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Get Relaxed

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posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 12:39 PM
found this lovley little site lol for when your all stressed out and need to calm down for a sec, you can listen to all kinds of sounds like the ocean, forest, tigers ect

check it out

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 09:01 AM
Great site! I am definatly do have to remember that from when i am stressed!

For some reason I listened to the construction one, and I don't know why!. Which one did you listen to?

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 09:34 AM
Check out Traffic. Let the audio loop run a couple of times.

It's like music class, when i was a kid.


posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 02:31 PM
LOL you guys are wierd...The first listened to CONSTRUCTION sounds the other one to TRAFFIC...Get relaxed!

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 02:36 PM
Cheers asala,

This will be great for meditating , The Beach is my favourite so far.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 05:58 PM

The Beach is my favourite so far.

Yes i like that one best also,

I have a clock that also does these sounds and its a great way to relax when going to sleep,

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