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Advertising On ATS Without Permission Is Strictly Prohibitted.

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posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 06:50 AM
Members and visitors do not come here to browse threads that are filled with advertisments.

They come here because ATS has the best, most entertaining, and thought provoking topics on the internet and it's free and they know that staff here will ensure that their time spent here is made as hassle free as possible.

We are happy to link to other sites if they are a) not blind links and b) they contain information which we believe our members might be interested in.

We do not link to sites purely to promote other sites which we have no control over and might a) infect our members comps with spyware/adware or b) hassle our members for money.

We try and maintain an enviroment on ATS where members and visitors can feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are in as safe a place as possible on the net.

So, if you are browsing this site and looking at the huge audience it receives, and thinking about joining so that you can spam this board with adverts for your website or a product you're trying to sell, then I would advise you not to bother.

This site is popular because we don't allow this kind of spamming and anyopne found doing it will be banned very quickly.

I must apologise to our members that have experienced a few weird threads today concerning an "energy device".

That member has been banned.

Edit: PS. Please note the word "permission" in this posts title. Some members that have asked for permission have found the owners more than happy to help out long time members depending on the content of their site.

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