I mean.. look at it from an outside perspective.
Why do you need a gun in church?
Yet you claim or a peace loving Security wanting Nation.
but hey firearms in the lords palace.. go for it.

If you go back in HISTORY? so your reverting to history now?
This is the first time in history, the American Government Disobeyed the UN, disobeyed World opinion, LIED and duped governments into invading Iraq.

Youve murdered tens of thousands, and you have increased the threat to world peace 10 fold.

But yet your still ignorant enough to chant that your doing the right thing in the name of national secuirity.

Why did this young girl deserve to suffer? ***WARNING GRAPHIC *****
To protect America?
Because iraq was a threat?
SHould we ask HER PARENTS if this war is nessecary?

But you dont care do you.
Your proably sitting back, debating what calibre weapon was used!

You were attacked..
but not by Iraq.
So why go into Iraq
Isnt Iran a better target?
Hell even Nkorea.

But Iraq?
Are you that brainwashed?

Your right,
That nuclear program.
The one I know nothing about, and this scientist does?...
It doesnt matter you found NOTHING?...
It doesnt matter that there's no proof?
Or that the squeelers of Saddams regime have since been proven FALSE?
That doesnt matter to you..
your just happy your country men are exercising there god given right toc arry guns and shoot people.

This Iraqi scientist probably does know more than me..
but atleast im not the DUMB FOOL using him as an EXCUSE for the murder, mame and destruction of Iraqi's people.

does it help you sleep better at night?
Course you do..
because your wrapped up normal world state as you see it.
If your country men arent killing innocents, you consider that odd?
come to think of it your right.
must be why u carry taht gun hey?
Incase the world comes to peace and your not at war.. atleast u can go out shooting, a happy man!

[edit on 1-9-2005 by Agit8dChop]

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 01:02 AM
R.I.P. The Topic: America's Secret War

So young, so full of life, brimming with potential.

It was a good topic, though it was born into a cruel, unfeeling forum.

I will miss it.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 01:03 AM
Wow, i'd like to get in on the ramblings of Agit8dChop, but i can see there's no point in it. Agit8dChop has his mind made up. He's entitled to his opinion and that's cool, minus the "slaughtering of innocent people" comments.

Agit8dChop, let me just point out that the "blood thirsty Americans" are quite different than the animals you paint them out to be. Americans notice what was and what is now. For example:

1) Saddam Hussein is no longer in power threatening his neighbors and defying U.N. demands.

2) There are no more torture chambers that cost the lives of children

3) There are no more rape rooms where husbands were forced to watch their wives get raped and beaten.

4) Free elections have been established.

5) Every day power plants are updated and running, bringing electricity, running water and light to cities

6) Women, Kurds and Shiites have equality for the first times in their lives.

The C.I.A. had it's information wrong about the WMD's. The U.S. Congress voted yes to go to war. The U.S.A. now has the RESPONSIBILY to stay and rebuild Iraq. Calling U.S. soldiers slaughterers of the innocent is ridiculous. The U.K. and the U.S.A. had to endure the same type of attacks from the Werewolves in Germany after WW2, and now Germany is a free thinking, democratic, responsible country that holds equality in its highest regards. 10 years from now, Iraq will follow suit. All countries will take advantage with Iraq to a prosperous life. Hardly anyone, except those in the U.S.A. will remember that America was strong in it's position in this matter, just like it was for the German people.'s funny how people forget history so quickly and are even quicker to point blame to the countries/leaders that want a better way of life for everyone.

I highly doubt you'll agree with anything i wrote, but thanks for reading anyway.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 01:38 AM
Faust, id like to say I do agree with you. ALL Americans arent like the blood thirsty savages I painted them out to be.
But when one carries a gun to a church?.. how else do you describe your community? Australia we go to church without a gun. I dont go to a supermarket with a gun. hell Ive only fired a gun once, at a shootign range.
and I tell you, Its a thousand times SAFER, SMARTER and HAPPIER here. bceause we arent obsessed with carrying firearms.
Some of you are respectable decent people. SOME OF YOU.
But the world only see's negatives, and when there's so many of you rambling about guns, about the murders in iraq beign for the greater good.. there the things that stick!

But Come on.. you can honestly see america and the coalition leaving Iraq..
and all being good?

the families of the murdered childerend, the sons of the murdered praents are just going to rejoice?

There going to plot plan and kill.
there going to committ terror attacks against american interets.

And once again it will be a war.

War is only nessecary when there is NO OTHER OPTION.

Invading a country on LIES isnt cancelled out by your pathetic efforts at trying to REBUILD the structures your bombed.

Saddams crime was cheating the country out of money.
plain and simple
he wasnt BUILDING weapons.

Just because he was cashin in on the side of the resctrictions doesnt mean a full fledged invasion.

your right there arent any more torture chambers, or rape rooms.
But there are car bombs... there's abu gahib.. there's night raids.. sorties... mass murders being committed..
there's lawless ness in the streets.
armed militants rome the streets kidnapping and murdering people.

Your right. tis a step up isnt it.
We wont talk about the torture taking place at the hands of teh americans.
that stuff's a downer!

free elections?
True, im glad an Iranian PRO is in power.
Im even happier that factions are on the edge of civil war , and this constituion they FORCED through? that doesnt mean DIDLY Squat?...
thats right its currently being EDITED now isnt it.
What good is free elections when u cant go to the local shop for milk without having a car bomb go off next to you?.

powerplans electricity and running water?.. its been 3 friggen years.
how many people have died from malnutrition?.... disease?....
Why are there puddles of sewagei n the streets, and lack of water in homs if all's soo good?
These basic life necessities should NEVER OF BEEN TAKEN AWAY.
you even admitted it, this war started on FAKE INFORMATION it should never of happened.
just because you had a PRESS BACKUP Story doesnt make it right.
Saddam controlled that country better thananyone.

All it is going to become is another Israel.
Somethign that is an AMERICAN INTEREST.
only now... its right bang in the middle of the middleast.
a much better base if u ask me

The reason Germany succeeded is the ENTIRE world saw the threat and removed it after a long heated battle.
and the world powers came together to re create germany for its standing today.
Countries are leving Iraq because they DONT BELIEVE IN IT ANYMORE!
Some of them never did, they were swayed pushed and plucked to follow.

I will read everything your write.
and i apprecaite u reading my posts.

just becasue we dont agree means this cant be a DEBATE!

When majorCEE chanted his right to wear his gun to church all that does is present a view of Americans that the world hates.

I hope America CAN leave Iraq, and the world can be at peace.
But when yoru family gets brutaly murdered...
and the powers at be TELL You it was based on lies and should never of happened what are you going to do ?
Your going to plot revenge and KILL!
Your US Government KNOWS THIS.
Which is why they ahvent left.

As long As Americans are being Attacked and Killed in Iraq,
your leader will keep you there.
Why else would they create figures like Zarqawi?

and to you whinging people who dont like the way this post has become..
you can sit on your fence and stay out of the hot debate if you feel better.
take the moral high ground.

But regardless, your in this sh1t as much as ANYONE ELSE.
simply because there's still so many people out there, wanting war to continue.

[edit on 1-9-2005 by Agit8dChop]

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 05:48 AM

Originally posted by Faust
No one said the soldier was a coward Devilwasp, but it's a nice typical liberal tactic in putting words in people's mouths.

As i said before, there are two kinds of soldiers. There are more similarities than differences while in battle. However, the reason they joined are different. America shouldn't be based off a free ticket, i never got one, nor do i want one.

Exscuse me?
He just did, also I am no liberal, I am anything BUT a liberal.
Also how do you know for what reasons he joined?
Because his father wanted him home? Guess what I would want mine home because frankly your first loyalty is to your family, not to your country.

[edit on 26/02/2005 by devilwasp]

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 09:56 AM
Arguing with Agit8dChop is pretty useless. He can't
stay focused on any point. He refuses to actually
try to see any other point than the one locked in
his head. Then he goes off on these tangents that
have nothing to do with subject matter. The gun
thing was a good point. He brought that out first
when he was sighting his lunatic imaginings of
The fact is its the other side targeting women
and children in market places with their bombs.
But he doesn't see these facts. He just sees us
gun toting Americans as the problem. Since
he took the subject to gun possession I thought
I would just rub in a little how we have the right
to carry guns here. Actually I don't take it to
church. But when he heard that point he went
berserk. He embellished it with delight. He had
me "feeling it was necessary to take a gun to church."
He psychoanalyzed for about 5 posts over that gun in
church. Pretty soon he had me killing children, being
the school bully, being an alcoholic and any number
of other crimes that he could imagine. All because
I took a little flexibility describing how our
laws let you carry a gun. Next he will be crying
that I'm liar because I did not really carry
the gun to church. He won't be yelling that
he is the liar for saying I kill innocent children.
He won't be saying he was the liar for calling me the
school bully. But I have an ace up my sleeve. I
can wear my gun to church anytime I want, thereby
making myself an honest man. He will never be able
to show himself as honest with hole of lies that he
has dug himself into. He whole arguments on anything
seem to be imaginings that he makes up for the other
side and then rails against. The thing with the book
review is another. He has never read it, but he attributes
a bunch of lies to it that he makes up and then unloads
on it because he says it is telling those lies.

Maybe he can't afford to buy a copy and read it before
he calls everything in it a lie. If that's the case,
this rich American could send him a free copy. There
would be a price though. He would have to agree to
sneak a dagger into church and slit some throats.
Just kidding.

I have to get away from this computer right now and
get out to the trap range. I go shooting about 3
or 4 times a week and Thursday morning is one of them.
I just love blowing those targets out of the sky with
my trusty Winchester, made in America, shotgun.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 01:19 PM

Guess what I would want mine home because frankly your first loyalty is to your family, not to your country.

Are you sure about that DW?

Also I don't think anyone called him a coward, but when you join the military willingly, you know and accept the possibly that you have to go to war. If you only join for the benefits and don't plan on possibly going to war then stay home, and let someone else who will be more committed on the battlefield field take you place.

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