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Seal Project

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posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 02:41 AM
Something old but interesting.

Highly secret experiments military were carried out outside the coast of Auckland to perfect a pump that caused tsunami, reveal declassified archives.

A professor of the University of Auckland (NZ) collaborated with the Army to carry out a series of underwater explosions that activated waves like a small earthquake in Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945.

The work of professor Thomas Leech was considered so significant that the High Commands of the Defense of the U.S.A. said that if the project had been completed before the aim of the war, could have played a as effective roll as that of the atomic pump.

The details of the pump tsunami, known like "Seal Project", are contained in documents of 53 years of antiquity declassified by the Ministry of Outer Subjects and Commerce.

The papers with the stamp "Top Secret" show that the North American and British army was excited in developing "Seal" in the years of the postwar period. They even considered to send to professor Leech to the Atoll Bikini to be present at the North American nuclear tests and to see if they had some application in their work. He did not make the visit, although a member of the North American table of advisers of atomic tests, the Dr Karl Compton, was sent to New Zealand.

"the Dr Compton was impressed of the deductions of Professor Leech in the Seal project and he was prepared to recommend the heads of the Meeting of Generals who all the engineering datas of the tests that were excellent for the Seal Project would have to be made arrive at the Government of New Zealand for extensive later studies by Professor Leech", written in a letter of July of 1946 of Washington to Wellington.
Professor Leech died in his native Australia in 1973, was the dean of engineering in the University from 1940 to 1950.

The news of CBE (Certified Broadcast Engineer) granted in 1947 by the investigation in a weapon, took to newspapers around the world to the speculation on which it was being developed.

To grief that the officials of the U.S.A. and New Zealand spoke on the support to the investigation, they did not give details on her because the work still was in march.

An ex- colleague of Professor Leech, Neil Kirton, said to him to the Weekend Herald that the experiments involved the use of explosives under the water to create tsunami. Explosions in small scale were carried out in the Pacific and the outskirts of Whangaparaoa that then was controlled by the Army.

He is uncertain what happened with the Seal Project once the report was sent to the Headquarters of the Defense in Wellington in the Forties. The pump never was proven on great scale and Mr. Kirton doubts that the people of Auckland noticed the tests.

It said: "If it could be revived sometimes... Under some circumstances, I think that it could be devastating."

The insurmountable fables of the Fontaine teach that "the misfortune of constitutes the happiness of others."
Here four "advantages" of tsunami for the United States are enumerated:

• Merma still more to the Asian tigers, countries whose success had been embarrassing for the model rapaz of world-wide development of the United States

• Trae immense opportunities to the friends of the administration of Bush to become rich by means of lucrative contracts of emergency supply in the aid mission.

• grants to the Fleet of the United States the justification to Him to be in places in which in other circumstances they could not be, as well as enormous opportunities to unload any shipment that soon could use usefully in the Indian Ocean.

• Provee the opportunity for a ostentosa exhibition with the good will of the United States, that it can be used for a propaganda campaign to recover the damaged image of that country in the world.

The four points go tailwind.

A ferocious critic of Free Internet Press (7 of January) that it proclaims to offer "the news without censorship for real people" (sic), offers a demolishing blow that can be rendered to interpretations several: "the army of the United States and the Department of State received early warning of tsunami, but they made very little to alert to the Asian countries. The American naval base in the atoll of Diego Garci'a in the Indian Ocean was notified and left unharmed."

Of not to have been because it published "The Jerusalem Post", tie Israeli newspaper to the Likud party and the ultrahawks of the United States, we must confess that we did not have ourselves bold to cross the informative Rubicón, being "politically incorrect" on the full asseveration of the Egyptian magazine Al-Usbua that repeats the newspaper israeli ': "it was caused possibly by a nuclear experiment in which the nuclear experts of Israel and the United States participated."

That opinais of this, natural or was caused?

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 02:52 AM
I've made a thread about it a long time ago, and I'm sticking with it. That (Christmas, 2004, thailand) tsunami could not of been caused by that earthquake. Russian scientists proved it a long time ago, somehow.

So they blew up nuclear bombs under water to make tsunamis? That's quite, uh, cleaver of them. I think they had Japan in mind though, because the "Seal project" would be useless against many countries. Sure they completely wiped out Thailand, but there are no terrorists (against america) in Thailand!!! The weapon isn't all that usefull. Except to Japan, Australa, Tazmania, New Zealand, India, Brazil, Spain, but most of these countries we'll probably never go to war with again.

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posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 03:51 AM
Also it can be bombings of ultrasounds.

The news transmitted by the news agency Reuters and published in several newspapers of Australia the 28 of November of 2004, informed that 169 whales and dolphins were catched in beaches of Tasmania. According to Bob senator Brown - member of the Parliament of that country -, this phenomenon was caused by the bombings of infrasounds on the marine beds of the Pacific, that are made to detect deposits of petroleum and natural gas. The frequency of these infrasounds interferes in the auditory capacity of the cetaceans, preventing them to distinguish the changes of depth of the water and the distance to beaches.

Jim Cummings, of the Institute of Acoustic Ecology of Australia, affirms that these prospections come making from 1968 by means of "compressed air tubes". The impulses created by the liberation of the air of twenty-four synchronized guns, generate sound waves the sufficiently powerful thing like penetrating up to forty km in the marine bed. The sonorous level of these waves is located between 200 and 240 decibels. Every five seconds a firing to about ten meters is sent from the surface of the sea, during twenty-four hours to the day.

Its disintegration is known that the waves of VLF can resonate in different types from rock, causing. During the Cold War, the French scientist Vladimir Gavreau investigated the development of defensive tactical arms on the base of the destructive properties of the generators of infrasounds.

The earthquake of 8´1º in the scale of Richter of the 24 of December, to 500 miles of the Southeastern of Tasmania, can be attributed to the use of these generators. In this case they did not form tsunamis, although the height of the waves out to sea was much more high that the normal thing.

Two days after this violent seísmo, the 26 of December, another earthquake, this time of 9´0º in the scale of Richter took place in the intersection of the tectonic plates Australian and India, causing the terrible disaster that all we know.

On the following day, other twenty whales remained beached in beaches of Tasmania. Most peculiar of all this it is that the places where they were catched the cetaceans in the thirty previous days are in the same zone where the Australian seísmo of 8´1º Richter took place the 24 of December, indeed in the point where the firings with the compressed air tubes are made. Two days after the violent displacement of the tectonic plate, the Indonesia coast was struck by the earthquake of 9´0º Richter.

Our activity - as already it has been verified sufficiently, climate, etc can cause natural catastrophes without precedents and unforseeable effects. Be enough to remember that the volcanic eruptions can shoot to the effect conservatory and that seísmos like the one of Asia have altered the coasts and the marine bottoms with unknown consequences that will be only seen in the future.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 09:52 AM
Fascinating story there amongst all the jumbled verbiage. Quite a preponderance of pontifical postulations. I like it.

This jives with lots of other interesting theories about undersea bases and sub-oceanic sonic and atomic testing, as well as an old movie in which Superman makes the world spin backwards to rescue Lois Lane from being killed by an earthquake caused by Lex Luther setting off an atom bomb on the San Andreas fault. He interferes in the affairs of man and loses his powers, but gains everlasting love from Lois.

Is any of this stuff true? I mean, other than the movie, which is, of course, make-believe. We may never know. The next 'test' may wipe out civilization entirely, and without Superman to save us, we are all doomed. DOOMED, I say, DOOMED.

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posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 09:26 PM
Personally, I'm wondering if we should be seeing any links for the original post.
The post seems to be written in different writing styles.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 04:01 AM
The reflections and positions estan removed from a Web, since they seemed to me interesting and correct ponerlas.for my problems of language I cannot be expressed all the good that I wanted. I must use google traslate to be able to write in the forum.

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