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Illegal immigrants must think think the war on terror is a joke

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 04:17 PM
I ask you what does a national id and more cameras do to prevent terrorism? If anything they target American citizen's of whom are already law abiding citizens...

These Terrorists aren't Law abiding 'citizen's' so what makes homeland security director Tom Ridge think they will use legal means to attain an identity if they've never done it before?

Camera's only provide evidence after the fact. And Terrorists won't use legal ID's as proven in the past.

If they want to tighten security and really really cared about 'homeland security' they wouldn't be targeting American citizen's as potential enemies of the state, but rather tighten the borders in Arizona, NM, and texas to prevent another terrorist attack.

My opinion is, this war on terror is a joke, and if you asked yourself why isn't the government tightening the borders in Arizona and being too soft of illegal immgrants and instead being too busy with creating a national database of already law abiding citizens and camera's to watch them, you would see it too...

They would be able to immediately identify a law abiding citizen with the camera's and biometric national id cards, but not an illegal immigrant who doesn't follow the laws and use the national id card because they know the biometrics would identify them in a second...No, they would use illegal means like they do already to get a fradulent identification and that way still be able live outside of the law...

This doesn't protect the homeland but rather targets innocent american's as potential enemies of the state.

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posted on Aug, 21 2005 @ 04:12 AM
Will invading Afghanistan and Iraq stop terrorism within US borders? Will singling out babies on "no fly" lists at airports stop terrorism? Does allowing illegals to run rampant over the border and live here undocumented help to stop terrorism? The answers are no, no and no.

Has the government taken even one important step to stop terrorism in this country? I can't think of any. On the contrary, attacking Islamic countries without provocation and allowing borders and illegals to remain unchecked, only encourages terrorism.

Our government has invited the third world here with open arms to help create a slave class, while alienating us from other countries, by engaging in unsanctioned war.

There still remains an element within our government fighting for the rights of it's people, but they are systematically being eliminated.

Our current administration has completely betrayed the American people and only seeks to further their agenda of enslavement.

Sadlt, this is what I and countless other Americans see as the truth.

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