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Which Government is backing Al-Qaeda?

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 06:37 PM

Originally posted by slank
Bush has provided new territory for them to set up training grounds.

Saddam was providing them to terrorist organization prior to regime change.

Bush has given them ammo and weapon's caches around Iraq to supply them.

Saddam made preparations and planning for such prior to regime change.
They were also placed in locations throughout Iraq so that the Iraqi military could disperse into separate guerilla like units and fight a guerilla styled warfare against the Coalition. The Fedayeen come to mind here.

'A' typical slank rhetoric....without thought or merit.


posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 07:54 PM
I have seen exactly one document with two people saying Saddam had a terrorist training facility. One of the two sources is unnamed.
Are these sources as credible as Ahmad Chalabi? The source of mountains of false reports that kept the administration happy? Were they being paid as Chalabi was, to the tune of $340,000.00 USD per month?

In point of fact huge tracts of ungoverned land is now available to terrorists of every stripe and sect.

The Military invaded and made no provisions to guard any strategically important sites after the enemy was overpowered.

That was a choice/decsion that the overseers of this operation made.
And yes they are responsible for allowing these resources to fall into unknown [mostly enemy] hands.

Essentially these weapons and ammo caches were handed over to anyone wanting to simply come and take them.

This is probably one of the main weapons sources that have subsequently been used to kill American troops.

I realize Bush is somewhat distracted, between trying to funnel money to Haliburton and time spent taking vacations.

whether by accident or intent,

Bush supports terrorism.

Al Qaeda loves Bush.


posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 10:41 AM
Gun manufactures and dealers as known in the ‘West’ do not exist in mentioned regions. There have been volumes of weapons disbursed, manufactured and captured through the regions for decades; (gunsmiths manufacture inexpensive exact knock-off’s by the tens of thousands annually)

To specifically ID this weapon’s maker one would need to examine it closely, any other type of observation is speculation. Firearms are too accessible and numerous in the Mid to point to any one specific ‘supplier’ or dealer.

Rounds for the AK’s etc are available from myriads upon myriads of sources at pennies each (not true with the .223), replacement parts can be manufactured almost anywhere and the proven reliability is there. It simply makes good sense to equip with these weapons.

One example:

In Darra, customers can choose from an amazing abundance of low-price
goods -- with no questions asked. Darra's gunsmiths say they can produce
an exact copy of any gun in a matter of days. In addition to the array
of automatic weapons on display, local officials say, Darra's merchants
also sell cannons, antiaircraft guns and grenades.

"Each time we sell one, we know in our minds that these guns are made
for the death of human beings," said Syed Ali, 30, who sells more than
1,000 guns a year at the Asia Arms Store, where an AK-47 captured from
the Soviet army in Afghanistan goes for about $320, but almost identical copies made in Darra start at about $50.
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