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Seeing White Screens

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 12:43 PM

Not to long ago I've woken up my dad. Since then he's started to work on his spiritual and energy growth. He learned quite fast and can do some helpfull stuff to ease the burden from myself.

As his mentor, I'm stuck with a certain situation. He explains it as follows; Certain evenings, when he's laying in bed, he sees a white screen coming down. A screen similar to the canvasses you have at the cinema's. Except these screens are white. So he sits in bed waiting for a movie to start playing, but nothing ever happens. After a few minutes the screen just goes up and leaves the room.

I don't know what this is, because I've never experienced it myself. Nor can I find anything about it in the Akashic Chronicles. Hopefully anyone here has a few ideas about what it could be.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 01:32 PM
I don't know what the white screen is or where it cones from but I use it sometimes when confronted with a design problem.

My technique: relax, bring up the screen, let patterns, faces, anything manifest itself on the screen. GENTLY guide your focus to the problem that needs to be solved and just sit back and watch. Usually nothing reveals itself but sometimes the results are astonishing.

If you are predominatly a visual type, the screen could be an asset as it is for me. Don't count out other methods.

Useing the screen for spiritual growth; beats me?
I prefer the mantra/tantra approach. In the past I used to play C# on the tenor saxaphone as a focal point for meditation.

I find the white screen a very interesting concept. Good luck with your search!

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 03:44 PM
interesting theory...but i wonder.

anyone else got some ideas as well?

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 04:23 PM
It sounds like your father is on the verge of something, but lacks the will to take the next step. The older one is when one starts mystic training the longer it takes for the new beliefs to get down deep.

I have no doubt that the screen is intended to show something, what I have no idea because it would of course be very personal. To open up to these ideas is a big step, a good one to be sure, but a big one.

My advice would be to tell him what I said and that he should just be patient. Continue the work as he has been doing, and prepare himself for the fact that eventually the screen will not be blank.

When he does see something he should accept it as it is, there is nothing to be frightened about, nor should he attempt to control the images. It will be interesting that is for sure.


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posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 09:09 PM
ive heard taht white screens are usually visualations inr ur mind for hypnotising

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