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ABUSE CRISIS: Australian Troops Were Aware Of Iraq Prisoner Abuses

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posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 05:00 AM
Australian soldiers passed on information of prisoner abuses to officers who in turn did not report it to higher ups. The Australian senate released the findings after investigating the matter over the last few months. Defence Minister Robert Hill stated that is a difference in interviewing and interrogating prisoners and Australians were not involved in any interrogations.
Australian officers were aware of the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners but did not pass their knowledge up the chain of command, a Senate inquiry has found.

It raised questions about how much Australians knew and when that information was passed on to senior Defence Force officers and Federal Government ministers.

Defence Minister Robert Hill told the Senate that Australians were not involved in interrogating prisoners and besides there was a difference between interrogations and interviews.

But just days before he made that statement, two Australians had already passed their concerns to senior Defence officials about the mistreatment of prisoners at another jail known as Camp Cropper.

And later one of them, Rod Barton, a scientist and former intelligence officer, contradicted the minister saying he'd been involved in interrogations

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I really believe this has been a whitewash and coverup by Australian authorities and once again is is left to the minions to be the scapegoats. The opposition is making it's mouse whimpers and saying it will not let the matter rest but I suspect as with many of the other huge quiet changes that are going on in Australia, that this matter will be swept under the carpet.

It is not just about Australians being involved in the abuse, it is more about a widespead overall abusive mentality by the allies towards the prisoners from the Iraq conflict.

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