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NEWS: Forcible Moves By Pentagon To Block New Iraq Prison Abuse Photos

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posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 09:47 AM
The Pentagon has taken forcible steps to block more abuse photos and evidence at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The move comes after several human rights movements have legally requested that 87 photographs and four videotapes made public. The photographs and videos were turned over to military investigators last year by Specialist Joseph Darby and they contained extensive evidence of brutal abuse by his fellow military policemen at the prison.
The pictures showed inmates piled up naked on the floor, cowering in front of snarling military dogs, chained to beds in stress positions, with women's underwear put over their heads, and forced to stand naked in front of female guards.

So far, only a fraction of pictures made by Specialist Darby have been released to the public.

A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and several other human rights groups with the US District Court in New York aims to fill this gap by making the remaining pictures available.

In an affidavit filed with the court on July 21 and unsealed this week, Gen Myers insists the release "would aid the recruitment effort and other activities of insurgent elements".

The suit comes at a particularly sensitive time for the administration of President George W Bush, which is trying to stem the erosion of public support for its policies in Iraq following a new spike in US casualties.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

These photographs were the start of the Abu Ghraib scandal and the public does really have a right to know what went on. So far only low ranking officers have been charged over this incident.

The Pentagon has reacted fast with the lawsuits to stifle the freedom of information that should be coming to the American people and the world.

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posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 09:58 AM
oh so now the photos will increase the insurgency recruiting? i thought hating america was all it took?

i personally am not liking the blatent blockage of information. they are censoring anything that puts them (govt.) in a a negative light. allow the people to information that is rightfully theirs.

ahh, my pipe dreams

posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 10:07 AM
If you ask me, sooner or later these pictures will "Leak-out" to the Public.

Just as all these "Hidden Pictures" do in Time.

posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 12:10 PM
Information management by the pentagram center during this war has been superb (starting with the bedding of the media - that's right no "em" needed). Given the poor performance of US troops against lightly armed guerillas (there was no real Iraqi army left by the mid 90's anyway), that ANYone supports the war is truly a credit to the pentagrams propaganda technicians.

Now that the truth threatens to crash their party, it's understandable that they have the bouncers out there keeping the public in their place. What right do ordinary people have to known what the ruling class have decided is acceptable? Damnable plebs.

This disgusting behaviour doesn't come spontaneously to balanced people. I choose to believe that soldiers are (on the whole) balance people. Therefore, if war crimes (yes, choke on that if you must but that is what they are) are committed by many soldiers in a systemic way, then it ain't coincidence. It's called "chain of command" [first war crime]. Following an illegal order that comes down that chain is the second crime [the lesser of the two in my opinion] (any takers?). But that means you have the "Pvt Lindy England"s starring in #ty e-snaps, plus every superior officer/nco from her up to the "commander in chief" responsible for these crimes (unless anyone on that path is willing to take the trapdoor and rope test on his boss's behalf - if you survive 30 minutes then you're innocent). Regardless of who will be jailed/executed for the crimes, the facts about the crimes MUST come out.

If a crime is commited then knowledge about that crime is the absolute right of the plebs - ie. the electorate/public/normal folks, in the place where the crime is committed and the place where the person who committed the crime originates (once the suspects are identified). Hiding crimes is what authoritarian regimes do (any takers? - again) so it won't happen in the US

[smarmy gitmo'de]
I think it's time to start a poll. After WW2 they chose Nuremberg for the trials of the war criminals. Well why should the western Ubermensche always choose the venue? After this is over, whatsay we have the trials in, ooh, um, I dunno, Crawford? Any takers? And let's synidcate it (more ad revenue that way), and have another in Sedgefield, UK, for the other guy - we can call him Bush's lieutenant (after all, they nailed all of Hitler's didn't they?).

Or maybe, justice would be better served by the Fallujah Trials? Just postulating. Let's have an ATS poll. C'mon!
[/smarmy gitmo'de]

posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 02:27 PM
Hide the evidence. I think in the civilian world its called obstruction of justice.

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