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Excercises That Heighten The Soul

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posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 07:59 PM
As a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) - started by Edgar Cayce - I am aware that there are little 'excercises' that may help people to 'advance their souls' so to speak. People came to him with all sorts of problems, from physical to mental to emotional to spiritual you name it, and he invariably gave uplifting and PRACTICAL diagnosis, advise and solutions, alot of them based on karma.

An Example: One person asked him what they could do to not be so lonely in life. His answer was basicly that because of The Laws of Karma, "One must be friendly to have friends". Solutional excercise: "Go to places where there are lots of people and talk to them - preferably a place of serving and helping others. Like volunteer work, a veterinarian clinic, or church.

Now, he also gave excercises for becoming more psychic.
Quick karmic example (im writing this from memory not verbatim):

In order to become empathic, one must first be not only interested in others, but what they have to say and teach us. Excercise: Listen more closely to others and what they have to say. Are they saying what they truelly feel? Is this person angry because of what they are saying or is there a deeper underlying hurt or pain that is causing it? Look for the emotional nuances that may lay outside the box and not just what you think you are hearing (if you are even paying attention when they speak at all!)

Now, my question is this: do you all know any excorcises like this? Excercises that have practical value, easy to do, not de-structive but con-structive, benificial to our souls? Excorcises that will make us better people in the next lifetime around?

As someone who enjoys strengthening my spirit every chance i get (don't we all in this day and age?) id like to pose this question to the like minded brothers and sisters who also do the same. Any ideas on ways to strenghten/heighten/advance the human spiritual condition on a personal level? or group level? or global level?


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