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Possible Theory To Paranormal Activity?

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 02:24 AM
I got this idea from another thread, but decided to start a new thread because this post was slightly off topic. Bear with me, this is quite hard to explain, and this isnt hard and fast science, just some thoughts.

imagine a one dimensional creature, he can travel forwards and backwards along one line. but say this line was curved.. like a piece of string.. he would then be able to follow the string, and go on forever in one direction, yet keep passing the same points. He is confined to the piece of string.

a two dimensional creature would be able to move north, south, east, and west with respect to his current position. he can travel only on one plane.. much like a sheet of computer paper. he is confined to the paper. but say we were to roll this computer paper into a tube. he could travel forever around the roll of paper, but he would also have boundaries, or the edges of the paper. we could give him a ball to live on, and he could travel endlessly in any direction he chooses, on the surface of the ball. yet he would not be able to look above the ball, or into it.

if we drew a line around the ball for the one dimensional creature to live on, he would not be able to see the two dimensional creature, unless the two dimensional creature obstructed the line that the one dimensional creature lived on. In this case, the one dimensional creature would only be able to see one point of the two dimensional creature, not the whole thing. the point that the 1D creature would see would be the spot on the 2D creature that the line intersects.

the two dimensional creature would be able to see the 1D creature fully, and other 2D creatures.

humans are 3D creatures, we can travel forward, backward, left, right, up and down. we can see one dimensional creatures, and two dimensional creatures in whole. we can also see other humans (3D creatures) if we were to intersect the line, the 1D creature would only see one specific point on us, but wouldnt know what to make of it. he would be perplexed by what he sees, and would not be able to explain it. If we intersected the 2D creatures plane of existance he would see merely a line, the part of our body intersecting his plane.. since he can not leave his plane of existance to see up and over to see the rest of us, all he sees is what intersects his plane of existance. he would not be able to explain this. us crossing into his plane of existance (placing our hand inside the ball he lives on for example) would seem like paranormal activity to him.

If we continue with the analogy, 4D creatures can see us fully. yet we can not see the whole four dimensional creature. we can only see the three dimensions that this 4D creature is crossing. he is, in effect, crossing into our plane of existance... just as we can cross into a 2D creatures plane of existance.

Another point i would like to make has to do with traveling in the different planes. i will try to make this explanation shorter since i already explained how the creatures percieve thier planes.

If a 1D creature wants to get from point A to point B, then he MUST follow the string he lives on. Yet this string could be in a figure eight and point A and B are nearly ontop of eachother. The 2D and 3D creatures can see that the points quite close, and the "higher level" creatures can get from point A to point B quite quickly, yet the 1D creature MUST follow the string. even if this string is several hundred miles long.

Same goes for a 2D creature. Lets take the ball he lives on. Lets place point A and point B on opposite sides of the ball. the 2D creature must travel along the perimeter of the ball, but "higher level" creatures ie. humans, can clearly see that it would be MUCH quicker to travel through the ball, rather than around it. The 2D creature has no perception of up and down, so all he can fathom is going around.

To continue the analogy again (this is where it gets confusing in my own mind)... 4D creatures would be able to travel to places that seem EXTREMELY far off to us... like other galaxies... within no time. because they have one more dimension on us. it is obvious that they can take the shorter route, but we MUST follow our three dimensional world to the other point, just as the 1D creature MUST follow the string, and the 2D creature MUST follow the perimiter of the ball..

My thoughts are that paranormal activity is interaction in our world with "higher beings". We can only see what our 3D world will allow us to see. This could mean that paranormal activity is higher beings, or even everyday occurances... such as clouds, or earthquakes, anything you can imagine... are just fragments of a whole "higher being". these are the only fragments that our 3D world will allow us to see, much the same as the 2D creature only seeing a line of my hand, as i reach into the center of the ball he lives on.

This analogy can continue onto 5D, 6D, ect..., but i hope you all see the point by now. because my brain is pretty burned out from trying to explain this... lol

*EDIT* to clarify a few things.

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 02:29 AM
1: i know that one dimensional creatures and two dimensional creatures do not exist here on earth. it was just an example.

2: i know that coiling a string makes it more than one dimension, and rolling the paper into a tube makes it more than two... but to a being living on that piece of paper, his world would still be flat, regardless of if the paper is flat or rolled. He is confined to the limits of that paper, or in 1Ds case, the string. The roll of paper, and the coil of string represents thier respecive beings line of sight in that particular plane of existance.

3: you can sit here and pick apart my thoughts all day long. i too see many technical flaws with the theory, but think of that whole rant as more of an analogy, and please... keep an open mind. Thanks, Aura.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:04 AM
i know that unless you give your views on what 5d, 6d etc would be then your 'theory' is just directly ripped off from edwin a abbott's book 'flatland' which was written in 1884. if you are basing your 'paranormal activity' theory on his book then please at least credit him for it.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 07:57 AM
Yes, although I think this topic deserves a thread of it's own, you really need to credit Street Scholar for his idea that inspired you, and the quote from Flatland as well.

Anyways, I was thinking about this a bit last night.. and besides just running into dead ends, I thought up some more stuff to hopefully add.

1. All higher dimensions permeate all other lower dimensions, forming a complex interwoven web of dimensions. For example, the 2D dimension can intersect with the 1D dimension anywhere along the line (Think of putting a slit in two pieces of paper and joining them together... or is this 3D? hrm). The 3D dimension can intersect with the 2D dimension anywhere along it (imagine a camera that has the ability to rotate 360 degrees around a floating piece of paper, and can stick a 3D line through it at any degree). Therefore, I believe that the fourth dimension has to be able to permeate all parts of 3D, like 3D can go anywhere in length and height, plus width. So 4th dimensional space must be something intangible to us, like conciousness. Perhaps the 4th dimension is an omnipresent web of conciousness, that all souls are really part of one large "dimension", that occupies every square nanometer of our known 3D universe.

2. I propose that all beings exist on all dimensions simultaniously, thus allowing travel between the two using different dimensional bodies. I am unsure if your conciousness can work in every dimension at once without you knowing, or if it can only function in one dimension at once. It would be similar to the idea of simultanious time, whereby the past, present, and future can all exist together in the same moment. In religions and astral projection, there is a reference to the "solar body", "astral body", "body of light", etc, which all seem to describe that it is actually just a separate body of yourself/your conciousness existing in each dimension.

3. In regards to the 5th, 6th dimension and higher, I have no way of really
extrapolating or guessing what it could possibly be.

People have said that time is a dimension, but I think it is something just man-made.

I don't know the extent you could travel interdimensionally, but I would think any being can travel to dimensions higher than it's own without much problem, but going down in dimensions could be very uncomfortable. Lower = more restrictions of movement compared to what you are used to. Higher dimensions = less restrictions than what you are used to, more freedom, etc.

There is also the possibility that there is more than one 3rd dimension, 4th dimension, etc.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 12:25 PM
whoops, i was going to credit street scholar, and link to the thread that started this, but it slipped my mind. i started this new thread quite late at night.. sorry.. was the thread that started this new thread.

and thanks to street scholar for posting this snipet of a book in the above thread.

Stranger. Pooh! what do you know of Space? Define Space.
I. Space, my lord, is height and breadth indefinitely prolonged.
Stranger. Exactly: you see you do not even know what SPace is. You think it is of Two Dimensions only; but I have come to announce to you a Third -- height, breadth, and length.
I. Your Lordship is pleased to be merry. We also speak of length and height, or breadth and thickness, thus denoting Two Dimensions by four names.
Stranger. But I mean not only three names, but Three Dimensions.
I. Would your Lordship indicate or explain to me in what direction is the Third Dimension, unknown to me?
Stranger. I cam from it. It is up above and down below.
I. My Lord means seemingly that it is Northward and Southward.
Stranger. I mean nothing of the kind. I mean a direction in which you cannot look, because you have no eye in your side.

now to get back to this topic. prior to the thread that got me started thinking, i had no knolege of that book. and i have been thinking about this for a while, it is just that right now seemed to be an opportune moment to post my thoughts. anyways, here is what i think for 5D 6D and so on...

Lets backtrack for a minute. 1D is length. 2D is length plus width. 3D is length plus width plus height. i can only imagine that 4D is length, width, height, (unknown), where the unknown is another direction. i cant even begin to imagine where this new direction would go, or waht to call it. i CAN tell you that i DO NOT believe that the 4th dimension is time. just as the 2D creature from the book couldnt imagine height, i cant imagine whatever the next dimension could be. This is pretty much exactly what street scholar was trying to get across. and i am in full agreement with him.

This whole rant was more about finding this analogy that could continue so that it would make sense in my own mind. i want to hear input from others also, tear this apart, agree with me, give some kind of input. i dont want to turn this into an arguement by any stretch of the imagination, but what i DO want is more than one brain trying to crunch this "theory" if you can call it that...

lastly, i do not think that humans will EVER understand the 4th dimension, until we become 4 dimensional creatures. again, back to the analogy. the 2D creature would be able to remember the past, and expect the future, correct? but he has no perception of height.. my best guess is that he would forumlate that the 3rd dimension would be time. he cant percieve the 3rd dimension because he is 2D. we cant percieve the 4th dimension because we are 3D. i wish i could make this clearer... i know it must be hard to follow, sorry.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 02:00 PM
after thinking about it, that snipet from the book doesnt make much sense... the 2D creature would not be able to see the third dimension until he himself became a 3D creature. After becoming a 3D creature, he would not be able to be fully seen by the other 2D creatures.. he would have "disappeared" from the 2D world. also, how did he comunicate with the 3D creature before he became one himself? could this possibly explain those mysterious "dissapearances"? just an after thought...

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:16 PM
perhaps you (or other members) may want to read the book flatland - it is available (legally) to read online at highly recommended book in my opinion

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:40 PM
wow, thanks for the link justyc! awesome. i was actually just on amazon ready to order this book, i didnt think i would be able to find a complete free version available to the public online! awesome!

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:58 PM
your welcome. i bought flatland many years ago and lent it out to someone who never brought it back again so i was thrilled to find an online copy when searching for a replacement recently & even more happy to find it for free so i can just give people the link rather than the book from now on

flatland is an immensely enjoyable book once you get used to the style of writing and is an excellent way to teach someone how to understand different dimensions. it wont take long to read, being only 22 (short) chapters. i wish i had been around in the days it was written just to see peoples' reactions to it

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 02:05 AM
i finished that book the other day. i must say, it is quite amazing. it started off a little bit slow, but it really picked up in the middle. if you havent read this book yet, i highly recommend you do, especially if you are into the different dimensions, if you love to think alot, and love to be blown away by this absolutly spectacular idea..

i was actually laughing out loud while reading this just thinking about all of the possibilities, and trying to comprehend it all, i am still absolutly stunned.

the idea and the story makes sense, but when you try to understand the concept, you cant possibly even begin to think of an explanation. yet this is exactly what happened to the charectures in the story. THIS IS A MUST READ!!!

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 02:51 AM
wow, after searching around, i found these very cool links!!

video of 3D and then 4D dice


The second link is amazing, the cubes actually stand out from the computer monitor if done correctly! but i guess this settles it, we have FOUND the 4th dimension! haha

If nothing else, these are very cool visuals to help understand the next dimension.

*EDIT* to seperate the links.

[edit on 29-8-2005 by Demonic Aura]

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 09:53 PM

Originally posted by Demonic Aura
wow, after searching around, i found these very cool links!!

video of 3D and then 4D dice


The second link is amazing, the cubes actually stand out from the computer monitor if done correctly! but i guess this settles it, we have FOUND the 4th dimension! haha

If nothing else, these are very cool visuals to help understand the next dimension.

*EDIT* to seperate the links.

[edit on 29-8-2005 by Demonic Aura]

You do know that the 4th dimension is time, right? An object sticking out from the computer or some effect like this is just an illusion of your eyes and is still just 3 dimensional. In physics the 4th dimension is time...

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 03:34 PM
well of course those are illusions. the computer screen is flat and thus, can only reproduce 2D accurately... and i have heard of the 4th dimension being time. but that is just a theory.

following the same analogy from flatland, the next figure... a 4D figure parent to the cube... will have 16 terminal points, and 8 sides. each side of this 4D figure will be a cube. In this particular analogy, time has absolutly nothing to do with the fourth dimension.

i personally do not believe that time is the 4th dimension, because time is not a direction. it has not been proven that you can move in two directions in time. time is merely a man made way to explain memories (the past) and expect events (the future).

we can not accuratly label the 4th dimension as time, just because we are three dimensional creatures, and cant comprehend the 4th dimension in terms of a new direction.

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