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Time to Change Government

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posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 08:34 AM
I’ve been thinking for a while now on what's wrong with the Governments of the world, in particular my own country the United Kingdom.

I guess I'll start with an example from my own country, currently we have the Labour Party in power who've been in power since 1997, they may have started with good intentions but they now don't particularly care what people think (well they pretend during election time as all political parties do).

Once a political party has held power for a term or more the power begins to go to their head and the opposition starts to argue amongst themselves thus crippling effective Government opposition, this can easily be seen in the UK where the Conservatives are more bothered about who gets to play party leader rather than reforming policy and politically attacking the Government.

I've come to interesting conclusion that a Government and by that I mean any democratic Government suffers from the same weakness, they are all Symbiotic Parasites

Symbiotic - used of organisms (especially of different species) living together but not necessarily in a relationship beneficial to each

The people of a nation need a Government, we need a greater entity to run the services, collect taxes, punish criminals and generally play the role of boss.
The Government needs us because without us they are out of the job, they're very purpose would be pointless.

Both People and Government are needed to successfully run a country, take out one and the other is pointless,

Parasite - One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

or rather – One who habitually takes advantage of the apathy and weakness of others without making any useful return.

A Government has near complete power over the people, they control the police and military, they hold the cards until election time and as I previously mentioned political parties such as the Labour Party currently have a huge amount of power due to a lack of effective opposition and the general apathy of the population.

The Government gets more powerful because there is no real effective method of truly opposing them during their term or terms. This leads to actions such as the Government taking us to war with Iraq even though the population opposed it.

So this set me thinking further, if the current opposition can't be trusted to effectively oppose the political party in power who is there?

I believe what is needed is another organisation to run along side the Government to contest and oppose the actions of the Government, such as the Iraq war.

This can be done through reform of a current organisation or through setting up a new organisation.

- Firstly members of this Second-Government should not be allied to political parties (past, present and future) to remove bias.
- Members should be elected by the population in the same method as the General election.
- The purpose of this new reformed institution would be to oppose the actions of the Government which are viewed against the people’s wishes, lead to hardship for the nation, cause danger towards the people of the nation.

(get the general idea?...good)

Then again its just the thoughts of one man, maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm right….who knows….

posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 09:42 PM
I have yet to find an idea I like more than that put forward by Prof. Bernardo De La Paz:

The government consists of two Houses. One house is for the sole purpose of creating laws. To create a law, 2/3 of this House must support the law (if a law is so flawed it cannot garner 2/3 support, it probably should not be a law).

The other House is for the sole purpose of repealing laws. A simple majority of this House is sufficient to repeal any law.

The professor left open how best to select members of these Houses. My own opinion here is, "Anyone who seeks office is barred from holding it". I like the idea of an amateur government - it seems that when government starts being populated by professional politicians is when countries run into trouble... amateurs are more in touch with the 'people' for whom government should exist.


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