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Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle Aides

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posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 02:14 PM
Warning: Presidential obscenities in linked story.

Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

While President George W. Bush travels around the country in a last-ditch effort to sell his Iraq war, White House aides scramble frantically behind the scenes to hide the dark mood of an increasingly angry leader who unleashes obscenity-filled outbursts at anyone who dares disagree with him.
Bush, whiles setting up for a photo op for signing the recent CAFTA bill, flipped an extended middle finger to reporters. Aides say the President often “flips the bird” to show his displeasure and tells aides who disagree with him to “go to hell” or to “go **** yourself.” His habit of giving people the finger goes back to his days as Texas governor, aides admit, and videos of him doing so before press conferences were widely circulated among TV stations during those days.

**quote edited to remove obscenity.

I believe this is one of the reasons that Bush is kept isolated from the general public and must have press conference questions reviewed beforehand and so on. If the real questions were to be asked of him or if he was in a tight spot, I believe he'd unleash a string of obscenities on the crowd. I think he's falling apart.

I feel sorry for him but I don't like having a president for whom I feel sorry...

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 02:28 PM
Hahahahaha, maybe he needs to go back on the ganja or something to calm down. Bill Clinton got a bj, this guy verbally assaults people on a daily basis! Damn liberals. This is funny to me because he has access to the most powerful weapons on earth and he could just snap and nuke an aids house because they didn't add enough sugar to his coffee.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 03:17 PM
I am becoming increasingly concern as why Mr. Bush takes so many days off, yes I am aware that a presidents job is hard and full of challenges.

This days of Mr. Bush time off, are also followed by a few days of live appearances and then back to the Ranch.

Its not a lie that he has a very short temper nature, but Clinton did also but Clinton used to love to be in front of the cameras.

Now could it be that he in order to function in from of the public needs extended periods of rest.

Could it be that he is under medications and when they take them away to have him lucid he just became uncontrollable.

How about alcohol.

It can be many things and I know this for sure he will not go into a random audience all his appearances are under strict control.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 04:53 PM
Yep, if this is true, Pres. Bush may be losing it, or may have already lost it and is being held together with plastic wrap and duct tape ala DHS regs. He must be under unbelievable pressure as all his lies start to catch up with him, and the public starts to know him for who he really is. Its probably very hard for him to watch his legacy go down the drain like this. He could be going from hero to goat in one term.

Honestly, I never believed the 'choked on a pretzel and fell out of his armchair' story when he had that abrasion on his face a couple years back. I figured he either passed out for some other reason, or tied one on and got smart with Laura, and she let him have it. She looks like she could pack a wallop, though sometimes she looks like she might be downing a few of his happy pills, too. Or maybe it was Dick. They haven't been too chummy for awhile now, it seems.

I have been known to cuss a blue streak from time to time myself, though never in public and never at an employee. 'Expletive deleted' is one of my favorite terms, just ask my ex-wife. She used to insult me and my family a lot, and I ended up cussing her out bad for it. It took years before it came to that, though, and I still haven't forgiven myself. What I'm saying is, that kind of behavior leaves emotional wounds that don't heal quickly, and it is completely inappropriate for a man of his stature and position to treat his staff that way.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 05:03 PM
wen politicians curssed out loud does it really mean they are falling apart. im sure there are senators who are oppose to Bush cussing at him does that mean they are frustrated they cant take him on?

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 05:34 PM
Icarus Rising

Originally posted by deltaboy
wen politicians curssed out loud does it really mean they are falling apart. im sure there are senators who are oppose to Bush cussing at him does that mean they are frustrated they cant take him on?

Oh, I cuss him out all the time! My mouth is as bad as any sailor's, but I don't turn around and claim to be a Christian and go to church and talk to God. I don't wear my religion like a medal in public and then go all Mr. Hyde in private.

And I don't cuss AT people. Never.

Did you read the article? He's not just saying, "Oh, gosh darn you!" He's full-out lettin' 'er fly!

[edit on 25-8-2005 by Benevolent Heretic]

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 10:48 PM
These quotes don't sound out of character for Bush since I've read and seen so much to prove he is exactly like the above report, but I guess its going to be too much to ask for that website to provide more evidence regarding these quotes.

Still, for a guy who will talk behind people's backs while not paying attention to microphones, yell at people face to face with curses, drink and drive, throw his middle finger up at cameras, and lie and kill thousands of people, this report sounds completely legitimate.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 08:28 PM
The article is Bull. If this were anywhere close to being true it would be front page of the New York Times, and the lead story on every news channel.

Consider the source.

[edit on 26-8-2005 by Carseller4]

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 09:15 PM
Yah, and his dad never helped him out of a DUI involving booze and coke, and he's never given anybody the finger, and he never fudged his Guard service, either.

The man is a true Eagle Scout. And the moon is made of Swiss cheese.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 03:05 PM
And if you tell a lot of my fellow Christians about it, they'll say, "Oh, that's the Liberal Media."

Riiiighhht....I should think that if the Liberal Media were out to get Bush, they'd be plastering this all over the place!

My former pastor refers to Bush as a man of character.

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