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My message to an unbelieving world

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 12:40 PM
I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that this "theory" you speak of isn't as profound or esoteric as you may believe. certain circumstances may possible discredit your claim, which unfortunately you had to sit on for a decade. Just post a hint of what you're speaking of and let us satisfy our hunger for your vague assertion. Let us be the judge of your confusion, that's why we're here. If not, your name will be rememeber in the future, and a lot of people won't take what you thread very seriously. Just cough it up!

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 12:43 PM
If your information could truely change the world as we know it just do it

If you take a look at the world and see what oil is doing to it ( in terms of war , pollution etc ) then you just have no other choice , think of what your grandchildren could benefit from .....

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 12:47 PM
If you truely have info/discoveries that can help mankind and you don't release that info to everyone you can, you will be as evil as the forces you fear.

What would Jesus do? I know you are a Christian, so isnt this question appropiate?

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 12:55 PM
whaa, exactly...

Firstly, this isn't about money. I was offered a book deal back in '96
Secondly, I have done soul searching over this ever since I saw it. Many of you know how unwavering I am in my Faith and I try to guide others to believe since the time is so short. I often wonder if I am the trigger to Armageddon and can't help but feel like I would have some responsibility.

I then realize that it had been written, it's inevitable. Then I think that God led me to my understanding in order to bring this evil hell - bent for destruction world to an end and usher in the Second Coming. In order to have peace a world war is inevitable.

My anonymity is already compromised. I have been on google since '96.

I will give you a minor part of it .... Perhaps you will come up with your own design.

"All things being equal" is misleading. Equal force can be apllied to harness prior cause to further affect and without cancelling each other out.

Take a cone shape and the smaller diameter rotates in less space than the larger diameter.

This alone will lead you to perpetual motion. My design implements another aspect that I will withold until that time that I have some assurance that it would be used for peaceful research and not weapons first. I don't make claims of FTL lightly. Picture a pebble being hurled at near light speed, what I dub the David and Goliath effect. Maybe I've said too much already.

Now that you see the viability of geometric design, explore it. It is really that simple.

Now that the basic idea is out there do you think we as a society can get over our differences in order to advance civilization? It's doubtful. It had been written.
I'm sorry people, this was my calling. Accept Christ as your saviour now while he grants you the time.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 01:08 PM
I did not read through all the additonal posts to your begging posts.
If you do have such knowledge then you are murdering people as we speak.

Because such knowledge is badly needed to supply free energy to peoples around the world that could use such to clean salinated waters and multitudes of medicinal purposes as well.

Free energy would release money being spent on energy to be used in areas that will, and could be saving lives into the future.

In some contries heat saves lives in the winter. People will die today because of heat exhaustion.

Your knowledge could have saved many thousands of lives over the last decade, and in to the unknown future.

I however, think you just a fake trying your best to get ATS points but thats just an opinion of someone who is wating for the truth.. a skeptic.

You should most definately release the information to save lives.


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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 01:11 PM
If you have no intention of posting the info then you really shouldn;t bother to be honest. But assuming you actually do have some info then it would be interesting to look at.

Is it something like Hamel's contraption? It has always interested my but I have never looked at it in detail.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 01:53 PM
Simply, if what you state is true, it would be wise to post the info now. This way, many will know about it and be able to assist in keeping it NOT secret.

Folks have made patents in the past to try and market things that would benefit humanity only to find it become missing and the inventor suicided. Then, it never came.

If your idea really works, it will never make it to the public if you keep it. If it is true that you have something and you want the world to know, get it out to as many people as you can as fast as you can. Otherwise, it will never reach us as the corporate would never allow it.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 01:59 PM
If it's an open system all bets are off because that does not violate conservation laws. i.e. add heat to keep a process going - could be heat from sun or whatever - that is not perpetual....

Rotating cone - no violation. Smaller parts rotate faster - angular momentum is conserved i.e. input energy to rotate cone will be greater than the energy of the rotating cone itself (heat & friction in air will make input greater than output).

Add magnets - it still doesn't work - magnetic flux decreases and all is conserved.

I'd like to see it happen but NOBODY in the last 200+ years has ever gotten it to work.... If you can draw from the "Aether" e.g. zero point then maybe but now we have an open system and who knows what will happen then (aliens may get pissed as their hot tubs get colder)....

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 02:02 PM
AgentSmith, yes and no. I don't use a cone, I merely expressed the principle as a cone. Thanks for the link though as I haven't seen this attempt before. As to the yes, it does have three sides (in part) and not three cones.
I think his (her?) failure was in weight to lift ratio, too much weight and no lift. Had this design utilized a weight transfer and not merely centrifical force he might have gotten it to jump. (I assume, I skimmed the article and spent more time looking at the pics)

You people express an anger in that I just don't lay it all out for you. You seem to think I am merely after points. You think I am just a fake with fraudulent claims as to what the design implementation is capable of.

I can piece-meal it out all day long and unless you pictured the overall design you wouldn't appreciate the harmony. I said about all I can say regarding the principle, I won't spell out the design, at least not yet. If you feel I am merely after points (1 at a time lol) pulease, give me more credit than that. This concept would have made great sci-fi and I could have submitted it to collaborative fiction had the points interested me.

I told you the clue, geometry. Thats as far as I am going to divulge it at this time. Believe it or not, don't even post if you feel this about me. It isn't your blessings on the design I was looking for. The basis of the design or at least partial design, has been clearly defined. Had you the intuition to understand what it meant you would already know how to implement it.

I'm not trying to tease you, I stated my reasoning in the initial post and as such I am still waiting until I either give it out of futility or cease out of an illumination. I know its hard to see a viability of a design when all you have is a principle and that is why I only gave you the cone as example. I just told you it had three sides so now you know it is triangular. For me to say any more at this time would defeat my entire purpose, to understand others feelings, and to have your blessing.

Consider that the very hint of a viable design might affect world oil prices. This isn't why I did it either. Consider that I am responsible under National Security if my idea were haphazardly available to all when there is so much possible with it. I will pay the consequences, not mankind regardless of how good it would be. Never mind the position I put myself in to a trillion dollar a year industry.
And yes, I am more than aware of how badly this is needed. Would I have been looking at it for 10 years if I didn't have hope?

Understand that I'm not after my 15 minutes of fame either, would I be using a NIC if I wanted to be known? I could have made money off of this, at the very least as a sci-fi writer and at one point I had considered introducing the concept that way (not here, through a paperback) but I am only in this for humanity. And the advancement of our technology that would ultimatley lead to inter-stellar travel.

I told you all I had given it to NASA first. On another thread I mentioned a re-inventing of the wheel, 4,680 degrees instead of 360. I offered to help others with their designs as well. I only want to see this come to fruition and not get suppressed.
I have given a lot more of this than I have expressed publicly to others here and in that, at the least, whatever happens will be either an example of my mistake in coming forward, or should I be silenced the theory is known. Even in that, I didn't divulge it all in that there is an unusual correlation between the base and the triangle. Enough said.

Like I have said, it is so simple which is the beauty of it all. I had often wondered why nobody has seen this before? Maybe thinking outside the box is a little hard when so many have tried and failed. I am not an engineer, I do all my work in my mind. If you think I am delusional, whatever. I know what I see as being capable. Please don't even bother to post if you doubt, or post if you will, it matters little to me as I am not aiming at this audience anyway.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:00 PM
My irrelevant opinion-

ALL new technology is disruptive. All advancements are disruptive. Almost ANYTHING new and worthwhile is disruptive. Virtually anything innovative can be used for good or ... you get the point. Is your discovery/innovation going to make things better or worse? If it's truly that revolutionary, yes there will be some pain. Maybe a lot of pain. There's pain in childbirth, too. But few mothers would maintain it wasn't worth it. (ok maybe a bad analogy). You're asking for opinions/advice/reasons as to why you should or shouldn't divulge this information. I think you already know who you should ask, and I think you already know the answer. And that probably doesn't make it any easier, because you think you know the potential ramifications. I say in all seriousness, search your heart, pray for guidance, then do what you know you must.

Good luck.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:09 PM
Well all I can say on this subject is.
Tell the world now because it may just save the planet from extinction.
And I’m sure if you suddenly go missing along with your paperwork someone ells will come up with the perpetual motion theory in the near future.

Maybe that’s why G Bush gave the go ahead for new nuclear power stations and nuclear waste dump approvals. Get P/M to drive all kinds of vehicles and get electrical power from Nuclear energy and sod the oil game.

Sounds like your afraid of what might happen. Weren’t they afraid of what might happen when they first tested the H Bomb? They had this notion a chain reaction might occur which could go all round the world.

If your afraid of it getting in the wrong hands or one power having control of it. Split up the formula into parts, lets say 10 parts. Then copy right these parts in 10 super power countries and 2 neutral countries. Then go to the UN and say what you have and give it to the world free of charge.

Go On do it
I think my head has gone into perpetual motion

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:17 PM
Keybored, you got something to say, something to reveal, or are you simply trying to jerk chains for personal attention?

I hope you're not simply a fraudulent little puppy, because not only would I hate to bounce you right outta here for posting lies, but I am alos placing all my hope in the future on your shoulders, that you can provide cheap energy!

Lay it on the line and knock off your vague, cryptic crap.

As far as your steadfast faith, you should know that Armegeddon will occur when the armies come together for battle, and you should know that God will set hooks in jaws to gitter done.

Now, let's see what you have....

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:47 PM
You've got to understand mate that even in the couple years I've been here there have been several things like this that even I noticed, god knows how many there have actually been. We're all pretty skeptical now and you really have to put your info forward or not bother to be honest. Even if you are being genuine, we're so tired of the ones that weren't you'll suffer because of it.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:50 PM
Pfft. If he was sincere, the humanity-saving technology would be put right here, right now, so that many people could see it and it couldn't be hidden by the corporations who'd rather it not be known.

Come on, dude - put up or shut up!

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 04:24 PM
You can post equations or data from results without giving away the kitty....

Some force & momentum stuff or screen shots of energy in versus energy out from your working design. I assume you have a working prototype because without that it is not much to base a claim on.

JL Naudin has done lot's of over unity experiments although in some cases he gets flawed on the measurements of the WHOLE system. He posts the designs and the experimental results and he hasn't been capped yet. Some interesting stuff on his site and well worth some time to poke around....

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 04:43 PM
The more I read this guy's posts, the more I think he's just looking for attention. As I re-read the last one I see only intellectual superiority and extremely vague "hints", with no substance whatsoever. A lot of "claim to fame" type stuff w/ no meat to it. I hope I'm wrong about you, and I'll be the first to stand up and apologize if I am. But I trust my intuition, it rarely leads me astray, and it's calling B.S.

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 06:28 PM
I apologize to all for pulling your chains, dangling a carrot, pi$$ing you off, enticing you with hope, filling you with dread or any number of expected reactions. Was this an experiment in human reaction? As a sampling of the populace it would seem that emotions are varied but the one underlying theme remains the same, we all want to believe. I again apologize for “yanking your chains” with the preceding but I couldn’t resist J
Allow me to make believers of you all.

As previously stated rotational speed varies with diameter even though rate of spin remains the same. This can be used in order to manipulate a system to feed and chase itself. Someone mentioned a few of the laws such as heat (none) and external forces like wind (negligible). It isn’t an open system relying on any external forces; it is entirely self- contained. It needs nothing other than a correct alignment.
I thank those of you who offered ideas as to how to ensure my own security and in this regard I have no worry. The one I thought the most worthy of mention was dividing it up into pieces and giving it to various nations.
The problem with that is there aren’t enough pieces to go around. I basically gave you all half of it and here is the other half. I was asked if I had a prototype and my work to date has been cerebral. I am not an engineer, my endeavor in this is as a theorist and I leave the engineering of it up to you. This isn’t to say I wouldn’t be interested in building it myself; in fact I would very much like to start a collaborative effort in this. There are an infinite number of applications.

First of all, I derived this geometry from the pyramids. Could this have been the message all along? Regardless, the way I hit on it was when I saw that the pyramids have a square base and is not triangular like the sides (tetrahedral). My personal exploration of this theory began with Richard Hoagland whom I had sworn by until I first found ATS (thank you!) and had happened upon a link that opened my eyes to his claims.

The irony is, I wasn’t so much concerned whether the Face was real or not, I was more interested in the math, and particularly the 19.5-degree message that was redundantly displayed (or so he claimed)… I also looked at the Barbury Castle crop circle of July 1991 and saw what looked like a triangle with a circle on one point, a circle with curved spokes on the other (which gave me the impression of spinning) and on the third point was what looked like a spiral staircase (which gave me the impression of phasing). This crop circle also had that same redundant 19.5-degree message so I was hooked from that point in time and went forward with my own investigations.
This was when I saw the base 13 mathematical model (closed system, beginning and ending) that took 13 revolutions to complete a single cycle. The implementation of this was evident immediately and this is when I saw the possibility of a system feeding and chasing itself.
Lets cut to the chase…
The pyramid has a square base. If you spin a triangle over a square, contact on the points goes counter to the direction of spin of the triangle. (This aspect has applications see below) A square has 4 points, which naturally out-numbers the 3 of the triangle. The varied heights of the tetrahedron allow you to exert a force at one point, and the different speed of diameters allow you to exert additional forces even though they are offset which is like a delay or an advance, all the while having that 4-3 ratio. It would work. by using the simple push/pull principles of ordinary magnets alone.

My theories have gone beyond this simple design in that using electro magnets, harnessing power generation, using that David and Goliath affect (I mentioned earlier) for propulsion, and utilizing that mathematical model (4,680 degree rotation instead of 360) I believe I could demonstrate levitation as well as an acceleration curve that goes near vertical. If the speed of light is the absolute limit (which I doubt) then relative between the square and the triangle I can go double that. Yes, I spin the square too.
The limit is how fast an electrical impulse can travel.

If free energy exists, this is where it will be found. Harnessing power generation is simple enough utilizing what we already know, releasing that energy for propulsion (in space there is literally nothing to hold this back) or the David and Goliath affect as I call it has a tremendous force. I will be the first one to tell you R&D needs to go into this since there are tremendous forces to be compensated for but for all intensive purposes it would need to be contained within a suspension field.

Am I wrong?

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 06:50 PM
hehe, didn't kano post something a few threads above yours relating to this kind of stuff.
only joking partner, good for you, but aren't you a a hypocrit?
appologise if your not
bet your a nice guy and like the lateral thinking you most probably have.

***you say how the government holds back free speach and that and then you do exactly that to us, giving a selfish reason of threat of death as a fear to tell. ***

personally hate selfishness and fear and all the sins that taggle on price tag.

as for perpetual motion, why we want it? theres enough energy already there, lets find a way to harvest the energy off neutrinos & muons flying around, if you post harnessed energy from neutrinos by capturing the bi - cherckenkov rad using electron dense superfluid helium 3 i wud be impressed


posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 07:01 PM
...gotta re-invent the wheel

Curious to see if and how fast the debunkers will jump on keybored's theory.

My thoughts . . . get to work!

Scientists, Mathematicians, etc.

He's clearly explained the principles, so now it's up to those with the proper knowledge and understanding to prove/disprove.


Anxiously awaiting debunkers! :O)

Just trying to help

Do the math . . .

Any help?

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 07:03 PM
Keybored, if your idea is all that, then build one and sell the power to your local power company. Simple. Since energy was deregulated in Texas, lots of windmill farms sprang up and they're making money without worrying about BIG OIL. I don't think the power company could care less how you were making it, they would probably want to just buy the power.

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