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AirVenture 2005: B-17G pics

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 02:17 PM
A few weeks ago I had the good fortune of attending the largest airshow in the World and spent most of my time taking pictures of the war planes. I allready posted links to the picutres I took of white knight/Space Ship one here and now will show some of WWII bombers.

Sadly the earlier pics of the inside of the B-17 I took we accidently formated on my memory card. It is one of my favorite places and I gladly donated $20 to the musem to aid in restoration of the planes.

The distinctive "Big Rudder" of a B-17 along with waist guns

A front veiw of a B-17

Looking towards the nose at the twin .50 MG of the tail guns, the gun sights would be above where this pic was taken..I actaully reached my arm through the turret to get this rather unique shot

Looking between the ammo magazines for the tail guns, from the tail access hatch. Notice the "kneeling pads"

THe best shot I could get with my camera of a B-17 fly over... thankfully with it's bomb bay doors closed

Another front shot, showing the identifying G model chin turret

A B-17 in European color scheme, I belive this B-17 has been attending the airshow for at least 15 years in a row

Front of the ball turret looking between the guns, the kids really liked looking at this. and ther was a great crewman of short stature explaining how it worked

Looking into the ball turret thru the window the gunner would be looking through, and at his seat. Yes, the Gunner would spend his whole time over Europe looking at his balls-- I mean OUT his ball

Looking inside and up at the mechinisums and sights for the turret system, which was state of the art at the time. Even had a switch for his suit heater

Hope you enjoyed, I should have pics of A-10s, B-24s and B-25 next. Followed by the P-38 "Glacier Girl" and P-51s. Takes me a while to go thru them all, format them, and upload them


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