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Iraqi Woman Stands Up to Sheehan

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posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 08:36 AM

Originally posted by AceOfBase
She is married to a guy at Voice Of America, a Governemnt funded propaganda outlet that broadcasts to countries overseas.

Excellent find Ace!
We should have realized this from the start. This fits the pattern perfectly! Good job!

She's a plant!

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 08:39 AM
Thanks for that one AceOfbase.

And to think that this "Iraqi woman" is going to be used to discredit a "grieving American woman"

Draw your own conclusions about what this agency is...and why a wife of one of their "reporters" was put on national tv to attack a grieving mother.

How low the money making profiteers of this war has sink when it comes to attacking our own American people including a grieving American mother.

When the American people that support this war is going to see this is just a dirty low blow to us all Americans in this country.

Our sons are nothing but sheep to support the greedy politicians and their big money making supporters.

Ace you won my last vote for this month

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posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by marg6043
Our sons are nothing but sheep to support the greedy politicians and their big money making supporters.

Sheep, eh? So, all the people in the military, men and women, are brainless sheep, just following the herd blindly into oblivion?

They have no opinions? And they are obviously being forced to do this against their will, right? And of course, they are making no positive impact in that part of the world, right? Just over for a little brainless rape, pillage & plunder, right?

As a "scholar", I would expect that if this is not what you meant to imply, you would choose your words more carefully. If it is what you meant to imply, well, then I guess your words speak for themself.....

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by Pyros
Sheep, eh? So, all the people in the military, men and women, are brainless sheep, just following the herd blindly into oblivion?

As a military marine wife of 22 years I can testify that the military soldier will do what is told to do, country first, family second, a hard lesson I got used too very early in my married life.

As a "scholar", I would expect that if this is not what you meant to imply, you would choose your words more carefully. If it is what you meant to imply, well, then I guess your words speak for themself.....

My words are the words I want to express and as a "Scholar" is a tittle that I earned.

You can take it with respect or you can twist it to fill your own personal opinion or agenda.

If attacking my post make you feel better in the face of the truth is your choice and I hope you feel satisfy with your opinion of me.

I makes no difference on my character or what I feel about the mess in Iraq and mismanagement of our loves ones that are following orders.

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posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 11:13 AM
Maybe somebody can clarify exactly what this woman is wanting? She met with President Bush 2 months in 2004 after her son was killed in the war. Now that she is involved with organizations such as and other obvious liberal groups, a year after his death she decides to stage this protest. Do you not think it's a coincidence that she decided conveniently to stage it during the biggest newsless period of the year when Congress and the President are on vacation and reporters are scrapping for a "newsworthy" story.

I am sure it is very tough to lose a loved one in the war, especially since she doesn't agree with its legality or justification. But her making a spectacle out of it a year after her loss seems to me there are alterior motives involved. Thoughts?

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 11:21 AM
Even if she is being used as a media ploy does it really matter?

The issues she raises are legitimate, this war is going down the tubes. The USA has been lied to and it is just being realised. And there is no doubting her grief at the loss of her son.

By doing this she keeps the catastrophe of Iraq on the front pages where they belong.

Besides its about time a different view to the eternal optimism and 'one more push' mentality of the administration was shown.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 11:22 AM
I think it is OUTRAGEOUS that someone comes from a foreign country to live here in safety and comfort and expects that American should go and fight and die for what this immigrant thinks their old country needs.

This is just beyond the pale.

I can not believe this Iraqi woman has this kind of nerve.

Who the Hell does she think she is?
The Queen of Iraq?

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 11:28 AM

Anybody in this country is free to express their content or discontent of about anything that is going on with our nation.

If I chose to take my displeasure of what happened to me like losing a love one be the same day it happen of one year later is my choice and nobody else.

She obviously did for a while what was expected of her to do, be nice and accept her "sacrifice" but I guess when something doesn't feel right in your hart on in your gut not amount of prayer or support group is going to take away that feeling.

I can only said that nobody have the right to tell her how to express her discontent and grief.

If she choses to make it her long life comitment in the memory of her lost child, so other families don't have to go through the same grief, more power to her in her crusade, after all her reasons are valid.

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posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 11:30 AM

Originally posted by rstrik

I know a lot about this situation because I have read everything I can get my eyes on about it. Pro and Con. It is from my reading that the following information comes.

She has made very clear what it is she wants. She has 3 or 4 questions for the president, the first being "For what 'noble cause' did my son die"?

She initiated her political involvement and that is when her husband started distancing himself. Even though he agreed with her views, he didn't want a politically active wife. and Michael Moore latched onto her after she educated herself and became politically active. She is no more a pawn in the liberal media than I am. They're not manipulating her, they're following after her.

It was only after her initial meeting with Bush (when she decided to educate herself) that she found out about PNAC, the 9/11 Commission Report, the WMD report, the Downing Street Memos and so on. THAT is what activated her politically, not Michael Moore. And THAT is why she wants to meet with him again. She has questions now that she didn't have before. She was still in shock during the first meeting and she shared him with 17 other families.

There is plenty of newsworthy news going on right now in Iraq and Washington DC. If anything, Cindy Sheehan's protest is being used by the administration to attract people's attention away from other legitimate news, like Carl Rove.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 11:31 AM
She's no queen. In all reality, opinions are like------------s. It wouldnt take long for someone to hit the street and come up with a Bush supporter from Iraq.
It also wouldnt take long to find someone who's against it .

Nice find, AceOfBase

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posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 12:29 PM
Well then, why doesn't she sumbit her questions to the President in writing? I am sure, given the amount of publicity involved, that the President and his staff would ensure that he would return to her an appropriate and eloquent response. The office of the president has a long, well-documented history of writing just these kinds of letters to the families of servicemembers who have been killed in combat...going all the way back to Abraham Lincoln.

Why won't she do this?

a) It will deprive her of her current "live shot' status, and we will stop talking about her. She seems to be all about publicity at the moment.

b) It will deprive her of an opportunity to insult, lecture, degrade, belittle, or maybe even assault the president in person. Also, there is no opportunity for a big "drama" scene, replete with tears, anguish, and a collapse to the floor.

c) Any letter provided to her by the president wil obviously be well-crafted, and filled with flowery words of sympathy, patriotism, and compassion. Wether or not those sentiments ar genuine is immaterial - the President will have given the appearance of having taken the "high road", and since the letter will obviously be made public, he will get a free public speech at her expense.

Long story short - I pay my taxes so that the President can be the chief executive of this country and run it on an even keel. Foreign policy is but one facet of the president's daily activities, and I expect him to be on the ball all day long on such issues as the economy, oil prices, appointment of judges, trade issues, homeland defense...the list is endless. I do not pay him to be the complaint department.

If this lady wants to complain about her issue - fine. But she should do what all other Americans do...complain to her congressman.

[edit on 17-8-2005 by Pyros]

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 12:39 PM
The commander should take command. I beleive the ball is in his court. He met with her along with 17 other family members i heard. Obviously this woman deserves a one to one with the president.

How would a true diplomat handle this? Maybe its time for this government to talk to one and take care of this mess. Are there any in Washington?

"Long story short - I pay my taxes so that the President can be the chief executive of this country and run it on an even keel. "
, thats a funny one..LOL

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posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 12:43 PM
A letter carefully crafted by his script writers and then veted again for implications?

When it comes to GW Bush,
Nobody is home
The porch light is out

There is just a void
masquerading as the US president.

No cojones,
No man,
No nothing.

Mrs Sheehan actually talks to people who disagree with her.

Who thinks GW Bush was actually killed by Rove after the first presidential debate and a hologram has been used ever since?

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 01:04 PM
. The ongoing plan is to get Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Couilter and Drudge and his pin headed friends to trash her. Rove calls this the “Grass-Roots Response” task force and orders have been issued to the Friends in the Media to go ahead. Faked interviews with obscure White House staffers disguised as grieving parents of the recently killed in Iraq have been going on in the basement for a week now and I happened to blunder into one. If it wasn’t so sick, it would be funny. This is just like something out of ‘Wag the Dog’ but in the case of Rove, it would be ‘Grease the Pig.’ Then these faked sound bites are sent off to paid media employees at the various networks: CNN, FOX, NBC and others to be played on prime time as “growing public outrage” at the “lies and self-seeking” efforts on the part of Ms. Sheehan and a “gang of left-wing Bush haters” and “anti-military left-wingers.”

I have seen one of the scripts that O’Reilly is supposed to read, and will read, believe me, and it reads like something Dr. Goebbels would have trouble with it’s so fake. Rumor around here has it (Bush is not here but his any friends are) is that he was ranting around his very bad taste “ranch house” that he wanted “that goddam bitch” arrested but since the media is now involved, the sight of Secret Service goons dragging off a Gold Star mother in front of the cameras is too much for anyone else (but Bush and Rove) to take. The Rove people, via the FBI, have been dredging the files looking for something…anything…bad to use against her. The slobbering Drudge would be given reports of jay walking, overdue library books, bad school grades or whatever these perverts can dig up. Well, to those of you fools who voted for him, George W. Bush is your man, not ours and you are stuck with him. You can wear the little flags or the crosses in your lapel but you still stink and shine like a dead mackerel in the moonlight.”

See our Inside the White House archive:


posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 01:34 PM
Mrs. Sheena already meet with the President last year over the death of her son.

Now she thinks that she's entitled to another meeting because she demands it?!?

To all these disgusting anti-america, liberal dou*hes........

You seem to choose to ignore her comments after her inital meeting with the President last year.....she was happy with the way the President handled it.

Now it's a reversal because it fits an adgenda....

I genuinely feel sorry for her, IMO she and her sons death are being used for political reasons and she is too distraught over her sons death to realize it.

Shame on those people using this poor woman and her son for their political purposes.

[edit on 17-8-2005 by ferretman]

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 01:54 PM

You have voted AceOfBase for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

Is this something we should be outraged about?

Hell yes! 3320 votes - 97 %
No 75 votes - 2 %

3395 Total Votes

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 01:55 PM
I find it amusing that every thread on ATS always devolves to Bush hating or Bush supporting. You all seem like intelligent individuals, why don't you put the blame squarely where it belongs on the backs of your local congressmen who VOTED for this war. I'm neither pro Bush or against him but this countries laws prohibit a single individual such as Bush blatently attacking countries for his own gains wether you want to believe it or not. In all actuality this war would have happened eventually no matter who was president I would wager. Our military had the planning in motion way before 9/11 ever happened. So before you cry liberal or conservative you should place the blame on both parties involved because they both voted FOR it.

To stay on topic though, does this woman really deserve a personal sit down session with the President? Where does it stop? Am I owed a personal sit down with the president of Nissan because I was injured in a car accident and the vehicles he made didn't protect me well enough? With this type of thinking any person who lost a loved one in war they are owed this? The President is paid to make executive decisions and bare the responsiblity for this countrys actions. He is not paid to sit down with 1,800 grieving parents to explain himself. Although in a perfect world this would happen, but remember these men and women voluntarily signed up for the military and knew the dangers involved with it. And remember there are 1,000s of other mothers and fathers that feel differently that she does. Just because her view is the more controversal view, doesn't enable her any more special treatment than a mother who strongly believes in the cause their son died for and is mourning silently remembering the days she spent with her son or daughter instead of plastering it all over the TV. Flame away.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 02:02 PM

Originally posted by rstrik
And remember there are 1,000s of other mothers and fathers that feel differently that she does.

If that is true, they would be there kicking her in the teeth.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 02:06 PM

Originally posted by rstrik
And remember there are 1,000s of other mothers and fathers that feel differently that she does.

Just as there are thousnds of mothers and fathers that feel the same way she does.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 10:05 PM
I just love these good old boys!

Farmers for Cindy

Watch the video if you can. These are such sweet men! Real gentlemen! I love this message! Down with stereotyping!

Yesterday, we at Camp Casey had some unexpected yet much-appreciated guests. Wayne, Buddy and Larry, three farmers from Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, respectively, wandered into the Crawford Peace House around 3 p.m. and my first thought was, "uh oh, these might be Bush supporters." But to our great relief, Wayne announced in his charming Okie accent, "Hello! We're here to see Cindy and tell her that we support her and her cause 100%." Goes to show it doesn't pay to stereotype, and even more importantly, that Cindy supporters and pro-peace people come from all different backgrounds.

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