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US weapons technology - need information

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posted on Sep, 17 2002 @ 12:55 PM
Does anyone have any information on new US weapons which may be deployed in Iraq?
They have been rumours of weapons still secret which will be used on Iraq.

posted on Oct, 12 2002 @ 04:33 PM
I am sure that there will be the use or testing of darkstar to get pictures over hostile areas I also know there was a anouncement to test the new steath suits the military had come up with I had posted how those were made here a while ago. I also wouldnt rule out the possibilty that some force feild tech has been come up with by now. There was only one website that I knew of that had the plans and I am pretty sure that It has been shut down. Besides that I dont know the spacifics of what the battle plan is for Iraq. I do know this It seems to me that Aproximatly 1.2 million muslums live in the united state not picking on this spacific group. But taking into concideration that aproximatly 2% could be With the Talaban or some other group with just the 2% that is the possiblity of no less then 25 to 50 thousand sleeper cells. To put this into a real perspective. Here is just one of the websites I have posted here.

This website sells plans on how to make a nuclear bomb. But I know many people personaly that have there hands on people that can sell me suit case nukes for about 200,000 oddly enought a black helichopper is more expencive then the suit case nuke go figure. Also the Russian Defence Minister Before he did admited in the moscowtimes if I am not mistaken it was also in the Associated Press. That aproximatly 100 suit case nukes we missing from the russian arsonal. If you assume that on 10 or so made there way in the U.S. by the mean's of any form of transportation. This leaves the possiblity that suit case nukes could go off on american soil as well as any other country that these could have been smuggeled into. I bring this up only to point out one thing. If I was Bush I would not broadcast any of this war on T.V. That would give the incentive for sleeper cells anywhere in the world to activate. Just somthing to think about what wonderfull times we live in.


posted on Oct, 19 2002 @ 03:03 PM
First of all, let me ask you kindly to run a spell-check on your postings before you put them up because it took me like 20 min to decipher what you were saying. Thanks.

Now, as for the sleeper cells: your logic is severely flawed. How do you assume that 2% of Muslims living in this country are Taliban??? Where/how did you come up with that statistic? You should also take note that the majority of Muslims living in this country are 2nd or 3rd generation Americans and would have no ties what-so-ever with their original countries of origin, thus negating the possibility of them being Taliban-sympathetic. The rest of the Muslims in this country are mostly African Americans (nation of Islam) who are just as likely to be Taliban as you or me!

Furthermore, if there WERE any sleeper cells (which is probably highly likely), Bush attacking Iraq would not be their "trigger". Sleepers don't get activated because of emotions and what they see on TV. They are activated by their controllers in order to serve a strategic purpose, and since sleeper cells would not be able to hinder a possible attack on Iraq, their activation would be meaningless.


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