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Wanna win?

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posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by LA_Maximus
Y'all wanna win this war on terror? Heres how to do it:

1) Increase troop strength to 500,000 soldiers...even if it means stripping them from Japan, South Korea and Germany. Go on a 1 year offensive that will knock these Terrorists and kidnappers into the afterlife.

2) Start using heavier firepower and quit worrying about "world opinion" The cut-throats we're fighting only understand superior firepower....why do we force our soldiers to fight them on their terms?

3) Kill all prisoners that are caught red-handed with bomb making materials or are caught shooting at coalition forces....Kill them on the spot and be done with it. That also goes for the Garbage at Guantanamo Bay.

4) Start making Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria pay a "toll" for allowing these terrorists into Iraq. Heres how it works.....if a theres ANY terror attack ANYWHERE in the world that involves Islam ....than US B-2 Bombers should hit Irans #1 oil pipeline...sink that shiney new Frigate sitting in their harbor....hit that nuclear plant in Iran...blow that Iranian refinery up.......assasinate Royal Saudi family members that are proven to finance terrorism.......Hit the Syrian security forces buildings.....etc etc etc. You see, only when it starts getting expensive and dangerous for the Terror sponsers will they start changing....until than they will continue to finance and support terror.

5) Lock up all the ACLU leadership and have a Grand Jury investigate where their getting their money from. Lock up or DEPORT ANYONE who openly supports the Islamic terrorists until this war is over with. Lock up any newspaper or TV reporter that reports a story that can cause harm to our soldiers in the field (Grab-an-Arab prison scandal and the Koran in the toilet scandal from newsweek etc etc).

Let me finnish with this win a war you have to be more violent than the people your fighting. In WW II, we gave the Japanese so much violence...they finally gave up. They had their fill of it! ....the Nazis gave up after almost ALL their cities were destroyed and their armies wiped out.

Unless these measure are taken....we may as well bring our boys back home and pull the blankie over our heads.


Hey, there is another solution, which is much quicker and less violent: bomb the # out of them, anihillate them from the face of the Earth. There are only 1.5 billion of these anyway.

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 07:28 AM
Two sides of the same coin at work here, sadly it's rather dreary and all too predictable.

Shame you can't see it but your 'solutions' (which basically equate to an infantile and simplistic 'keep adding more violence to 'solve the problem'') are the same as those the terrorists think work too.

They don't.
As umteen examples of 'terrorist wars' show this is not like a conventional war.

The 'keep adding more violence' merely 'ups the ante' and delays the day when those reasonable on each side must talk.

When the fighting is over, as it must end one day, all that is left is for there to be a political solution.

Anyone who claims differently is either a liar or a war-perv looking for a genocide (which even Hitler couldn't manage, so why not drop the sicko fantasy, huh?).

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 03:08 PM
I think this really comes down to what reality we really live in.

Say that we live in the reality that many of you seem to think we do, the reality where there are muslim extremist groups that hate the west and want westerners, especially Americans, to suffer and die.
These terrorists are fueled by hate towards the west. By killing a few of their muslim "brothers," more muslims will come to hate the west and more will join them, the terrorists, in their quest to destroy the west (hey that rhymes.) Sooner or later these muslims and others might start to think that "hey, they are merely retaliating against the US, because the US killed many muslims," when these terrorists start doing their terrorists attacks, this then "justifies" them to kill americans. The same thing works for the westerners, muslim extremists kill westerners, more westerners grow to hate muslim extremists, and most likely muslims in general. Pouring more fuel on the fire is no solution.
It truly is a cycle of violence and at some point, someone has to be the better man and stop it, stop the violence.

Or then, let's say we live in a reality, where the Bush administration along with their friends in the CIA, FBI, their european banker friends, heads of industry etc. orchestrated the terrorist attacks to scare the american people into giving up their liberties for more temporary security, ultimately leading to a fascist police state, and to justify a invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq to get control of their oil fields, while they also created, funded and trained these terrorist groups in the first place.
In this reality, there will be terrorist attacks regardless if the US were to put more troops into the middle east or remove troops from the middle east, the terrorist attacks wouldn't stop until the american people would either give up all their rights and liberties to these scumbags or then realize that they've been screwed over and get rid of these scumbags.

I myself think the second theory is more likely, but I'm not completly sure either, the propaganda is so overwhelming. Those of you who believe in the first seem to be kind of good with handling logic, but you lack imagination.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
-- Albert Einstein

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