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Okay is anybody else here a little freaked out by nostradamous's predictions on that website where

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 12:40 AM
All of them seem like they could actually happen and for some reason and from current events like I think his predictions in some ways shatter your perception of reality. Well we all know nuclear warfare isn't new but like when you talk about creating chaos with global climate shifts those aren't things you can make up a few thousand years ago and if all of those predictions are right then like where did he get all of those ideas?! What did he do to be able to predict future events, and he probably wasn't predicting those events, he wanted to see how some future war would happen based on like these last few war before our war on terrorism even started but aren't you like scared at all at these next few years? Some of those predictions seem very real, too real almost, like he read them in a book.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 12:54 AM
I'm sorry for acting like a little kid here, I forgot people were very serious here and didn't exactly have a cheerful attitude about warfare -_-. After reading some really scary things when like I'm really tired there are like times when I overreact to those kinds of things, I don't really care and this doesn't really matter to me. Oh well that's okay with me. What are your thoughts on his prediction? I think some little kid could come up with that.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 01:17 AM
There IS a prediction section

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 12:37 PM
It is all CIA spread information

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 01:16 PM
Briefly Nostrodamus,
Well he was a doctor originally, he seemed to have been interested in Occult, Astrology and the Jewish Mysticism like the tree of life from an early ish age.

This became more pronounced after his wife and child died from the plague and he wasn't able to save them. He had his dark night of the soul it seems for many years, wandering, healing, learning getting more immersed in Mystical things.

He used the "Jan us" effect of reading History and looking at the Astrology of the time together with some scrying into a cauldron or water bowl too.

He learnt astrology, all the houses etc very well.

Looking at times in the past when certain great historical things happened, he then worked out the astrology for that time, e.g., the Cesar's etc, then he would look for when those specific astrological events in the future would reoccur. Using that info with the actual modern charts, and specifics he would make his predictions about the future.

The idea is one of cycles, and repetition, if a Cesar fell when the sky's were a certain way, then when they occurred again, and depending on the chart of the new "Emperor" or "Country" you could get a good idea of the "mood" or likely events" that would happen again. That is the meaning of the "Jan us" effect.

Due to the catholic, and Nostrodamus was a devout Christian, power at the time in Europe he then is meant to have coded his predictions into poems or "quatrains" so that his occult practices would not lead the cardinal's soldiers and a Noose to his door. Of course as most say this could also have been the regular shotgun effect of many predictor's, put out enough prophecies then some will come true, or also that he didn't really know and was using this method to make his predictions artfully vague, therefore easy to "interpret" by others into events that seemed to fit.

This is the whole thing around most of the predictions you read in the modern world about Nostrodamus, its all down to the person writing the book, or translation, and there interpretation of it that is what you read.

There are many false prophets and self proclaimed experts making money on this theme. Many using fear to make money mention the apocalyptic events and "antichrists" but don’t mention that as well as these things there are also predictions about humans, and a normalish earth in 2200 and later. As with all prophecy it is "either" "or".

All the seer can do is explain and describe what the likely course of events will be, if things continue as they currently are.

This is destiny if human beings do not exercise their "free will". As soon as we do we can change that future.

The only Author I would suggest that seems to translate and present the closest to the originals is Peter Lemesurier.

In fact in 1998/9 ish he released a book "Nostrodamus in The 21st Century", and he seems to have beaten everyone to Arab/Muslim conflict and troubles we are now in. In fact this is worthy of a thread on its own.

I may try and see if he would add something on ATS interesting read, book on Nostrodamus. You see at that time, and for some before it the "war on terror" as we now experience it was the "Crusades" or similar after it. Rome at his time, namely the America of its day was warring with the Islamic world. Nostrodamus has used the astrology of then and looking at now seems to see a coming invasion of Europe by Million Man Muslim Army, and help from a "Bear" in the North!

In this book he also seems to interpret the Quatrains as invasions into the middle east starting all this off! Very interesting read and Highly recommended on this topic, however please look below too :-)

Don't be worried my friend, if you want to know the truth about what he wrote learn classic French or Latin, so grow yourself, and help you CV and future income and also Euro Babe/Guy Pick Up abilities :-) then get an original copy and look for yourself.

You will know for sure then yourself and its better than spending the next few years reading others ideas, and projections on it, as stated the positive above and you wont be in fear, and wasting your time!

Of interest there has recently been a "lost" book of his found, or more correctly lost picture predictions. A series of illustrated predictions not written. After scientific testing it is known, and also his abilities that "he" never done them himself, however there is a very strong likelihood that his son did, who was an artist.

So are you going to use your "free will" now and look at that French or Latin Class? where is the closest?
And change your entire future for the better, change it from"either" to "or" make it the future your own highest hopes would like, if you think where you will be in three years time!

Either still now knowing if what you read is right, being worried, not sleeping well, some of your life not utilized,


Writing your own book on it even?! Knowing what they mean, an amazing new job or just hobby, sleeping well because you understand it now and you have a hot French Girl/Guy ensuring you sleep very well thank you roll:??

Make the future You Want NWOBringer! Not what someone else says it will be if none of us change!

Maybe not such a short post, didn't predict well there eh :-)

Kind Regards,

Elf Edit for first/second person etc :-)

[edit on 13-9-2008 by MischeviousElf]

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 01:20 PM
I am really confused. I'm not an english professor but this post lacks sentence structure and switches back and forth between 1st and 3rd person which compounds the problem. I can't make sense of it.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 01:32 PM
In my opinion (everyone has got one eh)?
Nostradamus can be interpreted many ways due to the vagueness of his prophecies and use of unusual language structure. I read somewhere that he did this to avoid persecution as a heretic.

The reason the prophecies of Nostradamus have endured as long as they have is due to the fact that anyone, at any time, can relate to them. There exist currently, myriad variations and interpretations of his work.

It is fun to speculate though.

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