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fellow atsers i request your help

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 09:47 AM
heres some:

1.put glue on his toilet seat!! when he goes to sit down he'll get stuck!

2.Email them and name the subject: 'PENIS ENLARGEMENT' gauranteed that they will clik it.
make sure it has some porn on it or something, then have it say "Well you did click on 'PENIS ENLARGEMENT" (Might not be what ur looking for but it's pretty funny)

3.If there is a really cranky old person that yeh know, give ur friend an invitation to a party and have the cranky old person's address on it!

I honestly just got these off the top of my head but you should try them out

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 10:35 AM
Replace their shampoo with a hair remover.

Make a snack that would look yummy (like deviled eggs) with some noxious ingredient in it.

Hide all of the remote controls. Steal all of the batteries.

Superglue their underwear closed at the leg openings.

Fill their toothpaste with icing.

Fill their locks with Superglue.

Fill thier car/room with Syrofoam, toilet paper, etc.

Sprinkle powdered milk in thier pillowcase.

Draw a chalk outline of someone's body on a driveway or sidewalk, and surround it with caution tape.

Food coloring inside their shoes.

Cover their room with Post-IT notes.

Get the magazine subscription inserts to XXX magazines, write the victim's name and address in, check "bill me", and send them off.

Purchase several hundred crickets from a pet store (very cheap)and let them loose in their room or car.

Replace their DVD's with "Wizard of Oz", "Barney's Great Adventure", or similar lame movies.

Hide pornographic pictures in his car (glove box, visor, etc.)

That's all I have for now. Enjoy!!

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 10:54 PM
Ummm, after reading a few of these suggestions.....I would point out that you do not want to do anything that will cause permanent damage, or he will have the last laugh while you write him a check or he watches you ride off to jail.........

The messy, pranks that can be cleaned up, but do not result in liability are best.

With this in mind.....if his car door handles are the kind that lift up, use some double sticky tape to attach ketchup packs on the underside of the handle, then use an exacto type blade to cut several slits along the pack.....when he lifts up on the handle the pack will burst and fill his hand with ketchup.

You can also use the ketchup packs to squeeze a thin stream of ketchup along his wiper blades.....when he turns on the wipers, the windshield is instantly covered in ketchup, but looks like blood. ( This is best done if he does not have to drive in heavy really makes a mess on the boss loved to pull this one on us for April fool)

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 11:31 PM
While i gotta agree with some, if your buddies leave you in the middle of nowhere and let you walk home, that is F-uped. If they waited 20 minutes then picked you up thats different

A couple things that come to mind on jokes that i've played is

Place mayonaise/or ketchup packets under the toilet folding in half just right so when they sit down it goes all over. At worst they gott clean it off their best they have to explain the white stains on their pants or red ones if they are a girl.

Unscrew their shower head just enough to the point where it'll lop off in the morning hopefully on their heads. more should be needed to say, take any prank and add laxatives

If you have a bunch of buddies that LOVE TO PARTY wait till they are passed out, then either take Ketchup,mayonase or chocolate and put it in thier butt crack. when they wake up after a night of partying
they'll prolly Never mention a thing and just seemed unhinged for a couple days hoping it was a prank

And what used to be my favorite an ad on the recycler . under cars put 99 nissan altima, moving out of state must sell immediately 2500 OBO. If they have seriously pissed you off place several ads. they will get calls from 5am to midnight if the add is worded properly.

but to behonest it's better not to playpranks and have better ways of having fun.

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 12:01 AM
Two jokes that were played on me, that in retrospect were pretty funny.

My buddy told two different girls in which I had NOOOOOOOOO interest in, and that were really on the psycho side , that really had a thing for me. that i wanted to meet them at the bar i used to drink at. he told them both to meet me a half hour from each other. So when the first one showed up I was like "hey what the hell are you doing here?" which the reply was "for Our DATE!" having had a couple drinks I was at a loss for words.

My buddy quickly jumped in and intervened and said "oh yeah i forget to mention, I told her that you would have a drink with her. Don't worry dude she's just here for one drink. ANd i don't know why she is saying its a date , She just asked where you would be and i told her you would be here,Maybe she misunderstood(she was a foriegn lady and by lady i mean a little too old for my taste). Then the second one showed up, and i was like umm.......Hey,she said " sorry i'm late i couldn't find a sitter."

When i told the second one what happened she thought I was tryint to back out?!?!?! well long story short it wasn't very pleasent to experience and i felt bad for the two woman, While i would never do that to somebody, It was funny

They other joke played on me (At this particular point and time I would have one night stands every so often) Me and my buddy were on a pretty friednly bases with a couple of the cops in town.the town was so small that the cops Patroled the local mall (where I had two little kiosk) and also it was after 9/11 so it wasn't taht odd of a thing. Well this one female cops shows up and tells me she has something to tell me.

"Gerry i don't know if you remember this girl from a couple weeks ago, but when i was at the station Her parents went in wanting to press charges against you"

I responded "WHAT?!?!?"

then she said "i guess it ends up she 17, and they were very upset that she didn't come home one night a couple weeks ago""after a week she told Them where she was and what she did"

Well long story short once again........................she was in the airforce so while such a thing was improbable it wasn't impossible. The girl in question told me she was 19, and the female cop told me so that i would know that i might be called in or brought in.

To be honest I wasn't ever so scared in my life, thoughts racing through my head i closed shop and went for a drink, after two beers i figured Well I should've asked for id and gotta take whatever coming to me
and went out to open up my shop there were still two hours left for my working day.

Guess who started laughing hysterically when i walked by?My prankster buddy and the cop, Yeah once again not the time. But now i look back and think thats prolly one of the best joke EVER! I mean how can you top that?

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 01:52 AM

place an ad on the recycler . under cars put 99 nissan altima, moving out of state must sell immediately 2500 OBO. If they have seriously pissed you off place several ads. they will get calls from 5am to midnight if the add is worded properly.

put his new car in there!!! lol I once posted pics of a co-worker's car all up and down the street claiming it was a "quick sell! $1500 ONO" with all his details. boy was he heated!!!

Or Gazrok's suggestion of placing his ad in the gay personal ads would be hilarious

Just be safe, and yeah dude, I'd suggest new friends but I guess that's what boys do

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 02:50 AM

Tell one of ur friends to do situps, put a towel over his eyes/head (Eyes is best) and pull down on it, get another of ur friends to pull their pants down and put his ass right in front of his face, while the guy is trying to situp ur pulling his head down and when you remove the towel his face will go straight into the guys ass

If yeh need to see how it works then go to this link:

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by truttseeker
OK, for some time now my friends have been pulling pranks on me and ragging on me for no reason. Well after about 2 weeks of relentless torture i figured its time for me to get my revenge. I need some help on getting back at these guys. Some of their ideas have been to ditch me in the middle of the night on a side road and walk home, throw eggs and other things at me, and tonight they decided to fill a condom with lotion and pitch it at me. Its time for my revenge and i want some help for some great pranks. Thank you in advance...this will be fun.

Hmm, as someone else has said here, your friends sound like a@@holes.

  • As for revenge, back in my uni days one of my housemates annihilated me and 2 of my friends.
    Fist off, we put a special dye in the showerhead so when he washed his hair it turned green - so we weren't entirely underserving of what he did next.
    He made us a cake with big chunks of chocolate in it and we were really grateful. After we'd eaten it he brought out a roll of toilet paper informing us that the chunks of choclate were actually laxatives. We'd had about 5-10 times the dose you're normally supposed to have. Needless to say you couldn't fart without going to the toilet and one of my friends had to go to work and you can guess what happened

    So, I recommend laxatives if you can give them a big enough dose.

  • Another is the frozen shaving cream. You'll need liquid nitrogen for this or some such liquid gas.
    Get about 5-7 cans of shaving cream and dip them into the liquid nitrogen, which will instnaly freeze the gas inside the cream. Being very careful, peel the metal skin of the can away, which will leave a solid compressed lump of shaving cream. Now fill up his glove box with the frozen cream and close it.
    When he opens the glove box, the cream will explode out under high pressure and completely fill his car.

    [edit on 28-11-2005 by rogue1]

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 10:14 PM
Ever try putting super lax in their food? Putting a fake pice of crap somehwere in their houses? Or how bout scaring them through a creative plot (Can't think of examples for your sutuation). :shk:

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 10:18 PM
I'm not sure but I think laxatives are illegal as a prank because you can kill people....Ill be sure to try them. Thanks guys

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 11:01 PM
I clicked on this post, & nearly fell over laughing at some of the ideas on revenge for pranks.

I agree, you should get better friends, but being a teen, we all on here know you won't listen, but I also agree, being the man that's being picked is NO fun. Been there, done that.

Having said that, the guys idea about laxatives are definately funny, but the guy who said to use them, then hand them toilet paper, I disagree with you dude. You should give them laxatives, then hide all the toilet paper. Do you know how incredibly frustrating it is to have a hard deep sh*t & not be able to find toilet paper is....? lol

1. Petroleum on the doorknob of the front door is a good one, or on their car's door handle, on the inside of it.

2. I deliver pizzas, & I can't believe I'm endorsing this one....order 45 pizzas & have them delivered to wherever they are, or better yet, have them delivered to their parents work place, with "love (insert name here)"

3. Wait til they're at your house & sleeping (needs to be an all nighter), & fill their hands with shaving cream & tickel their nose (classic, but it works, saw it done in Boot Camp)

4. Put their phone numbers on the bathroom stall wall, with a "for a good blowjob, call (insert a**holes name here).

5. Slime the doorknob with a banana peel, trust Me it's gross as Hell.

A few of these, or other peoples should help. I'm sure I'll come up with more later.

posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 03:44 AM
This is what has to be done my friend...
Zip top bag
3 raw eggs
a few raw shrimp
a piece of raw steak
a piece of cheddar cheese
a small packet of quick rising yeast

Break the eggs and mix everything inside the zip top bag. Close the bag(make sure it's zipped tight) and be on your way to "the victims" house. Once your inside get him/her busy doing something and say you left something outside. Then slip the bag of goodies into one of the heating vents. After a couple of days the yeast will expand enough to pop the bag, filling his/her heating system with the most revolting smell they have ever had to endure!!!

Heres another fun one...
Get a couple boxes of CLEAR gelatin and dump them in their toilet, stir it around and walk away. Once it hardens, nobody will know it's not water til it's too late and they are splattering urine all over the bathroom!

And Another...
Next time you are planning on going to one of your "friends" houses take a couple of packs of Kool Aid along in your pocket. When you go in their bathroom sprinkle the KA powder all over their towels. They will look like a rainbow after they take a shower. While you are there, try putting a little Kool Aid in the end of the hairdryer!

Oh and one last thing for now...
Put a little bit of IcyHot on their deodorant. It has happened to me before and it burns like hell.

[edit on 29-11-2005 by adamneldon]

posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 05:42 PM

Those are some damn good ideas.

Just wondering if Truttseeker has done any pranks yet?

posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 06:54 PM
so whats the deal truttseeker? Try any of em? Did they work out as planned? Still need more suggestions? Let me know how it works out.

posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 06:57 PM
Hokay, heres the lowdown thus far. I have done the one with the bag of stuff, and a couple others recomended. The bag worked great, but after a bout a day of stink they found it. Then I put some honeybee pheramone(sp?) in his car and it was loaded with bees. And I have erased his hard drive.

posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 07:00 PM
Oh then i sealed his doors shut with latex caulking. That was hilarious. I highly recomend it.

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 02:25 PM
You erased his HD?! Woah... I'd be really pissed if somebody did that to me! Man, one word of advice... a prank is a prank, but going over the top can lead to serious problems. Just be careful.

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