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No, There Are No F***ing Postcards

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posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 05:55 AM
In Austria there is a village with a name which may sound a bit funny in english. The people who live there don`t find it funny at all though. They get their road signs stolen by tourists and the signs are expensive to replace.

Telegraph:'No, there are no F***ing postcards'

One night, all four road signs on its approaches were stolen by tourists.

"Let's just say there are plans in place to deal with this," the Kommandant warned darkly. "What they are, I am not at liberty to disclose, but we will not stand for the F***ing signs being removed. It may be very amusing for you British, but F***ing is simply F***ing to us. What is this big F***ing joke? It is puerile."

The village is believed to have been founded in the sixth century by a Bavarian noble called Focko. The Germanic ending "ing" means "family of". Its existence was first documented in 1070 and records show that 20 years later its lord was Adalpertus de Fucingin. By 1303, it was known as Fukching and in 1532 the official designation was Fugkhing. It was not until 1760 that the village took its modern name, which is pronounced in German with a guttural "oo" sound.

"Here we have tranquillity, clean air, lakes, acres of forests and some of the most breathtaking vistas one could imagine," said Augustina Lindlbauer, who runs a guesthouse in a medieval pile just outside the village. "Yet still there is this obsession with F***ing. Just this morning I had to tell an English lady who stopped by that there were no F***ing postcards."

Franz Meindl, the newly elected mayor refuses to discuss the issue, on the basis that any publicity would simply lead to more signs being stolen. "Leave me in peace with this F***ing," he said angrily, before slamming down the telephone.

His predecessor, Seigfried Hauppl, was equally dismissive when he was interrupted playing a game of Skat. "I am no longer the mayor so this F***ing problem is nothing to do with me," he growled, turning his back and studying his cards.

Click the link to read the full article...

Well, a name is just a name. They should take advantage of this and boost their tourism instead. In Norway there is a village called Hell. They use their name to boost tourism and I think these Austrians should do the same.

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 06:22 AM

Looking at this sign, it doesn't look like too fun of a town...looks like you can't do that there...

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 06:26 AM

Originally posted by djohnsto77

Looking at this sign, it doesn't look like too fun of a town...looks like you can't do that there...

I think they mean "Not on the Grass", dj


posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 06:31 AM
Imagine this nice old Austrian lady who runs that guesthouse.
Very polite and smiling while using such language at that English lady.

[edit on 2005/8/28 by Hellmutt]

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 09:38 AM
hmm I think I posted Has anyone ever been to #ing austria, but it was deleted about 3 months ago

had some nice pictures

and you gotta go slow in #ing, cause of the children.

there is a pussy france

posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 07:56 PM
Well theres a city in south-west germany called worms

posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 08:35 PM
There is a town called Dildo in Newfoundland.

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