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43 killed in Baghdad

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posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 02:44 AM
AT least 43 people were killed and 76 others wounded in triple car bombs that rocked Baghdad today


The attacks, which broke a brief lull in serious insurgent violence, came two days after politicians failed to draft a new constitution because of sharp differences on key issues, raising concerns of fresh political turmoil.

Is there going to be peace ??

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by Sth Hemisphere
AT least 43 people were killed and 76 others wounded in triple car bombs that rocked Baghdad today

Is there going to be peace ??

No, there will never be peace. Even when we capture Iraq and Iran under NATO democrasy, the martyrdom will not end. See what happens when you wage holy war? You pitt belief against belief hence tapping generations against generations. Everwar. It was never about 9/11! Perhaps I am being oversuggestive, but the facts are out in the cold.

We all are able to cry for the poor souls whom suffered in the london bombings, yet are able to blatently shrug off so much death and turmOIL in another culture, like so much passe. This is not rhetoric like so many nationalists proclaim; this is cold, hard and devious truth. To these people we are the anti-christs, and I am more and more seeing their point of view with every death the U.S. being able to drive an extra mile.

Is it about 'protecting' the U.S.? Or could it be for the oil and gas? Maybe for establishing a safe, world democrasy? Or maybe something..else? Either way, I am willing to sacrafice my U.S. way of living, even if just ONE more childs life goes unscathed. Thank you 5th, for posting this, I and many, appreciate your care. Bless you all.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 03:42 PM
IF this were a true Holy War Iraq would be a smoldering pit of black sand. I really don't think it's about oil either like everyone thinks, otherwise my gas wouldn't be freaking 3 times as expensive as it was 10 years ago.

I know it's difficult to play along with this thinking.. but imagine if just if....this truely is about bringing freedom to Iraq? What country on earth didn't have to endure war and blood spilt on it's soil to achieve it. It's the ying and yang factor. Anytime there is one action there will always be a oposite reaction from a select few. I can't wait until we pull our troops out of Iraq next year (at least partially) and this country begins to develope into a real democracy, even if it is an Islamic form. Will all of you still be squawking and complaining? Would you have rather seen them under tyranical rule instead? Or is it just the hatred and vitriol for Bush that drives you to oppose it so much. Maybe if the world actually decided to be helpful to the Iraqi people instead of sitting back and providing no help these attacks and suffering would begin to decrease. Everybody wants to critcize the US and point fingers but nobody wants to lend a helping hand to the people suffering in this country. That tells me alot about what kind of organization the UN really is. Oh but I forgot this is the same organization that is been trying to help Africa for the last ten years with no results. It's just funny to me that it seems that the majority of the world would rather sit back and laugh at the suffering of the Iraqis so they can point fingers at American rather than help out.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 06:51 PM
Of course peace will come for a short span sometime.
On the otherhand, war has been the normal course of
things for hundreds of years. If you add up the time
that we are at war or preparing for war it equals
about 60% of the time. The trick is fighting the wars
with as few casualties as possible. US strategy here
is doing fine. Take todays casualties for example.
There were 45 Iraqis killed and 2 Americans. Over
the next year as Iraqis take on more of the load
and the US pulls back the casualties will become
100% Iraqi. This is why the US will win. We will
successfully enlist the help of Muslims that have
the same goals as us, like the present day Iraqis to
take on the job.

Michael Yon, who you all know reports right from
center of action is one of the great sources detailing
how the war is becoming Iraqi VS. the jihadists.
Here is a cut and paste from his August 16 post on
his net site.

Michael Yon's comments on ISF
Friendly Forces

The friendly forces in Iraq are also an amalgamation.
In Iraq as a whole, the Coalition is comprised of
soldiers from many countries. But here in Mosul,
the "Coalition" is almost entirely US, charged
with building the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF),
while simultaneously keeping the insurgents at
bay until the ISF can take over. Building the
ISF is part of a larger plan that will allow
our people to come home, without leaving a wounded
Iraq victim to septic fundamentalism from within,
or invasion from opportunistic neighbors.

Some definitions: The ISF includes the Iraqi
Police (IP), Iraqi Army (IA), Iraqi National
Guard (ING), Border Patrol (BP), and sundry
other groups, each with their own initials.
Every month, the ISF becomes a greater and
more proximate threat to FRE and extremists
groups throughout Iraq. This is borne out in
a most ironic fashion; evidence of the growing
competence and capability of ISF shouts from
the headlines as the Iraqi government itself
becomes the primary focus of insurgent attacks.

Gone are the days when the FREs and extremists
in Mosul chased police from their stations and
ravaged entire neighborhoods at will. Today,
the ISF kills and captures enemy every day in
Mosul, something that seldom makes news.

In my own dispatches I rarely mention these
successes, yet I see or hear about small operations
every day, collecting in ever larger pools of
confidence and stability. There's no time to
write about each event; this would be like
trying to describe every raindrop that hits
the windshield while keeping up with a fast
moving storm. Eventually, a competent witness
must stop taking notes, and step back to see
the storm for what it is.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 07:10 PM
Everwar, a term any gamer could appreciate. Thanks PsychevolvedApe, I think that should be the offical name for this war.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 09:26 PM
Yes, I agree with all of you. We are standing for the same thing, we all want peace in the middle east, everywhere for that matter. Yet, what I am stating is that the conflict which is occuring is causing more death and destruction than that of which occured during the "tyrannical" ruling.

I am only suggesting that maybe the intents of our organization are not as beneficial as we all think and are perhaps, selfishely, based on greed.. See, when I need to find out a propigator of any act, I use 'qui bono' or 'whom benefits'. The people whom benefit the most are usually the propigators. Surely Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan have not benefitted since their invasions...


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