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Lucid Dreams

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posted on Aug, 30 2003 @ 08:05 AM
I was just wondering if any of you lot have had these and what was your first one like and what are they like now etc????????????

posted on Aug, 30 2003 @ 09:42 AM
YA wohl.

i've had many lucid dreams

I find them very 'informative' they 'unlock' your mind

my latest ones'......Well, i find myself LAUGHING
to the point i 'wake-myself-up'....
either a joke or a situation is involved---
and neither is 'slapstick' humor,
it's HIGH comedy

posted on Aug, 30 2003 @ 10:17 AM
they were, really vibrant and surreal... plus it was great being able to fly and stuff...material some aspects of my dream, because i was aware i was dreaming... it never lasts long though

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posted on Aug, 30 2003 @ 10:23 AM
I've had about 3 or 4. They were awesome. Though ihavn't had any in a while now

I love them. They're brilliant in my opinion. Could fly, go visit people and have conversations with them, power up and throw a huge ball of energy at the houses down the road and watch them explode

posted on Aug, 30 2003 @ 10:52 AM
I think I have only had 2 in my life. They are extremely fun!! In my latest one that happened about a month ago, I started trying some really "Matrix-y" stuff, like what they were doing in the movie; jumping across buildings, crashing through windows, flying, fighting, etc... It was just like being in the Matrix really, you can manipulate things and pretty much do as you please. Lucid dreams are a big

posted on Aug, 31 2003 @ 10:59 AM
I don't remember my first lucid experience, I think it must be around the time I started to try flying. Years ago. It was really difficult at first and took a couple of years just to get off the ground, but now I can fly whenever I try to.

Because I want to use my ability to lucid dream in a reliable way, I'm trying out some basic techniques to gain more control. Lately I've been deliberately trying to focus my attention of aspects of a lucid dream. I've also been practicing becoming aware as I fall asleep and begin to dream, which is not difficult, but this awareness wakes me up. I'm working on staying with it so I can remain aware through the REM stage.

posted on Aug, 31 2003 @ 12:14 PM
Ive had about three lucid dreams 3 i woke up from instantly and the third was strange it seemed to last for only 10 seconds and it was like my eyes where half closed i realised it was a dream and it was kinda like getting a picture like a fuzzy t.v and i tryed to fly and couldent but i could jumponto a double decker bus lo and then when i tried to open my eyes i woke up any ideas peoples lol.


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