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Marilyn Monroe not really a suicide?

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posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 08:31 PM
“There was no possible way this woman could have killed herself,” John Miner told the Los Angeles Times for a story published Friday. “She had very specific plans for her future. She knew exactly what she wanted to do.”

This is a very interesting news story! The fact that it was not investigated is also puzzling, she was a major starlet, why not see if it wasn't a suicide?

PS: I know this doesn't belong in this forum, but I couldn't find where to post this, mods please move this somewhere appropriate thank you!

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 08:40 PM
Probably somewhere in the conspiracy boards. You had to choose the farthest one away from the topic possible, didnt you

Anyway... "No possible way"? When you are mixing depressants with stimulants, I think there would be quite a chance.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 08:44 PM
LOL ... Why did you pick this forum? Besides, MM's suicide has been in dispute for decades. Not a new idea.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 08:46 PM

Well the recent reporting on the supposed conversations that Marylin Monroe had with her shrink suggest that she had become sexually dissatisfied with her marriage and she broke it off ... and that the shrink taught her to orgasm again. So the fact is that while she may have had plans for the future, she may have been through some depression.

It also documents an affair with RFK (but not with JFK). She was quoted as having tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with the President after the affair so that he could tell RFK that it would never work and to get over it ... and that the supposed suicide happened after this at some point.

So that brings up possible conspiracies that a jealous RFK could have had her knocked off and made it look like drugs, he was in a very powerful position. But he seemed like a straight shooter.

Alternatively perhaps she became depressed after she couldn't get in touch with JFK, and frequently actresses and models that have very fast rises to stardom have lots of emotional troubles. It would not be surprising ... she may for example have just taken too many barbituates by accident? Hard to say exactly.

posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by grad_student
It would not be surprising ... she may for example have just taken too many barbituates by accident? Hard to say exactly.

A very good point! Do you, or anyone else, know how many she took before she died?

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 08:34 PM
I heard she was part of the govt's sex slave program with high ranking free masons and they kept under mind control and drugged. Just another theory

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 06:17 PM
I read about this in the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader books...
I'll see if I can find them and post some stuff here.

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