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A Story of Life..........A point to ponder

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posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 11:04 PM
This was put to me by a friend,and a senior police officer,a few years back. I consider it a point for everyone to ponder................

"Consider the man,driving along a country lane,early one summer sunday morning.The long wild grass is swaying to the breeze,while birds sing all around,in the bright morning sun of summer.
Along his journey,he comes across a four way stop.So he gently applies the brake,slowing on his approach to the intersection.As he does so,he looks left,then right and left again,seeing nothing but the blacktop tarmac. So,he eases off the brake and just slowly cruises through,unaware of the police car behind him.
Within minutes,the cop pulls him over to the side."Morning officer,why have you stopped me?",he asks."Well sir...." replies the officer," went through a stop sign back there." Apparently bewildered,the driver states, "I looked all around,nothing was coming!I almost stopped,but didn't see the point,what the hell's the difference!?"
With that,the officer opens the driver's door,wrenches the man out of the car and proceeds to beat him with his stick."Now sir....." says the officer, " you want me to almost stop,or completely stop?"

Now apply this scenario,to your life and answer this....................

Are you the Cop,or the Driver????????????

It's worth a thought,believe me

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