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aleins freindly or not...

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 09:09 AM
Hi Earthsister,

First of all i want to tell you i like reading your posts and you are one of few who really knows whats going on in regard to the alien phenomena.

I have a friend here in Holland who met with some aliens late at night but they were all human looking?Most of them were kids varying from 5 to 16, even some twins, and one adult. He said he had no communication with them and they only observed each other for an hour or so in his backyard.
Also when he heard something in his house he turned arround and saw nothing, he then saw in the reflection of his window(it was dark outside and light inside) that a boy with no facial hair arround 15 years of age, he said he looked like an albino, was standing behind him but when he turned arround he saw nothing. Do they have some special abilty to make themselves invisible??

Then he looked outside again and saw the grown up mentioning to come out, that instance he thought he mentioned for him (my friend) to come out (but later, after a few days, realized it must have been to the boy who was inside.)

What do you make of this earthsiister??

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 11:33 AM
Hi, Senser

Thank you for your support.

Your question is off topic so if you need to follow up, please U2U or email me.

The events you describe sound strange to me. They do not sound like anything related to what I experience with alien life, or the way I know alien people to behave. Their appearance as human could be explainable as an effect on your friend's mind and/or by the natural abilities of alien people, but their prolonged physical presence in our atmosphere in any form does not fit. Even more, they would be there for a purpose and that purpose would be made apparent immediately to your friend. Also, before such an event as this, he would have had some good number of preliminary events leading up to such a prevalent kind of contact.

If your friend simply stated to you that he saw some medical personnel around like that, you would have no reason to disbelieve that off hand, but would wait for the rest of the story to explain why they were there. If the rest of the story was just like this, you would recognize that something was wrong with it. It is only because the people are "alien people" that you mistakenly assume that anything goes, and naturally so would have your friend.

It is very easy and tempting to get away with a tale when the subject is something mysterious. But alien people are not mysterious by nature, they are only mysterious to us in our own minds. They do not behave mysteriously. They are quite up front upon approach.

Because the people seem, in the telling, to be human both in appearance and in behavior, and roaming, they sound more like spirits of human people who have died, than of alien people. But they don't sound very much like those either, so the human elements to the story sound like they just came from your friend's mind. And, if your friend were at a place in ability to be so advanced aware of spirits, the whole event would not be brand new to him, or random, or so unexplainable.

I certainly could be wrong, but just going by what you describe, it sounds like a typical fabrication. However, typical fabrications often come out of some true awareness of 'something invisible' and a deep desire to be part of it. Do not underestimate the possibilities of fabrications from very good people who just don't know better. Maybe they think everybody's doing it and so they want to play too.

If there is more relevance to the story that would make it all clearer and your friend would like to talk with me, he can email me at

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by EarthSister

Even more, they would be there for a purpose and that purpose would be made apparent immediately to your friend.

This is purely an assumption, it can be either true or false, you've chosen to pretend it must always be true, and as a result, have chosen to not seek truth in the process.

Also, before such an event as this, he would have had some good number of preliminary events leading up to such a prevalent kind of contact.

This is another assumption, and so you again choose to limit reality to your own narrow perspective and deny the possibility of existance of all else, or so it seems.

It is very easy and tempting to get away with a tale when the subject is something mysterious. But alien people are not mysterious by nature, they are only mysterious to us in our own minds. They do not behave mysteriously. They are quite up front upon approach.

Another assumption based on very limited experience. Again, you're assuming that this is true for any and ALL aliens, and as a result, again demonstrate your lack of interest in truth, simply by disregarding all other possibilities.

And, if your friend were at a place in ability to be so advanced aware of spirits, the whole event would not be brand new to him, or random, or so unexplainable.

Another assumption - you're assuming that people who have the ability to see "spirits" must be well aware of this ability, that it cannot exist in a person without him being aware of it and having prior experience with it. You're also assuming that one must be "advanced" in any way in order to see a "spirit" at all, and that a spirit could not appear to those who are not yet advanced enough to see them naturally. Also, you're assuming that any perception of spirits by a person can never be a surprise to that person, because if you see them, then you already knew that you can, and if you can't see them, then you won't see them, and as a result will also never be surprised.

Do not underestimate the possibilities of fabrications from very good people who just don't know better.

Perhaps like yourself? You've already fabricated many things in things that you write, and this is a fact because you made assumptions. And an assumption is nothing but believing and/or declaring that something is true when you truly have no idea. It is to pretend to be absolutely certain in something when you truly cannot possibly be as certain as you convince yourself (and possibly others) that you are.

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 04:45 PM
Just a short reminder that EarthSister, lovely as she may be, is not the topic at hand.

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 05:17 PM
EarthSister, I cannot help but overlook the fact that you have yet to answer a question about this 'Federation'.

If they are so great, powerfull and wise, then exactly why are there still reports of the would-be-Dr.Mengle Greys still coming and going as they please? And don't try to say that the 'Federation' somehow banned or outlawed it, because there have been reports this month, and probably this week of them showing up. So then, did they 'outlaw' the Greys showing up today? Because you said they couldn't come to earth some time ago, and it hasn't stopped.

Second, you seem to belive that aliens only do what you think they do. Unless you've 'contacted' every race, species and microbe in the universe, then I doubt that you're right. Infact, even if you are in 'contact' with one race of aliens, then I doubt you can speak for all.. Or even the majority. You are just trying to tell people their accounts of alien contact are wrong because of your belief in contact.

Side note: Ohh, and I am still saying that you're posting lies, prepetuating a hoax, and a complete faker, regardless of you reporting me for 'abuses' and 'redicule'.

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 06:12 PM

Originally posted by Arachnida
Well, my conclusion about this topic is, why should we feel the right to say wether Aliens are nice or not? Sure, It's a reasonable question, but all humans have different personalities, some rude, ungratfull, arrogent. But others you meet can be the nicest people in the world. So why not Aliens also have different personalities?

Good point, Arachnida.

There are a few considerations to why the alien people who visit Earth do not have the extreme negative personality traits or intentions that we humans tend to project on them just because we are those ways ourselves.

The beings who travel here have studied and been trained for their positions in their crews, which are a way of life, or a mission. Not every human on Earth becomes an astronaut, physicist, physician, explorer, scientist, spiritual teacher, or joins the peace corps either. Angry alien teens couldn't steal a ship and fly to another planet to perform a drive-by shooting even if they wanted to, any more than human teens could steal a space shuttle.

Don't think I am saying that advanced races are perfect- but imagine if each of us humans grew up in a truly peaceful, healthy, supportive society across our planet, that actually dealt comprehensively with our problems, what our potential would be already as a race today.

People everywhere who dedicate themselves to a cause, go to where they want to be for the purposes of being needed there. In our societies, the way we live, devious people can get away with manipulating their way in to certain professions, but even here on Earth they are not difficult to identify by their peers, especially in our highest professions. In advanced societies there are none of the levels of stress or crime or mental illness or abuse that promote these kinds of rampant, debilitating, desperately defensive problems in us. And there is none of the kind of secrecy mind to mind that we have for a person of an advanced race to be able to get away with bad intentions. If he had something wrong with him, it would be found very early and dealt with protectively.

As for whole races being renegade, wreaking havoc through space, that is not possible with the system of knowledge and watch between systems of planets. A actually hostile race, like us, is disallowed to travel by the organization between the union of races. We humans will not be truly traveling until we are peaceful and trustworthy. If they allowed it as we are, we would just do out there what we do here, and end up hurt by those defending themselves from us.

All the races have differences in entire personality race to race, but professionalism, respect, education, celebrating diversity and making peace agreements are Universal between every race that travels and deals with other races. They get along much better world to world than we do country to country. They have had a lot more practice than we have- and we can't even get along with ourselves yet.

Each individual person of all races has a unique personality as well, like we do, and have different hobbies and interests, favorite activities, chosen professions, etc. They are people with feelings hopes, dreams, sorrows, etc, just like us.

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 07:23 PM

Tone it down, would you? There is no need to be so angry. I understand why you are skeptical and defensive, but cool it. Really.

I have answered many questions and challenges on ATS about my own experiences, what I am learning and my point of view on many related topics. You are not the first to come along incensed. You can read back on my posts and then I will answer any additional questions I can for you, if you are polite and respectful, ok?

I don't call the alien organization a federation because the aliens don't call it that to me. They call the organization of 218 races visiting Earth "the project" and the organization of over 5200 advanced races in five galaxies "the intergalactic union." I think when people say federation, it means the same thing, and they are talking about the larger organization. Maybe not. But every world of intelligent life has a project, or an organization of visiting races. It's like our UN, only run much better in an advanced way.

My encounters are designed to be educational and progressive. My meetings are ongoing with the original founding 30 races, especially the lead representatives of the organization of races that visit Earth, and with their crews. I have personally met the beings of as many more races, but not in depth, and not all on a physical level. My personal contacts speak for all of the races visiting, either specifically or in general terms, because they are in charge and it's their business to know what they are doing. They don't tell me everything. I don't know everything.

There were two races visiting Earth that humans called "The Grays." Both were taking advantage of humans to create respective hybrid races, and both were being threatened and manipulated by Earth authorities to force their way in on the deal. The most and worst propaganda was aimed at them to give them a heinous public reputation, not all together undeserved, but certainly Hollywood fabricated. This was part of the manipulation and blackmail to make them do what earth authorities wanted. It didn't work though- the govts did not get what they wanted.

The organization of races took care of the problems of inappropriate use of humans by The Grays and by a few other races. One race of The Grays could not comply to the organization's standards and had to leave. The other now gets what it needs in other ways from the organization, that it was getting from humans before, and is now a permanent, active, respected participant of the organization. They belong here as friends and relatives to our race, as all the visiting races are. All work together now, and no race with no business here already, can visit without proper escort.

So, for one thing, The Grays are still here and holding appropriate contact with their own related humans. For another thing, old stories and new stories are still flying around about them- humans just "love" that gossip, you know. For another, many of our visiting races fit the common description of a "Gray" as it is told by those who get a glimpse of them. You really have to ask who they are when you meet them, to know for yourself.

The human-given name "The Grays" is derogatory now with all its old connotations. Their real name, translated, is "The Ancient Ones" and that is what we will be calling them as our world allies with our local group of worlds.

PS The moderators do a very good job keeping things respectful here on their own. I did not report you. But if I have to complain, I will. You can stop calling me a liar or stop talking to me. I got your opinion the first time and your popular vote is noted by all.

[edit on 9/20/2005 by EarthSister]

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 04:47 AM
A question.

I have a few questions for EarthSister. (not negative) Ok what do humans have to do in helping them. How are they getting anything from it? Also is the government aware ur posting this? I mean thats the only negative question I have. how do they* not know?

*they reffering to government(humans)

One more important thing! Is the X-Files somewhat real based on your meetings? Could u say its real or completely fake.

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 09:48 AM

Originally posted by Conspiracy Theorist06

Ok what do humans have to do in helping them. How are they getting anything from it?

If you mean what do we individuals who work with the alien races get, and if you mean besides a lot of grief from other humans, what we get is to help bring our worlds together. We get to learn some very interesting things about other life and how the organization of the Universe(s) work. We get to meet some of the most remarkable, highly dedicated and respected individuals in the organization of races. This is always for the purpose of sharing it with others in one way or another.

It takes a great deal of planning and effort by many races to bring a human to an accurate and true awareness of alien life, and if we are not willing, and wouldn't or couldn't share it, and with integrity, we wouldn't get it- they wouldn't waste the vital time and resources, or put that human at such risk here on Earth. Realize that many human's courses stop after just a few initial attempts at introductions. Few progress.

What the alien races get from working with individuals is insiders who can spread true information among the publics- lay people and professional people, circumventing the propaganda being mainlined by govt along the grapevines of the ufo field, and helping to shed light on so much of our common dogma we assume upon the alien races. The thing the alien races want ultimately, they want for all of us, themselves as well as humanity, and that is the insurance of peace across this part of space we all share as home. This is difficult for many humans to imagine yet, considering that we do not even view our own planet as the home all of our humanity shares, or peace to be the priority to get us ALL into the future together.

Also is the government aware ur posting this? how do they* not know?

Yes, they are aware. Every potential threat to the conspiracy, and potential hostage to use as blackmail to extract information about the aliens is watched closely and dealt with however they deem necessary, but the term "government" is vague. The pockets of govt who run these operations are separate from the govt we see on TV. Teams of agents are assigned to individuals and they never let go. The more a person knows, and especially the kind of things he knows, is what puts him at such risk of govt harassment. People are easily discredited personally through the ufo field, as well as in daily life and society, and threatened away from their path.

Alien experiencers, and sometimes even those who just claim they are, who are a potential threat because they attract public attention, make new, seductive "friends" and then they are manipulated and steered to lose their way and rather serve the conspiracy instead. Their information, motivation and character are distorted and discredited. People are bought or paid off, or ultimately worse. Those in the field who are lying are left free to contribute to the confusion, and even assisted, raised to the top of the field.

There is a great deal of consideration that goes into what the alien races will impart on a human, and information is spread out among those willing. Not all information is made for the public, but to share with particular individuals in private. What I do is speak publicly, so the information I get is balanced to help any and all others interested get to know the alien races as the people and professionals they are, and what their intentions are, without giving me the kind of dangerous knowledge that would get me shut up. The most dangerous knowledge is specifically what the govts are doing- the crimes they are hiding. I help mostly with the spiritual aspects of our relationship to other life, and the way things happen naturally during encounters, to help people be more at ease and productive with their own contacts, whatever their roles are in all of this.

It is impossible for you to overestimate the scope of the efforts both by the alien races to get information in, and the leading govts to keep it out. The govts want it desperately, but they want it for themselves, only to maintain their current systems of power. The govts do not know very much about the alien races- they only know what the alien races tell them, and what they can get from humans who know them. When our govts finally accept assistance from our local group of worlds to use it for the betterment of our race and planet, it will come freely and as abundantly as appropriate.

One more important thing! Is the X-Files somewhat real based on your meetings? Could u say its real or completely fake.

X-Files is completely fabricated, based on Hollywood imagination and various documented materials available on Earth, which are mostly false and/or spun.

[edit on 9/24/2005 by EarthSister]

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 02:56 PM
I speak with no personal knowledge or experience. But...
I find it hard to believe a people advanced and efficient enough to get here from wherever they came from, do so with the intent of harming or subjugating us. If that was the case, an advanced, efficient organization would have done so already.
I know there are many arguments for both sides.
I just can't make myself see them as inherently hostile.

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by freddieb
I speak with no personal knowledge or experience. But...
I find it hard to believe a people advanced and efficient enough to get here from wherever they came from, do so with the intent of harming or subjugating us.

That's what the native americans thought, and look what happened to them

If that was the case, an advanced, efficient organization would have done so already.
I know there are many arguments for both sides.
I just can't make myself see them as inherently hostile.

Who said it hasn't already been done? I think you may perceive the word "harm" or "subjugate" in a much too narrow way. Hostile is irrelevant, you can have peace during the worst tyrrany imaginable, peace does not change the dynamic of the situation as a whole. Hostile is just a matter of perspective, sometimes you can subjugate or control an entire group of people with no hostility at all, without them even realising they are controlled or manipulated.

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 10:40 PM
Of course what you say could be true.
The scenario you convey, is however in my way of thinking, a projection of our,(earth's humans), historical treatment of each other, as a model for the intentions of the supposed ET visitors.
I'm not trying to be argumentative. Your scenario just doesn't click for me.
I have no evidence to support the way I feel, as i said before.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 03:21 AM
People something really weird happened to me today.

Ok so my mom is driving me home from my friends and then there is this car behind us. I look at the guy in the car and all of the sudden he puts away a shiny thing. I keep looking at him. He pulls out something (a phone or some walky talkie) and then just like cuts in front of us. Like two cars ahead. Then the exact same thing happened with the second car that was behind us. (no shiny thing though) we were going the speed limit and I could tell that we were definetely not going too slow because the car in front of us was going the same speed. I also checked the dashboard in the car. (this was at night) these cars weren't the same type. But the silohouette in each car looked the same. I was like a bald or shot haired guy and I could of sworn it was almost the same person.

Were these government agents? Does each person who goes on this website have a govt agent following them.

Also one more thing. U know JFK right well... Dwight D. Eisenhour met aliens before JFK did and nobody had a problem with it. but when JFK comes along they assasinate him??? I mean randomonia! seriously!

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 03:45 AM

Their real name, translated, is "The Ancient Ones"

How original

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 03:56 AM
EarthSister I meant what does the human government have anything to do with it. Why did they create a conspiracy. I mean hiding evidence for what? For technology?

You also make it sound as if the aliens didn't make the conspiracy by using humans and you make them sound as if they don't care about the government.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 08:32 AM
Conspiracy Theorist06

I don't understand the full answer to what you are asking, but I will tell you what I do understand. I am well aware that there is a lot more to this that I am not allowed to know about.

This is not exactly off topic because it explains the intentions of the alien races, friendly or not. As you can see, though, there is a lot more to the aliens being here than just making friends.

The human govt began hiding what it knows about the aliens as certain alien races began to make themselves more and more apparent to our race and tried to open a dialog with the leading govts, specifically the USA. I don't know when but documents may indicate it. As the USA realized what it could get from the aliens, and how, they did not want anyone public, or through the common govt, to know about it, and at that time, it was not very difficult to disguise it. The aliens hoped to share things to help our leading govts make life better for everyone on Earth, but the govts wanted strategic things and advanced knowledge, and only for themselves to use against their own people, so the aliens could not share yet.

The Grays needed continued access to particular humans to create hybrids. The govt tracked these humans through "ufo abduction and support groups" to try to capture the aliens. These humans were used as hostages to try to force the aliens to share technologies that The Grays would never share with such a corrupt govt to be used for such corrupt reasons. The govt wanted weapons, and I don't know what else, I can only guess the same as you because I have not been told.

The Grays were particularly susceptible to govt blackmail and capture because of the physical and scheduled nature of their hybrid programs. The rest of the visiting races were much more elusive. In this time, some of the other races offered the USA assistance with whatever it needed to help straighten out the problems we are having on Earth and with The Grays and a few other abusive races. But the govt didn't want those things, they wanted other things.

The govt made agreements to allow The Grays to abduct humans in exchange for some things, and that is at the heart of what the govt conspiracy is all about. The Grays shared some benign things to appease the govt and buy time. Now the govt is hiding its own crimes against its own people. The aliens don't hide this, the govt does. The aliens are trying to teach us how to live right. The govt is keeping the aliens away, and keeping the publics afraid of the aliens.

In 1990, the organization of visiting races was 30 worlds united out of 170 visiting. My alien contacts were the 30, and The Grays were among the rest who were working alone or in groups of up to four races. The organization was inviting each visiting race into the organization and getting everybody on the same page of intentions and behavior for working with our race. Each race had to join or leave, and the organization helped each one work out any changes it needed to make in order to join. Working with the organization meant getting what it needed much more easily, and sharing technologies and knowledge with each other. This kind of organization happens at each new race of intelligent life at that race's point of ability to accept other life.

As of April 2000, more neighboring races had begun visiting who were not inclined until we were organized, some visiting races had left because they could not comply to the organization's standards, and every remaining visiting race has been accepted as members of the organization. The organization helped The Grays break their corrupt ties with the govt and get what they need to sustain their own race without the misuse of humans. One race of The Grays was able to comply, and one was not and had to leave.

The organization does not work directly with any of our govts yet, but attempts are still being made by the organization. The alien races would not interfere directly between a govt and its people because we are one humanity, this is our own world and race, and they cannot take over. The aliens can only help those on Earth who want to help our world ally with the organization. At this point what is needed most is education.

[edit on 9/25/2005 by EarthSister]

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 11:02 AM

To all of those who believe EarthSister. I don't want to be rude, but I really do think that she is not being entirely honest with her self and with you as well. Her "federation" or "Council" is something straight out of a book, yes a book! Where is this book that I am referring to? Well it's a work in progress. You see... what apparently is going on here is that EarthSister is practicing her science fiction writing on us, using us like guinea pigs in order to see how convincing she can be. Apparently she wants feedback before sending here copy of for to the major book publishers. If she can actually convince a bunch of UFO believers that there truly is a visiting race out there, and have these believers come to her with questions and answers then her job is done. She is a good writer, she is extremely creative, and has a talent for scifi. But one must ask themselves a question, why if this one person has met, had lunch, dinner, and talked about the humanity's future with alien beings, that person not have at least a camera phone picture of these aliens. The best thing that she could have come up with are these Drawing

Another drawing
I mean, if I where in contact with alien beings I would at least take a decent pic of them or of their ships as these depart, and post theme here. Wow!! What an event, to share pics of actual extraterrestrials or their ships with my friends here on ATS. But EarthSister has not done so, which begs lots of questions? Is she slowly torturing us? Is she lying to us? Is she a sadistic writer who preys on believers’ feelings? Is she a show off? Well.. I cant answer any of these, but something I can tell you is that I do know she is a really creative writer, has tons of really good ideas, and she loves scifi. Apparently, she has no really hard evidence but her writings, no pics, no alien artifacts, no alien gifts made from some alien metal or material, etc. Where's the proof? We don't have any proof, and that includes EarthSister.

Check out her website

[edit on 25-9-2005 by Cabanman]

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 02:08 PM
Sorry, this is really off topic but I have to defend myself from these rude accusations, however difficult it is for people to think I am honest.


I have been writing for fifteen years about everything my husband and I and our children experience with alien life. And my journals will eventually be published for direct public consumption. Until that time, they are protected from theft.

I am writing three books and the first is ready for a publisher. It has been accepted a few times already, but I had to decline because the houses wanted me to either cut it up into short stories, or add some sex and gore. I may self publish, but I am in no hurry because my experiences are hardly understood yet, as you help demonstrate here. I get more done just by talking with people.

Proof- I do not have and that's the way it's supposed to be. You are going to have to depend on your own heart, mind and common sense all over this subject, because until you know better for yourself, any little piece of "evidence" can fool you. It always does.

[edit on 9/25/2005 by EarthSister]

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 05:43 PM
The off topic, baiting, and agrressive posts stop here.

Are aliens friendly or not?

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 05:46 PM
yes they are friendly or we would be enslaved by now

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