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monoatomic metals = increased abilities?

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posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 03:31 PM
i speak from expirience

do not swallow metal objects

1-you get poisoning

yeah so dont try guys lol

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by fum
i speak from expirience

do not swallow metal objects

1-you get poisoning

yeah so dont try guys lol

what ''metal objects'' did you swallow? because there is a difference between powdered metal and gnawing on a metal pipe, or eating nickels and dimes.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 05:22 AM
Ok, say for instance 'gold' does improve brain conductivety, what about the easily paid for, over the counter "Colloidal Silver"?.. people use that stuff all the time as a flu suppresent etc. and I see no evidence of 1) enhanced esp in society, or 2) people dropping dead all over the place from it (mind you, tracing what it was may be awkward, i just don't know enough about this sort of thing).. But, back to my original question.. does taking Colloidal Silver fall in the same catagory as the original post? It would be interesting to know

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 12:45 AM
none of you seem to understand what it does. it completes the circuit between many parts of the brain we as humans in this age to not use. it allows us access to the full power of our human minds. whether that is for (super powers) or just being able to remember things clearer, pick up on electromagnetic fields in colour range frequency.

the gold increases the conductivity needed to allow the synapse distance to be much greater than much of the tight-knit frontal lobe.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 08:24 AM
Modern research has determined that gold can be and is used in modern medicine to help cure multiple afflictions, such as prostate cancer, tuberculosis, and more. Alchemists sought ways to make the “Elixir of Life” in which they hoped to achieve eternal life, and even better health. Those alchemists are the reason we today have many medicines, which were made by process’s that the ancient alchemist used.

Modern pharmacology books do pay their respect to the alchemists of old.
Its is believed that at one time noble metals covered the planets surface and was absorbed by plants vegetables and grass, and eventually livestock.

That fact has been confirmed by modern science in which gold has been found in certain plants in New Zealand, as well as in the mustard seed, and possibly in grapes which may give the wine its wonderful attribute of being a good heart attack deterrent as noted by many science articles and reports.

So how can we partake of these precious gifts that have been revealed to us? Quite simple you buy Colloidal Monatomic Gold, or Colloidal Monatomic Silver. makes the purest and best colloidal monatomic products anywhere. Their products are made with the Gold, Silver and other Noble metals, and they are not made with Chemicals, nor do they contain chemicals after they are manufactured. That’s definitely something to consider, and when you are purchasing your Colloidal Monatomic gold or silver you have to consider how many Parts Per Million (PPM) does the products have, that will tell you if your are getting your moneys worth in product.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 08:59 AM
Its all well and good theroising about taking Monotomic Gold or precious metals to 'boost' ones abilities, the main gist of this thread should be :

Has anyone partaken of Monotomic Gold or precious metals and if so , what are the results?

Has anyone here taken them?
I haven't. ( yet) besides the 'Monotomic' Gold and precious metals bought off somewhere like 'Ebay' are supposed to be fake, even buying from a shops risky these days.
So has anyone tried it?
Or are we all hoping it actually works.
some copy and pastes below:

Dave C. tells us
I must admit that I am extremely satisfied with this products` effects on me personally. I have used this white powder gold for over a year now. My smokers skin has been gradually replaced by soft, yet tough skin that does not tear or bruise like before , and it heals quickly. My muscles have grown strong. I now have the energy and ability of a thirty year old man, again. Every time I look in a mirror, I marvel at how much younger I appear , because this has literally taken most of my facial wrinkles and my gray hairs away. White powder gold has changed me for the better. I use just 4 drops a day of this product , and it has restored my health , my youth ,and my life!

Zeropoint Technologies has reportedly received endless positive reviews from customers who have tried their monatomic gold products. Some positive feedback has included reports of increased physical and mental energy. Others have said physical pains have vanished and that they have increased strength and stamina, and increased sex drive.

Others have also stated that they experienced increased strengthening of the immune system and improved mental focus and clarity. Some people may experience a feeling of pure energy flowing through the chakras. Others have said they feel a drip from the roof of their mouth that is like a nectar substance.

Monatomic elements are superconductive and when they are ingested into our bodies, they change our cellular structure into one that is also superconductive. The cells become superconductors for an increased flow of photons. The electrical output can also increase your electromagnetic field. The increased energy you feel when ingesting monatomic elements, such as monatomic gold, is unmistakable.

According to David Hudson, the ORMUS elements connect with the non-physical reality through what is called the zero point. One way to look at this idea is that there is endless potential for new energy. Some believe that consciousness influences matter. Many studies of these materials consist of looking for and understanding the linkages between consciousness, matter, and all that exists, the oneness seen by Bohm, Everett, Bohr and other such pioneers as the quantum domain

We'll have to see if anyone's daft enough to try and then post their results.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 05:10 PM
Its a pretty hard thing to ask to post the testimonials, the FDA will consider them to be "Claims" that need to be justified by multi millions in clinical research, then be submitted to the FDA for approval (If your lucky you will get approved).

I am sure most have read the Article were Silver Kills HIV.... right?

If Nano Particles can affect HIV.... then its fair to conclude that Monatomic Particles of Silver will do a better job right?

I think so, I have a friend that has tried Colloidal Monatomic Gold, Silver and Ruthenium, and is alive today from Terminal Cancer.

The people that make those products had more testimonials but pulled them off the internet for fear of the FDA reprisals.

Monatomic particles are the same as Superatoms: Small but Super

Here is where to get the Colloidal Monatomic waters:

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 05:58 PM
i tried monogold and it had some effects i was not prepared for i manifested an arrest on myself driving cross country the gold was taken and the cops thought i was under an influence; luckily the charges were "dropped"

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Barak

I think it is not about conductivity, it is about its atoms spinning at a higher rate. You know the higher dimensions spin at a higher frequency rate thus we cannot see them because our dimension is denser. It must be that this monoatomic gold atoms cling onto the cells and help them spin at a higher rate so make us shift in dimension. The thing is if this gold spins at a higher freq how can we see it and consume it?
And also due to it's monoatomic and two-dimensional how can it spin at a faster rate, it should have been denser, am I wrong?:p

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 11:06 PM

I know Jason from ZPTECH, he personally sends me his products.

I have been taking Zynergy Liquid ( Gold ) everyday for a month now.

I take AstraLight Level Five Powder every weekend as a " Party / Transformation Drug ".

I take the 2012 Titanium Alchemy Liquid after my workout sessions / exercises nearly everyday.

I have fairly bad scoliosis that I grew up with, I am missing half a left lung from a very serious life threatening mold infection that nearly took my life three times.

I am missing hearing in my right ear and sight in my right eye.

My resume includes: Yoga, Jeet Kune Do, Falun Gong, Quantum Touch, Meditation Retreats.

As an instructor for these practices I have found the Mono Atomic Elements to be an incredible transformation tool.

I have conquered nearly ALL of my scoliosis in a MONTH where as I have been struggling for nearly twenty years with my back problems to correct them.

My lung is regrowing I can feel it. Focus has returned incredibly, muscle durability, longevity.

Eye sight is coming back slowly but surely; Hearing came back in near fullness within the first week of Zynergy therapy.

It would be nearly impossible for me to attribute my bodies transformation to a mere mind placebo affect.

The studio I endorse is called (UMAC).

Previous employment:

I am a avid book collector with an appraised collection.

Among . other . things.

In consideration of the skeptics I will vouch for you in stating that MA's can be extremely dangerous in certain circumstances. They are not for everyone and should only be taken on a highly maintained schedule for specific purposes and NOT for permanent use.

The X-Ray's of my Spine / Lungs tell no Lies.

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 11:49 PM

Originally posted by moonchild
Hello all, Im wondering if anyone here ever tried consuming monoatomic metals (like mono atomic gold) in the goal of increasing their brain / psychic abilities? Mono atomic gold is supposed to vastly increase your brain electric activity because it is extremely conductive. Here is some info.

[edit on 19-8-2005 by moonchild]

Sorry, but the above is pure and simple pseudo-science-bullcrap !!

Gold, silver, whatever has NO effect on electrical activity between the synapses of neurons.
The REAL transmitter of electrical impulses between neurons is acetylcholine. Even I learned this as long ago as biology classes during high school.

C'mon, people ... do some BASIC research before posting such stuff

Acetylcholine: A key chemical in neurons (nerve cells) that acts as a neurotransmitter and carries information across the synaptic cleft, the space between two nerve cells.


posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 05:48 AM
I tried some earlier this year, I bought some Monotomic Gold , in powder and liquid forms, as well as some 'Gold' enhanced water, after all that I felt none the better, the only 'effects' I had was from the water, it left me feeling a bit 'high' not like smoking dope or other 'leisure pharmaceuticals', it made me feel slightly light headed for about 5 minutes, but no other effects were noticable. I did an IQ test a while ago and it registered at 125, I dont feel any smarter, or faster thinking, I know others have declared spectacular results but not me.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 06:32 AM
Monoatomic metals

mon·a·tom·ic (mn-tmk)
1. Occurring as single atoms: Helium is a monatomic gas.
2. Having one replaceable atom or radical.
3. Univalent

The preparation of nanoparticles of highly symmetric platonic
shapes with a unified method, however, has yet to be
demonstrated, and is by itself a scientific curiosity and great
challenge that requires exquisite crystal growth control.

A liquid metal ion source (LMIS) based upon a gold/germanium eutectic has been developed. The LMIS emits a variety of ions including monatomic gold and gold clusters 029585178&

In conclusion if the marketers of monoatomic elements are able to mass produce claimed substance. There would not only be peer reviewed papers I summize a nomination for the Nobel Prize.

I propose this to be the reason for the 'o' added to monatomic, because its a 'o' lot of bolderdash

[edit on 30-9-2009 by meaguire]

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by meaguire

Dear Meaguire:

Your first article talks of an impossible feat..

The second conquers it.

The third takes me no where?

Second article though Whoa! That is a great one; Ill use it for reference to showing people how MA's work cause essentially that article hints at the possibility so strongly that in research terms it is truly the first step to having an understanding of the true subject matter.

Thanks brother!

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by precicio

UPDATE: The University of Nuevo Leon in Mexico has concluded that silver nano particles are anti viral and anti bacterial, and KILL the HIV virus. This University is extremely well respected by Europeans and Latin America and is known for its unbiased and meticulous research.

While it’s true Silver Nitrates and other chemical forms of nano colloidal silver products may cause argyria. It takes consuming gallons upon gallons of the chemically made colloidal silver compounds to induce the blue man effect or the condition known as argyria.

While I sympathize with the people that contracted pictures alone do not explain, why or how those people turned gray. There are a lot of vague misrepresentations by pictures alone. We need more info than a couple of 50 year old pictures of two or 3 people that contracted argyria.

For example: Where those person ALERGIC to Silver? BIG difference if they were, if they did not consult their doctor to determine that they in fact were allergic to silver then that would explain why they contracted argyria.

Did those people make the Colloidal Silver Nitrates themselves? If they made colloidal silver in their garage and got the formulas wrong, that is a Major FACTOR for them getting Argyria.

The Blue man was a complete “Paid Basher” Hoax:

Silver has been documented to be used as early as 1914, and silver plated utensils that have been found in Egypt dating back to the time of the pharaohs, it makes sense that silver was used even back then to keep viruses in check.

Colloidal Silver Atoms is the key to positive health!
True colloidal silver is made with NO chemicals and has a PPM (Parts Per Million) of 1500-3000 PPM.

True Colloidal Silver has atom size particles, rendering a colorless colloidal silver product that is safe to ingest due to the fact that no chemicals are used in the production process, before or after completion.
The fact is:

Silver has been documented in medical journals to be used as a medicine since 1914, see: Text Book of Materia Medica and Their Therapeutics by A.S Blumgarten, 6th Edition, M.D., F.A.C.P. printed by The McMillan Company in New York in 1914.

When you consider the fact that for almost 100 years have gone by, and science has only found three 50 year old cases of people with argyria(with their eyeball cut out LOL!), with NO explanation as to how they contracted that condition, and when coupled with the fact that there have been millions upon millions of colloidal silver users in those 100 years, the argyria scare is over exaggerated!

It only benefits Big Pharmaceutical companies who would rather do away with colloidal silver which is one of nature’s answers to some of the cancer causing viruses, bacteria and parasites.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by Desmond
The way I understood it, the metal increase the conductivity of your bodies, allowing information between the alpha and beta bodies (matter and light body) to exchange much better, so that your intention extends further, resulting in better health.


The positively charged ionic gold or silver might bring a balance in our negatively charged cellular environment, allowing potentials between + and - to occur more often.


A little like how organised life occur at pH=7,00, where balance between charges allow more potential exchange and momentum.


Why are you making up nonsense like that?

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 02:06 PM

Originally posted by moonchild
you can easily buy it over the internet
[edit on 19-8-2005 by moonchild]

There are a lot of snake oil sellers out there.

How do you make sure that you are buying the real deal?

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by Detachedd

David Kane from Hummana Gold wrote:
"The Idea

By David Kane

It is believed that elements were the simplest form of purified material on earth. They were broken down to the simplest possible form and isolated in a pure substance. The periodic table is the list of elements in their order of complexity and is arranges from the simplest hydrogen atom with one proton and one electron to uranium with some 260 component electrons, protons and neutrons.

It is believed that the structure of each element consists of a grouping of protons and neutrons in the centre with increasing size electron rings orbiting the central core as the element gets larger and moves up the periodic table. These elements are components of all the materials we use on this earth whether organic or man made. All of the substances we make are valance bonded materials. This just means that the elemental core clusters share their electron rings with other clusters and create the new substance. Sodium and Chlorine join and create sodium chloride or table salt.

Most of the elements have rings that are not completly full, thus allowing this sharing phenomenon. All of our analytical equipment measures these valance bonding characteristics. Some of the so called inert gasses have full and balanced rings. Their unique characteristic is that they do not bond well with anything, hence their name inert.

All of these elemental materials exist as a solid, liquid or gas depending on their temperature. Some of these materials become plasmas at super cold temperatures and have some different behavioural characteristics.

This brings us to the Ormus state of being. In the Ormus state the atoms do not bond and cannot be measured by conventional analysis equipment. The Ormus materials attain a high spin energized state. There is still not a great about known about this. Atoms are considered to be round but in the ormus energized state the atoms are believed to rotate so quickly that they deform and lengthen and roughly resemble the shape of a bowtie. When this state is achieved the atom of matter becomes a photon of light. It cannot bond with matter as it is no longer matter, it is light. This concept now presents the reason for the overhaul of almost all technical or diagnostic books or papers ever written because they are all critically deficient in their information."

In addition to that Monatomic Atoms or particles are extremely hard to detect, but a simple TDS Meter will detect the PPM.

Colloidal Gold 3000 PPM and 15,000 PPM will balance out your metabolism and perhaps make an inpact on your "inner being", bringing wonderful near real life dreams, as well as keep you from againg, it is as if you slow down the aging process.

Coupled with other organic noble metal products, like Iridium and Ruthenium which has been proven to be anti cancerous, you will find that your DNA will be well adjusted and your skin super smooth from the inside out within 7 days!

Awesome and powerful noble metal supplements, they are!

posted on Apr, 5 2011 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by moonchild

I have just finished reading all the comments on the site regarding monoatomic gold.I would like to think that I am open-minded enough to avoid dismissing someone's claims merely because there are gaps in their knowledge, inaccuracies in their theories or misrepesentations of other people's work.
One thing that surprised me tho' is that nobody mentioned the word "CATALYST".A catalyst is a substance that FACILITATES a chemical(electrical) reaction without actually being consumed in that reaction.Catalysts often permit reactions that would simply never occur otherwise.
Apart from it's well known use as a hi-performance conductor in electrical circuits,one of gold's main industrial uses is as a catalyst.
In it's elemental state,gold is extremely unreactive i.e. it basically refuses to combine with other elements/compounds under 'normal' conditions.This is why gold does not rust(oxidise) and an item of jewellery,if swallowed,will not disappear.Therefore the idea of it being consumed in the body is untenable.The idea of it increasing electrical conductivity is also untenable unless someone is proposing that the gold atoms somehow form into wires in the body.Electricity is 'carried' via media where the ions are free to dissociate from atomic nuclei eg ionic solutions,pure metals as lumps or wires and plasmas.
All the above does not,however,preclude the possibility of gold having an effect on the human body and/or brain chemistry.It simply means that any such effects are more likely to be brought about by catalysis.
Gold will not poison you.If it did,then all wearers of jewellery would be in trouble.5000 years of evidence is probably enough to satisfy the FDA regarding elemental i.e.pure gold
Gold will not increase electrical conductivity in the body or the brain.
Gold will probably catalyse/facilitate certain biochemical interactions in the brain,enhancing/accelerating naturally occurring ones and possibly allowing other reactions which would not have occurred under other circumstances.
The apparent absence of peer-reviewed research is worrying to say the least,but is not sufficient grounds to dismiss what could well be a fruitful avenue of enquiry and research.Quackery and snake oil merchants would ,of course,undermine this open minded,even-handed approach.
The jury is clearly still out on this one.Does anyone have any verifiable data yet?

posted on Apr, 5 2011 @ 06:58 PM
I know that indeed the professional medical establishment uses PGM in a plethara of forms and medical treatments...

Cancer Treatment: Light Powered Platinum 80 Times More Powerful Than Similar Cancer Treatments

The platinum-based compound known as "trans, trans, trans- [Pt(N3)2(OH)2(NH3)(py)]", or a light activated PtIV complex, is highly stable and non-toxic if left in the dark but if light falls upon it becomes much less stable and highly toxic to cancer cells. In fact it is between 13 and 80 times more toxic (depending on how and on which cells it is used) to cancer cells than the current platinum based anti-cancer drug Cisplatin. Moreover it kills the cells by a different mechanism of action, so it can also kill cisplatin-resistant cells.

Platinum used in retinal implant

A new retinal implant that could significantly improve the potential for blind people to see again has been developed with the use of platinum.

A tiny implant placed on the surface of the eye can receive wireless signals from an external camera and then transmit these signals to tiny, extremely thin electrodes made of platinum that have been surgically implanted on the retina.

These platinum electrodes deliver electrical signals to the nerve cells in the eye, in a similar way to that of light sensitive cells, thereby allowing the blind person to 'see' once more.

CDC Chemical Information: Platinum

PM is also used in Cosmetics:

Secret Ingredients In Skincare Products

These days, you're likely to find more precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones in your skincare line than in your jewelry box. Diamonds, platinum, gold, mother-of-pearl and quartz are all popular ingredients.

Thought I'd give those uninformed folks the cold hard facts...

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