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Palm Readers - Can they really tell the future?

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posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 03:20 AM
Hello Everyone,

I have 2 questions that I hope you can answer.

1. Are palm readers really about to tell the future? I'm talking about real ones, not fakes (if there is such a thing). I've done a few searches online and read about the lines and what they mean. The Asian countries have quite a complex and interesting way of reading things from the body. I'm not sure if I believe they can actually tell the future - although this can possibly be done by shrewd guess work and probability. For example I can tell the future of most computer geeks (no offense to anyone!)

Profession: Programmer/techie/gamer
Body/Health: Sedantary, not too active, slothlike
Diet: cheetos and coke, occassionally pizza
Lovelife: Nonexistant
Stresslevels: Skyhigh

Prediction= not going to be around for long

My opinion is that palm reading can possibly indicate what has happened to you to a point such as scars, wrinkles and teeth can tell people how old you are, what hand you write with and so forth. I also believe that events and personality traits can also have effect on you physically whether externally or internally - the internal ones might be manifested in the lines on your hand. Would love to hear anything pro or against what I've said. I have done some research but not enough to know a lot.

2. I want to know if anyone has ever had a reading. If so have you been told things about yourself that are true or not? Note I am breaking my queries into two points. Predicatability of the future and also someone being able to 'read' your personality, skills, strenghts etc accurately in the present.

btw: I did have my done last weekend for the first time in my life (all in the name of curiosity and research) and while nothing was said to me that I didn't already know, I thought the person who conducted it was a great observer of people and SO quick to pick up even my tiniest nuances. If you get what I'm saying. Will share more later.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 04:10 AM
Palm reading is just another Intuitive art. Just like the Tarot, or even tea leaves, the power is not in what you see, but what the reader can sense.

You are right that it is connected to probabilites but it can go much deeper than that. There is certainly an element of belief on the part of the person being read. If they believe in what they are being told they are more likely to take actions to bring it about, if they do not believe they can do the opposite.

These things are always part of any sort of prediction but they do not eliminate the power that the Intution can provide to those who learn how to listen. So my answer to your question is yes they can, but the lines on your palm are only the very beginning of how they can.

Pretty much the same answer to #2, I have seen some people who were flat out amazing in what they can get from someone. I have studied body language and how stage magicians pull off various tricks of this sort but I have seen things that transcend all of that.


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posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 04:41 AM

Thanks for your reply. That goes along the lines of what I think as well. The person who did my reading was picking up things at such velocity and with such accuracy, it was breathtaking. I thought *I* was good at body language! His perifereal vision was quite good as well, I could see him looking at me without looking at me if you get my drift. I think this allowed him to see and note that I tended to be on the skeptical, cautious side of things. Every blink, every eye movement that I made was being picked up by him, whether intentionally or just as a matter of course. He calls himself a psychic healer and has been doing it for years. I assume this has given him the ability to read people before they even sit at his table.

Anyway, thanks again as I had some inkling that it was perception and the study of people that along with the basic hand reading is what provides the ability to do an accurate 'reading'.

Just as a little test, I was with two other people that day and we all agreed (giggling all the while) to get 'read'. We didn't hide this from him, we circled around each other and were polite - afterward we sat together and discussed his findings.

Some of the things seemed to be general things he told everyone - some were a blatant sell of his 'reiki' classes and some were unique to each one of us.

One of my friends for example was told she had a lot of nervous energy and stress, but I watched as she sat with him and not one emotion passed that I could pick up. She was keeping it bottled to not give anything away. Her hand was as steady as her face was unreadable. My other friend is very lively, very vivacious - secretly she is demanding, manipulative and stubborn as anything - the reader also picked it up.

As for me - well I'll just keep that one quiet for now.

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