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Trouble with my forgetful brain

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 12:11 PM
Does this ever happen to any of you? Could it be the drugs I used to take as a teenager? Or am I just mentally challenged?

I used to be a wiz when it came to the english language, written and orally communicating.

When I am going on a tangent about something, I forget sometimes what I was about to say or find it troublesome when i'm at a loss for words but deep in my head I know, but yet I can't reach that far in...

Or better yet when I am about to comment on something, I get this big long drawn out explanation in my head, but it goes by in a snap and I forget what it was all about or don't know what it was all about, yet I am satisfied and have nothing to say verbally because I 'feel' I know.

However I remember a few times being on E as a teenager talking to my friends father about really deep discussions and he thought I was the most intelligent person he ever met..

And that's because those thoughts weren't going past me in my head in a snap. They were actually on the same kind of clock as my mouth was.

Now I don't know if I am challenged today because of my decisions as a kid but sometimes I just don't make the kind of sense I do verbally as I do in my head. It distrubs me when I think about it because i'm not sure if I can repair this or if I'm doomed... what's the deal with this?

And I just forgot to mention (see) that when I walk into a room about to do something, my mind goes blank and I forget why I was in there.. What the point was...

For example I walked into the bathroom meaning to turn my straightener on, but when I got there I walked out because I forgot.. But when I walked out, I rememberd, so I went back in there making myself remember that i had to turn my straightener on...

And do you know how many times in the past i've lost my wallet?

Some days I feel like Ozzy Osbourne

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